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132. I'm obviously stating the obvious.

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134. A bunch of people posted above me.

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135. I am no longer posting in piiiiiink.

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141. My username is glamoursea2


(or is it?) >:3

Edited by glamoursea2

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148. The count has been fixed.

149. Mitesla is a member of GTX+.

150. The two sentences are the truth.

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150. OrbiterSpore likes space


149. I am counting backwards.


148. I an counting backwards on purpose just to annoy you.


147. The last statement I just made is very obvious.


146. You get a ticket from the police from speeding.


147. I'm counting the right way now.


148. I have messed up everyone's counting by counting backwards.


149. I have a Nyan Cat gif in my scroll.


150. I am back where I decided to start posting the obvious.


151. McDonald's food is unhealthy.


152. Most kids do not enjoy school.


153. I have finally posted something in a number above the last poster's last number while stating the obvious.


154. The statement above this statement is confusing.


155. I have posted alot.png of obvious things in one post.





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153. Dragoon is a CPA Sith member.

154. OrbitorSpore is plotting world domination also a member of CPA!!

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156. I have accidentally ninja.gif 'd dragoon.


157. A penny is not alot.png of money.


158. If you ask a random person if they want a free dollar, they will say yes.


159. The cookie in my signature is insane. Don't eat it.


160. I have reach thed 160th post.


161. I do not care about the last statement whatsoever.


162. I am posting thing that are obvious, but useless.


163. I'm at a computer.


164. I have tapped 48 keys to type this sentence.


165. I have counted all the keys in the above statement just to prove it is true.


166. I enjoy to post obvious things.


167. This cake is not a lie.


168. This cookie is a lie.


169. The last two statements were not only random, they do not make any sense.


170. I do not make any sense.

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183. I counted all of those just to make sure they're right.


184. I'm gonna copy lalasa.


185. Hopefully i won't be ninjad.


186. I'm done posting obviously.


187. I lied.

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191. I have an avi.

192. And a sig

193. The last sentence is a fragment.

194. I will be ninja.gif

195. OrbitorSpore made this game.

196. I'm going up to 200!!

197. I'm a member of GTX+.

198. I have pokemon in my sig.

199. There are 6.

200. This is number 200.

201. I will now stop.

202. I lied.

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