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Don't call me UmbreWolf. It ticks me off and I will bite. I spelled my username with a 'U' for a reason.Yes, I made my avatar! :3 Check out my thread if you want one like mine!Collecting CB Royal Blue dragons! Goal: 5/100 I love Nebula dragons, PM me if you have any unwanted hatchies/eggs.Chatspeak bugs me. A lot. Typing out real words and using capital letters aren't hard. :3 Click it, I dare you.umbrewulf.png 19567_v.gif<-- Like what you see? Visit my thread found here!Shadow2.gif

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    Hi, I'm UmbreWulf. DO NOT call me UmbreWolf, I spelt it with a 'u' for a reason. I am an active roleplayer, so don't be surprised if you go through my posts and find a bunch of RPing. :3 Feel absolutely free to PM me any questions about DC; I'm not a mentor but I don't bite either. I do not breed on request as of now because I don't have multiple rares, and none with good lineages either. :l I might start once I get some CBs though. Well... Bye for now! :P



    CB Seasonals
    CB Nebulae
    CB/Low-Gen Metallics
    Low-Gen Tinsels
    Any hatchies (If they are inbred, I will freeze them if you don't mind. If you do, say something :3)
    CB Blacks
    CB Whites
    CB/Low-Gen Trios

    If you'd like to trade I'll breed whatever you want off my scroll. Might take a while to get something though [s]my dragons all hate me[/s] my dragons are uncooperative.

    <----------.*'.<-*_*(GIFs and Banners)*_*->.'*.---------->

    Check out my thread, 'Animated Dragons and Customs', for custom sprites of your OCs and DC dragons brought to life!
    (Mikki is the best.)