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Bring back the Blacks

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WE HIT 100 MEMBERS! *Throws Confetti*

A huge thanks to everyone signed up so far, but we still need all the help we can get! From what we've seen, this is getting really positive results, and the AP is no longer blocked up by Blacks. Remember, if you want to see the CBs return, please do sign up, every month makes a difference!



Remember, piking up AP blacks and freezing/biting them is highly enouraged, especially biting. It removes them from the gene pool, so there are less Blacks out there, and more to be made in the Cave! ;D


Also, thanks to all the members who have signed up for 2 months! This is simply beyond what I ever could have hoped for, and your extra contribution won't go unnoticed. xd.png


Thanks to-






Ethril Dragon



TJ O'Malley




Tamago Purin



And brownies and Cookies for everyone. xd.png


I've noticed that there are an AWFUL lot of Blacks clogging up the AP, and CB blacks are in very high demand-Once upon a time, a CB black would never trade for a metallic, but nowadays, people are offering 2 : 1 trades just for 1 CB!


So, in an effort to see more CB blacks, and possibly a little more variety in the AP, my idea was to stop breeding blacks, for just one month. Of course, there will be those who will want to, because lots of people are also demanding Metallic/Black lineages. But for anyone who wants to see the CB blacks return, sign up and simply swear to NOT breed your blacks for 1 whole month. Hopefully this well help even out the ratios, and require more blacks to be dropped in the Cave!


If you want to pledge your breed-free month, simply post saying you'd like to be part of it and i'll put you down. The month starts the moment you sign up-As soon as you do, a month will be 28 days. Mark your calenders!


The forum doesn't like my emoticions, so your names will just be listed. xd.png




Recording the number of sightings we've heard of since this started!


44 Blacks Sighted/Caught in the Cave


Things are looking up!


Cookies for those who sign up for All Blacks. Big, warm, cookies.

We hit 100, so have some brownies!






2. angelicdragonpuppy

3. Shadowflame

4. Godzilla 2000

5. Mustangs44

6. Idril

7. tukky93

8. Amadaeus

9. emmac350

10. Silmarinen

11. tasselcat

12. WithLight

13. Play

14. c_laben

15. allyra

16. Tamago Purin

17. Queenoftheunifrogs

18. Pink

19. JustJoking

20. Emmejo

21. rabbit153

22. Viirin

23. thedragn01

24. Illyana

25. Volcove

26. rubyshoes

27. TheCompleteAnimorph

28. Caius

29. RukatheBlackfish

30. alci

31. dragon_mando

32. Kila

33. Wookieinmashoo

34. Cuteseal2

35. Husker

36. dragonico

37. creaturesdelight

38. xFlame990

39. tenyasyugan

40. chickenhound

41. shoe182

42. cquin

43. Tatrina

44. Carnivorous M.

45. spyro76

46. miladyz

47. blackberry57

48. gondracorn

49. Snowqueen

50. omgitskairi

51. EragonSaphiraRider

52. S9429183F

53. whitedragon313711

54. airaani

55. FireAngel73

56. Ein Sylean

57. Zephyr_Drake

58. Dragonbox

59. afie

60. xxtyraxx

61. shieldwielder

62. Demis

63. RheaDark

64. TokinoMukou

65. DarkLadyNyara

66. Sage_of_Magic

67. RayneKitty

68. evilbunny405

69. scratcher_cat

70. Rpuppyluvr0203

71. dragonsroc989

72. master125

73. KakashiMorph

74. zexion577568

75. Leap

76. Shalarean

77. soullesshuman

78. Amphitrite

79. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

80. teacher9985

81. BlueSkyy

83. redwolf

84. GoldenPhoenix

85. Tissue

86. Luli

87. Grapey

88. TJ O'Malley

89. Xalascent

90. Shaymew

91. Akrona

92. yamidemonwolf

93. Phovos the Raptor

94. Dismissed

95. korychi

96. Bandahar

97. Legry

98. Umbee

99. SturmFee

100. libby2999

101. Kwiggy

102. Sister of the Dragon

103. Ghooostie

104. Tayiadragonbite

105. Kaala

106. blazinrider112

107. Tangy

108. eggy

109. QueenSmudge

110. aqua1

112. kayla0297

113. Devyn Star

114. Darth Krande

115. Zovesta

116. Whispyr

117. Elendil

118. Kamoodle

119. Raimu33

120. Suzamawolf

121. pixie.flick

122. WildClawCat

123. Sakurablue5

124. Botitas

125. Kazeko

126. dracodoctorwhofan

127. bluebell_rose

128. Raven13dragon

129. angelfood123

130. LightningRip

131. mlpvalley

132. Darkflower

133. Limn

134. water2214

135. klinneah

136. nicole4444333

137. Kibble212

138. Barbayat

139. nona

140. natureluvr

141. littlepeanut

142. fly_away_soon







BBTB-Bringin' back the CB Blacks!



user posted image



user posted image




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I cant promise not to breed them at all BUT i do promise to not breed ones i dont need to be breeding

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I'll promise. It's not like I breed them anyway. tongue.gif


ETA: And I'd really really like to see more CB Blacks... looking for two to freeze, and I really don't like freezing bred dragons.

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i never breed my blacks unless with a red/stripe =/ ill join but only for some blacks, i cant promise that a black egg will be produced xd.png

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Good idea, I'm gonna want more female CB blacks soon with them getting dimorphed (probably not a word xd.png).

I promise not to breed my blacks. ^^

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I´ll join too. I would like to get a CB pair of Blacks some time. rolleyes.gif

Besides, I breed my Blacks very seldom, if ever, expect my Alt. tongue.gif

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I won't be breeding! I've been trying to find non-inbred blacks...but you all know how that's going (I don't think non-inbred blacks exist anymore...). Maybe the CBs will come back!

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As the most users are not even on the Forums a lot of people aren´t even aware of the problem. Hence I think the few people who can agree to not breed black won´t affect the ratios much.


I don´t breed the blacks I don´t need either, but I don´t feel bad breeding them if I want one.


Btw if you guys want non-inbred blacks i think it will make more sense if you form a group of breeders who offer those. It´s probably more of a success.

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Well, of course it won't affect it all that much, but we like to think that we're helping in little ways. tongue.gif


Maybe if enough people agree we might make a small difference...

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I only have one Black (2nd gen) and am looking for a partner for her. I haven't bred her and I can promise I won't (exept maybe when I get her a matching mate I would breed them once and keep the egg... but that won't happen in a month, I'm sure! smile.gif )

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there is no way I'm stopping breeding my blacks BEFORE they give me an alt xd.png

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I solemly swear I shall not breed Blacks for an entire month, save for my CB male. (And he only gets bred maybe once a month.)

Let's hope more people pledge and this thread gains some notoriety. Looked at the AP just now, and it's sad. Twelve bred Blacks, just sitting there! :/

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Well I never breed blacks right now, so yeah: I promise I will not breed them for a month or two

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I'm in for not breeding for a month. None of the breeding projects I'm working on right now call for Blacks anyway, so I might as well.

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I'll join.


My blacks are in for a month of loneliness.


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I pledge not to breed my black dragons until April 14th.


This is a great project, I hope you can get enough people to make a difference.

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I WILL JOIN! I don't have any blacks anyways and try to take blacks to see if I win the alt lottery, If I don't I freeze them so there aren't any adult blacks on my scroll...

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