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(I did an advanced search under the terms "personal" and "statistics," and found nothing.)


If you're like me and your favorite area of math is stats, you probably can't resist data-gathering in any form. What can I say? It's a guilty pleasure. I thought we could have a fun little topic where we can gather survey-style responses from the users of DC. Feel free to add or subtract categories, and to be vague or introspective as you like, so long as you're comfortable sharing the information and it doesn't violate the forum rules.


If you want to modify the categories or change the template entirely, that's your prerogative. I'm not going to hold your hand.


Leading by example:

Name: Call me whatever you want. I've never been attached to my legal name.

Gender: Female, though I rarely behave like the typical sort

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'10½

Hair: Deepest brown, sometimes equated with black (haven't cut it in years, will never cut it again, and it's currently at mid-back; it's my precious baby no touchy)

Eyes: "

Skin: Very fair (vampires don't even burn like I do tbh)

Current location: California

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Gemini the Twins

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Dog

Zodiac (Egyptian): Seth

Animals: Canidae family, tigers, ravens

Color: Green

Gemstones: Moonstone, emerald, pearl, tiger's eye

Flower: Rose

Element: Air

Wuxing: Wood

Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 9

Season: Spring

Time of day: Midnight

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): INTP, INTJ

Hogwarts House: Slytherin or Ravenclaw

Subjects: Metaphysics, Linguistics, Celtic Studies, Japanese Studies, Egyptology

Music: Metal, hard rock, folk, classical

Food: Sushi, Asian eats, French cuisine, Irish fare

Fish: Salmon

Meat: Beef or pork

Fruit: Olives, green apples, cherries, limes, tomatoes, avocados

Plants and vegetables: Potatoes, seaweed, corn, peppers, sesame, rice

Drink: Soda pop, coffee (the blacker, the better)

Alcoholic beverage: The occasional merlot or brandy

Dessert: Ice cream, chocolate, fruit-flavored candy

Deities and religions: All of 'em

Philosophies: Idealism, Romanticism, Subjectivism, some elements of Taoism

Quote: "All is possible."

Hobbies: Magic (not illusion), music (vocals, some keyboard, tin whistle - it's an authentic Feadóg), books, cinema, theatre, video games, fencing, martial arts, fashion, equestrianism (Western, and admittedly I'm rusty), drawing (very rusty), biking, hiking, kayaking, food criticism, photography, avoiding humans, sarcasm.

Article of clothing: My vintage yukata from Japan, my Scottish ruana, my Vulcan IDIC pendant, or my replica Key to Erebor, complete with chain.

Something fun(ny)/free space: I once got lost on a tour group and had to literally escape from Alcatraz. (You've no idea how hard it was picking only one. I attract all manners of craziness, big and small. The runners-up were flirting with a bunch of Highland clansmen in Scotland, racing across the Golden Gate Bridge for charity, doing hilariously ironic things at famous Hollywood locations, space camp memories, and numerous celebrity encounters or connections - especially at Disneyland. Being one of the first to try out the revamped Star Tours: The Adventure Continues at Disney World was also a highlight. Oh! And getting my oldest copy of The Hobbit signed at the Desolation of Smaug LA premiere. Luke Evans and Evangeline Lilly shook my hand, Richard and Martin nearly caused me to faint into a tree, and I made it into at least one of Peter Jackson's smartphone pictures of the fans. That was also the trip I got to see Frozen on opening weekend at the El Capitan. Probably the best time I had down south. It's true what they say about Tinseltown being everyone's playground. At this point, I know the layout of every SoCal theme park better than my own house.)

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Oh, this could be fun!! Leaving out some that I don't know how to answer...


Name: Heather, tho I often go by Marie online (my middle name)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual but lean heavily towards lesbian

Height: 5'1 (barely)

Hair: Dark brown? Naturally very blonde as a kid, but when I moved here it turned permanently brown, maybe 'cause of the heat??

Eyes: greenish

Skin: Eh, on the fair side, but I get pretty tan in the summer

Current location: Arizona

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Gemini 

Animals: Have a fondness for horses, can't live without a dog in my life (also, I will fight anyone who says unicorns aren't real!)

