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    I am looking for these dragons in general as well as the lineages stated. I will accept IOUs if you have the parents of the egg in question on your scroll. In return, please request breedings.

    Currently Collecting:

    - Special Requests (Mate related) -
    CB Stripe (Female)
    2nd Gen Silver from Marrow
    2nd Gen Vine from GoldSnow Angel
    2nd Gen BBW from Ribbondancer
    2nd Gen Gold from (NotFullGold)Snow Angel

    - Rare Dragons -
    2nd Gen Yulebuck
    Bronze Tinsels (4th Gen. and Below)
    Silver Tinsels (4th Gen. and Below)
    Gold Tinsels (4th Gen. and Below)
    Gold and Silver (Clean, Generally Under 5th Gen)
    Ice (CB, PB)
    Magma (CB, PB, xMarrow, xEmber, xRed)
    Thunder (CB, PB, xSnowAngel)

    - Others -
    Black (PB, xRare, xHoliday, Alt)
    Ember (High Gen PB, xMarrow, xMagma)
    Red (CB, PB, Higher Gens are better)
    Pink (CB, PB, xRosebud, xWhite)
    Nebulas (CB, PB with Alt CBs)
    Vine (CB, PB 2nd-5th Gen,)
    Stripes (CB, PB, xMarrow 3rd-4th Gen.)
    Ridgewings (4th Gen. and up PB w/ Mostly/All Purple)
    Holiday Offspring (Even Gen., Pink, Trio, White preferred)

    I generally breed, in return:
    EG PB Nebula/Black/Red/Ice/Magma, etc
    Checkers ...many are Something x White
    Pretty Bluna/Geode lines
    Tinsels etc.