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Dragon Codes V2.0

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Alyie - the first (almost) name code I've caught! My favourite from Halloween, aside from my two Z-codes, of course :D  

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So I have accidentally picked up some interesting codes from the AP


WEExJ Either this Marrow is having a great time, or they really need the toilet

h9sxY This little Grave will be one nice looking adult apparently

rmMob And this Omen Wyrm is in a gang


I don't collect codes so these are available for a swap trade if anyone wants them, just PM me.

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Ok so I bred my first 3g egg from  2g I planned this Halloween and I couldn't not share the code with all of you...


Well apparently TJ has some faxes to answer 😂


(Btw I don't really care about codes and I name all my lineages, so if this code can make someone happy, I'll gladly give it away. Feel free to PM, I wouldn't even mind holding it until you're free. Don't expect any answer for a few hours though, I'm going to bed.)

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I've been inactive for a while before coming back for the holiday, and now I'm back and catching up on naming all my unnamed stuff. Looking at codes for inspiration I noticed I've got one coded hAKu2. Wish I'd realized it when I bred it, because some Spirited Away fan deserves that way more than I do XD 

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Got some cute codes this Halloween. Hope everyone had fun this week!


Two of the new Halloween's HErB2 & LIesU are my favs. Also got oCTBr (October! XD ) from the ap.

Also managed to get these:

BLosG - "Blogs" if you switch the last 2

bILes - "But I Lies" if you squint

YEz4i - "Yes, For I" - am evil.

OMPtL - It's "Optimal"

BATDG - ... "Bat Dog"? Didn't Bruce Wayne have a dog in BM: Beyond? ^_^

zoOcm - "Zoom" or "Zoom Cam"


Finally, just thought I'd mention this Celestial I got last month - 12Zap

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One of the first Arcana dragons I grabbed had the code cLu2T - and I died because I'm a Tron fan, lol. Clu.

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The cave let me have one last potato and SP8UD finally grew up. 😁


When I'm no longer locked I'll try and see how it looks with an Arcana.

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On 11/5/2018 at 11:52 AM, Wiz said:

So close... <-- nearly naughty code.

That Pillow certainly doesn't like me.


A few of my Halloween codes:

rQZYA - reminded me of that pokemon Rayquaza.

g8azE - I like that the Grave dragon got the code with 'gaze'.

tTORc - orc or torc, or even TOR which is an abbreviation for boring business things

diE9P - maybe a 9-sided die or another dragon who isn't very fond of me

FAmrY - this Marrow was speaking in a derogatory way. It's ok he's frozen now.

5POny - not 4 ponies. 5 of them.

cAT6W - Cat 6 wires are pretty important. Cat 6 hurricanes less so.

2HIT4 - 2 is apparently a very violent number.

CL7OD - a lump of dirt or an underused insult.


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bAbeS - It's a pygmy so not much to pair with but oh well, influencing this female because why not? It's cute :3 

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3 hours ago, Wiz said:

Sean and Sara like rum lots of rums.


Edited to add:

Would anyone like this soulpeace with naughty coded grandparents and it's own code of Ohh 8D?

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

I'll keep it until I need the space then off to the AP if no one wants it.

I took the little egg - it will find love on my scroll (I actually needed a 3rd Gen. Soulpeace so thank you :))


And this dragon...He must not be very hungry because all I suspect it likes to do to its food is to nibble it (toNbl)

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