Color: Purple

Flower: Tulip. Inside joke from high school.

Season: 'Winter' or whatever passes for winter here... Any time it's not 110+ degrees is great.

Time of day: 1am or so is when I'm usually happiest/most creative

Subjects: Took a few Psychology courses, that was so fun

Music: 80s-90s country, random pop, random indie

Food: Chicken, cheeseburgers, pasta, I'm fairly picky and not adventurous at all about food

Drink: Mostly just water, one cup of chocolate milk every morning, soda only when at a restaurant

Dessert: Ice cream (chocolate, cookies and creme, cookie dough)

Deities and religions: Nothing specific, still figuring out what I believe, though I did recently start going to a Christian church with my mom

Quote: 'Take a risk, take a chance, join the club, join the dance, learn to fly, learn to soar, strive for joy, strive for more, be brave, just do, be brave, be you'.

Hobbies: Reading, writing (stories and poems), listening to music way too much, photography, watching the same shows and videos over and over....

Article of clothing: All my NaNoWriMo t-shirts from every year I've won, my 'Long Live the Evil Queen' t-shirt (from Once Upon a Time)

Something fun(ny)/free space: Let's see.... I once fell off a horse while racing a friend, fell right into a big bush, the horse ran back towards the stables and I had to walk back. Funniest part was when I passed a guy on a tractor and he said 'Wait, weren't you riding a horse a few minutes ago?'. What else? My last relationship was a full 10 years ago, and that sounds so pathetic but I'm really in no hurry to get my heart broken yet again. Oh, when I was a kid I was sort of obsessed with soap operas, and I got to go to a fan luncheon thing for my 13th birthday and meet my favorite soap opera actress and ended up getting pictures with a group of the cast, and now all my friends freak out when they find out I met (and have a picture with) Jensen Ackles (way before Supernatural!).

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I don't see the harm in this, so why not? :D 


Name: Demitra, or Demi, sometimes just D. 

Gender: Girl

Sexuality: Lesbian, though queer fits just as well

Height: 5'4"

Hair: Naturally mousy brown, but I keep it dyed dark chestnut brown 

Eyes: Green, borderline hazel

Skin: Pale

Current location: Southern California

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Virgo

Zodiac (Chinese): Rooster

Zodiac (Egyptian): ???

Animals: Rats, horses (unicorns!!), stags, cats

Pets: Dog, 2 cats, 3 rats, and a ball python. 

Color: Blue, bright turquoise and cyan being my favorites

Gemstones: Blue apatite, tourmaline, clear quartz, blue tiger's eye, fluorite 

Flower: Pastel roses, snapdragons

Element: Earth

Wu Xing: Either Earth or Metal

Lucky numbers: 9, 13, 14

Season: Autumn

Time of day: Generally between 5pm-midnight. That's when I have a chance to relax and be creative if I want. 

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): I don't remember which one lol

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw! 

Subjects: English Literature, Biology, Creative Writing, Ceramic Design

Music: Rock, metal, Alternative, Folk, pop rock, electropop/ dance pop

Food: Sushi / Poke, Burritos, Ramen, Korean BBQ, Pasta, Paninis

Fish: Yellowtail Tuna

Meat: Pork, Duck

Fruit: Mango, Figs, Strawberries, Raspberries, bananas, coconut, tomatoes, avocados 

Plants and vegetables: Meh. Peas, asparagus.

Drink: Water. I don't really drink soda anymore, unless it's vanilla coke. Mmmm. 

Alcoholic beverage: Cider, mead, mixed drinks with vodka or rum (as long as I can't really taste the alcohol...). Buttershots is delicious. 

Dessert: Ice cream, cookies. PIE! BOYSENBERRY PIE!

Deities and religions: Pagan. Technically polytheist. I only ascribe to Cernunnos and the Norse pantheon currently. 

Philosophies: I don't know enough about any one in particular to claim it. 

Quote: "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"

Hobbies: Reading, writing (novels/ fanfiction), drawing, playing video games, playing with my pets, horse back riding, daydreaming, watching TV. 

