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203. I exist


204. You exist.


205. The laptop I'm posting on exisits.


206. Whoever is reading this post exists.


207. Everyone on this forum exists.


208. The server that hosts this forums exists.


209. The building that holds that server exists.


210. This world exists.


211. Math is not fun.


212. The last statement does not go with the the theme I was posting.


213, Neither does the statement above.


214. Neither does this statement.


215. The statement above this one doesn't make any sense.


216. Gravity doesn't make any sense.


217. Atomic bombs are dangerous.


218. The whole universe is dangerous.


219. You can die from a paper cut if your blood doesn't clot.


220. Female mammals produce milk.


221. Female reptiles do not produce milk under normal circumstances.


222. An alien abduction is not a normal circumstance. Therefore, a female reptile can produce milk if abducted by aliens.


223. Pluto is neither a planet or a dwarf-planet because no one can agree on it.

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226. this whole world and everyone in it is all a conspiracy theory started by aliens.

227. Voyager 1 and 2 have left our solar system

228. i'm an astronomy nerd

229. most constellations come from Greek mythology.

230. i'll stop boring you now

231. i lied! smile.gif

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232. I am excited.

233. I like pie.

234. Some people don't like pie.

235. I like this number.

236. I went up another number.

237. All of these numbers are different.

238. Lalasa made me crack up.

239. The number 3 and the number 3 are the same.

240. Numbers have no genders.

241. I was ninja.gif 'd.

242. I am not stopping here.

243. I am stopping at 310.

244. This is fun.

245. I wish to not stop at 310, but I must.

246. You might have believed me.

247. I am actually stopping here.

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248. Nyan Cat poops rainbows.


249. No one is perfect, therefore when the end of the world arrives, no one is going to be raptured.


250. Anyone saying they know when the end of the world comes is obviously insane. Take caution!


251. Infinity is forever.


252. If someone claims to be one hundred years old and looks the part, just sit and wait, and sooner or later that person is going to die. (They are going to die even if they aren't one hundred years old, so just wait wink.gif )


253. No genius is completely sane.


254. No one is completely sane.


255. If someone says they are sane, most of the time they are the exact opposite.


256. Do not trust someone giving out free food.


257. Texting is dangerous when you are supposed to be driving.


258. Over 90% of the world's population is made up of idiots.


259. I am part of this 90%.


260. If it is the end of the world, the worst thing to do is to go back to sleep.


261. Posting the obvious is fun.


262. As shown by the post above, I am very random.


263. No matter how good you are at tennis, a wall will always be better than you.


264. Electronic Arts is the only company that can make Sims. Which is why they are free to rob us of all our money.


265. If you are reading this, you must like reading obvious things.


266. Most of the obvious things I post are not that obvious unfortunately.


267. No one is perfect, so why practice?


268. Chocolate is made out of beans.


269. Beans are musical fruit.


270. Copy and paste messages are actually a form of spam.


271. It's very hard to strangle a sock when it was never alive.


272. My state the obvious posts only get longer every time.


273. This statement must be very obvious in order to be posted here.


274. Most people judge books by their cover because the cover is actually a very accurate representation of a book.


275. If a bird is evil, you must kill it.


276. People are addicted to clicking shiny icons in signatures. That includes you buddy!


277. One would seem that I do not tire of posting obvious things.


278. The statement above is very obvious.

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279. The person above me played Multiple Choice Game.

280. The person below me never played Flight Simulator X.

281. The two statements above are quite questionable.

282. The statement below is true.

283. The statement above is false.

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285. I personally find the cherries I'm eating to be disgusting

286. I dropped a seed on the floor

287. I'm to lazy to bend down to pick it up

288. I do not like punctuation therefore I rarely use it

289. My friend will not text back because her sister has the phone sad.gif

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291. Nyan cat is repetitive, annoying, and catchy. Nyan nyan nyan...

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292. I still haven't listened to NYAN cat because the PS3 is being rebellious.


293. I wanna listen to NYAN cat.

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284. I love Nyan Cat.


285. I play Minecraft


286. This is number 286


287. This sentence is 36 characters long.


288. I counted the characters of the sentence above.


289. I am 1 number away from 290.


290. The above was true


291. The below is all false

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292. The above is all Nyan.


293. The world is flat.


294. This is not based off of what dangershy said as her last statement. wink.gif


295. Fire is cold.


296. dangershy does not own a roleplay.


297. I hate Nyan Cat.


298. Books are bad for you.


299. Everything below this statement is true. wink.gif


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300. Only two hundred more before 500.


301. 500 is half of a thousand by the way.


302. If you're hanging with your head upside down, all the blood rushes to your brain.


303. Hanging upside down would be a horrible way to die.


304. The grass is green.


305. The sky is blue.


306. I have made 7 obvious statements so far...


307. I like anime.


308. Now that makes 9 obvious statements.


309. The person below me has a different avatar than I do.

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310. I'm a moron that likes it when people randomly make stupid faces and yell doom. biggrin.gif

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311. It has been more than a day since someone last posted.

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313. Global warming exists.


314. Some people don't believe it does.


315. Most people do.


316. We will all die if we continue decimating the earth.


The reason all these have to do with global warming is because I am listening to "Greenhouse Effect" by Testament.

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319. I am in Poland

320.I like to play on the computor

321. 321 is 123 backwards


323. I am telling the truth

324. The statement above is true

325. Random is a word

326. Nyan cat is amazing

327. I am scared

328. I hate being ninja'd

329. I am awesome

330. The statment above is an opinion

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331. My avatar is a mint dragon.

332. Most of the RP's I'm in are dead. sad.gif

333. Hey lookie, three threes!

334. I glomp people and cuff them.

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335. My avatar is a pony.

336. Ponies will eventually take over the world.

337. This is a thread about stating the obvious.

338. Nyan cat is a cat with a poptart for a body.

339. This is number 339.

340. And this is 340. 341 comes after this.

341. The above statement was true.

342. Saturday comes after friday.

343. I am punching your salad.

344. The above was a reference to the ASDF movie.

345. Someone will post after this.

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