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~I'm just a friendly guy seeking for people to talk. Feel free to hit me with a PM! :3dalogo1.gif|steamc.png--------------------------------------------ffnow.gif-------------------------------------------P3VvF.png~Poor Mayhem... But she's a shark, how people could possibly see?-- Oh wait... -StarFoxFan-FUR_Ever

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    A little communicate for all you who still remember me:

    I'm not dead, nor I left. I'm just having a hard time fitting online with school and life and stuff. I've been active elsewhere, but I really do miss most of what I really like here on DC-F. I really hope I can stop by and say "hi" to some of you from time to time, and get a bit of the fun that is archetypal of DC-F. All you peoples from CPA are awesome, don't think you've put me off. In fact *I* may have scared off some of you though. Anyways, I'll be more active once things sort out. Just remember I'll always have a special liking to DC-F, because of what it enhanced in me and what you guys got me into. I have one or two of you on Steam, but I'd like to keep contact with some of you people here. Be sure to drop by my profile (Orbiter4Spore).

    It's been fun... See you all back here, everyone.

    ~Yours truly, the Furry who you all know~

    I'm OrbiterSpore, but you can call me OS, Orbit/Orbiter/Any variation.

    I'm pretty much of a spaceflight enthusiast, and i'm interested in spacecraft projects, orbital missions and the stuff that requires an astronomical amount of time and knowledge.

    Excuse the pun.

    Anyway, i'm also what you know from the casual gamer. I like adventure games and/or Science fiction. Though, i loathe violent nonsense or stupidity (i.e., GTA). I'm a big fan of the Portal series and became subsequently rather fond of the Half-Life series. Great fan of Ace Combat since a child, and more recently, Star Fox*. Also becoming a Sid Meier's Civilization addict. AND Sonic. Lots of Sonic. Also a bit of The Sims, Quantum Conundrum, Skyrim, Star Trek Online, Cities XL, AdventureQuest Worlds... I guess there's too much to name. Yay for variation!

    On my free time** you can probably find me on CPA, talking mostly about random things, since basic emulation software to the future of humanity. So if you want to talk to me, look for me there!

    My timezone is GMT -3 Brazilian local time.

    *:NOT a Krystal perv.
    **:My free time is not well-defined, but if you're lucky, you'll find me. If you don't, send me a PM.

    See you around!