Article of clothing: Mostly whatever's comfortable. Got a pair of black jeans that I've worn out. I prefer thank tops/ sleeveless tops (what can I say? I like to display my tattoo.), and summer dresses. I LOVE a fun, flowy dress. Shorts if it's hot. 

Something fun(ny)/free space: Uh... I was born cross-eyed! I wore glasses up until the day before seventh grade, then I told my mom I didn't want to wear them anymore. And I never needed them again; the glasses had corrected my vision. Now I can cross my eyes both ways intentionally, if I want to. My birthmark is also the shape of a flying bird (you know, the ones you draw when you're like five and they make a flat "M" shape?) on my rear end. :D 

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Name: I don't see why this matters, but my forum name is my nickname.

Gender: Female, no actually.  Strangely, I get called 'he' a lot online, but I could care less.

Height: 5'1 ish.  aka, short.

Hair: brown with lighter highlights, though I wish it were colorful

Eyes: Brown as well.

Skin: Depends on how much phototherapy I've had lately and outdoor time.  I think it's naturally paleish though.  Haven't seen it enough to say

Current location: Earth.

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Sagittarius, the thing with a bow and arrow

Zodiac (Chinese): Rabbit (are you trying to find my age too?)

Zodiac (Egyptian): osris (non-greek influence)

Animals: Invertebrates of all types (especially insects and spiders) and reptiles.  

Color: all of them

Gemstones: Not a gem, but bismuth is nice.  Also asbestos is quite pretty if you're not breathing it in all day.

Flower: Rafflesia arnoldii

Element: death

Wuxing: Fire

Lucky numbers: 13

Season: Summer

Time of day: Twilight

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): Mild traumatic brain injury? How is this interesting and how am I unreliable if I don't have one?

Subjects: Phi-chem-bi

Music: Rock, metal, vocaloid, noise music

Food: I'll eat anything if I don't get severely ill or die from doing so.  I love fermented things and anything odd or seemingly inedible.

Fish: Anglerfish

Meat: Insects?  and frog.

Fruit: 'udderfruit' any 'veggie' that is a fruit, spicy peppers

Plants and vegetables: for growing: tillandsias and succulents, anything with C4 or CAM is easy.  For eating: tang ho, chives, that bitter weed that grew in my school's field in grade 1

Drink: coffee, pickle vinegar, Tabasco sauce

Alcoholic beverage: Have yet to experiment

Dessert: Things with insects, unusual deserts

Deities and religions: Skeptical, but fascinating

Philosophies: We will all die.

Quote: "Life is a journey to death"

Hobbies: Rearing caterpillars, growing plants, art, complaining, procrastinating, being somewhat unnerving or weird, paracosming (not a word, but whatever), lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, [R E D A C T E D]

Article of clothing: Anything colorful and patterned, preferably with excess glitter and neon lights attached.

Something fun(ny)/free space:

Have: Free space for rent.  name your price.  Email is below.

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Name: I go by Riva online rarely use my legal name unless someone knows me personally.
Gender: Female, but very tomboyish
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 5'4
Hair: Originally naturally Blonde, Now Naturally Brown, but Dyed Blonde, Short.
Eyes: Pale blue with a faint dark blue outline
Skin: Very pale, also burns easy in sun.
Current location: England
Zodiac (Tropical Western): Gemini
Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Snake
Zodiac (Egyptian): Seth
Animals: Cats, Dogs, Wolves and Tigers.
Color: Red
Gemstones: Ruby and Amethyst
Element: Fire
Season: Autumn
Time of day: Night time
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Subjects: Art and ICT related
Music: Rock, pop, mostly just a mix
Food: a bit of a picky eater
Fish: Salmon and Tuna
Meat: Lamb or Sirloin Steak
Fruit: Pears, Grapes and Strawberries
Plants and vegetables: Carrots, Lettuces, Potatoes
Drink: Cherry Cola, Irn Bru and Fruit juices (Not so much Tea :P)
Alcoholic beverage: Jack Daniels , Rum, Sourz and sometimes Beers
Dessert: Cheesecake
Deities and religions: None
Hobbies: Art, Drawing, Gaming, Streaming, Reading, watching movies and tv shows
Article of clothing: My game related hoodies and what I feel most comfortable in wearing
Something fun(ny)/free space: I have a birthmark on the back of my hand shaped similar to Australia, so I some times joke " I know Australia like th back of my hand" when it's cold since it's more visible then. Also been classed a bit of a klutz as I can always seem to walk into something without meaning to xD, Lastly my Avatar is both based off of a Gaming avatar I use and myself combined.

