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You can call me Tina if you'd like!n1x7vr.jpg「 Shoot me another PM if I haven't replied in awhile! 」「 Wishlist on profile 」(●°u°●)「 I accept IOUs 」(✧≖‿ゝ≖) ☆☆ 「 Breeding requests are a-ok! :) 」


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    - General info and contact information -

    Hey there! My name is Tina!
    I'm currently a university student studying animation. Feel free to contact me regarding anything!

    If you're having trouble reaching me via PM, feel free to email me via the email function on the forums. I always check my email unless something happened.

    Here are my hobbies! My favourite thing to do is read manga and light novels. Some that I regularly follow are Berserk, Hunter x Hunter, Magi, and Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (LN). Isekai is ok too, sometimes.

    I also love to spend free time drawing and playing games.
    My favourite series are Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, SMT, Persona, Fire Emblem, Drakengard/Nier... etc.


    - Wishlist-

    - Glaucus/Howler drake hatchlings (ANY <3)
    - 2nd gen from Spriter's Alts.
    - 2nd gen Thuweds.
    - A 2nd gen Dorkface.
    - A 2nd gen Holly from RA or Blusang (either gender).
    - 2nd gen from CB Hybrids and alts.
    - 2nd gen Hollykin.
    - Newish dragon hatchlings (within a year).


    - Breeding requests -

    I'm happy to breed anything I can from my scroll, go nuts. However, for tricky pairings, I'm only taking one person at a time.

    Only rule:
    Please don't ask for requests just to use as trade fodder ;-;



    Amaterasu-sama: 2x 2nd gen Golds from male Gold x Aria


    - Current list of IOUs: -

    I will not reveal names of prize owners nor do I keep a list of completed IOUs. Let me know if you're not confortable with your full username displayed here and I'll use an abbreviation instead!

    ~ Owes me: ~

    g...: 2nd gen Gold Tinsel x Fever Wyvern
    b...: 2nd gen Silver Tinsel x Almandine
    C...: 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel x Gemshard
    y...: 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel x Harvest
    m...: 2nd gen Silver Shimmer x Blacktip
    M...: 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer x Spotted Greenwing
    T...: 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer x Trihorn
    A...: 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer x ?

    ~ I owe: ~

    No one! Yay!