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Might I suggest putting a blank template of this up in the main post, maybe in a quote format, so that it is easier for people to fill it out? 😊


Name: Tess, Tesla, or Silver

Gender: Nonbinary

Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 5'5😩

Hair: Dark brown but can get a golden shine to it in the sunlight. Like keeping it short or medium.

Eyes: Brown. 😣

Skin: White

Current location: Scotland, but I live in the US. I want to move to Colorado someday.

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Virgo Sun, Libra Moon, Capricorn Rising

Zodiac (Chinese): Pig

Zodiac (Egyptian): N/A

Animals: Felidae and canidae. Lizards, especially iguanas. Giant isopods. 

Color: I can't decide because I love all. But anything iridescent and pink stands out to me.

Gemstones: Assuming this means favorite ones? Lapis Lazuli, Rainbow Aura Quartz, um... does uranium count?

Flower: Sativa... and pink roses.

Element: Earth, but not sure. Could be air.

Lucky numbers: 73, 98. Didn't take a test for these, these are just the numbers I consider lucky to me.

Season: Autumn

Time of day: Dusk


Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Subjects: Nuclear Physics, Mathematics, Herbalism, Astrology, Psychology, Fantasy related subjects, supernatural studies, conspiracy theories.

Music: I'll be boring and say I don't mind anything as long as it sounds good to me.

Food: Typical things like pizza and chinese takeout. I love buffalo wings. Pasta. I honestly like to look at pretty food more than I want to eat it.

Fish: To look at, Koi. To eat, sea bass.

Meat: Chicken or pork

Fruit: Bananas, strawberries, peaches, lemons, mangoes.

Plants and vegetables: Asparagus, broccoli, rice. I'm picky.

Drink: Energy drinks, Mountain Dew, coffees like. Lattes and Macchiatos.

Alcoholic beverages: Tequila or Cider. Gotta have enough flavor to drown out the taste of alcohol though.

Dessert: Icecream, cream puffs, ugh I LOVE CUTE DESSERTS I CAN'T JUST LIST THEM ALL HERE!!

Deities and religions: I worship a moon goddess.

Philosophies: Hakkunah Matata, lol jk N/A

Quote: I wish I could put something here but just can't think of anything. Probably a song lyric.

Hobbies:  Video games, drawing,  writing, being angry and scared and having a panic attack over nothing then forgetting it ever happened, collecting various things that seem like trash to other people.

Article of clothing:  Whatever fits my fat butt and looks nice. I love fashion though, hopefully when I can slim down I'll be able to show it. I usually wear t-shirts, coupled with a green jacket and brown boots. Maybe a necklace.

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Name: Cali

Gender: Female, though I rarely behave like the typical sort

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'2½

Hair: Dark brown, almost aulburn

Eyes: green-hazel, but iceburg blue when angered

Skin: fair, or very lightly tanned (I can still burn, but it takes longer now.)

Current location: Tenneessee

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Leo!

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Rat

Zodiac (Egyptian): Sekmeth

Animals: tigers, ravens, panther, Dire Wolf

Color: Green, Navy blue, and Grays

Gemstones: Moonstone, emerald, tiger's eye, ruby, rose quarts

Flower: lavender

Element: Fire

Wuxing: Fire

Season: Spring, Fall

Time of day: Dawn/Dusk

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw or Gryffindor

Music: hard rock, celtic, new age classical

Food: Sushi, Asian eats

Fish: Salmon, tuna

Meat: Beef or chicken

Fruit: green apples, cherries, tomatoes, avocados

Plants and vegetables: Potatoes, seaweed, corn, peppers, sesame, rice

Drink: Soda pop, tea (Perferred is Earl Grey or Black Teas)

Alcoholic beverage: Vodka, Ying-Yang Martini

Dessert: Ice cream, chocolate

Deities and religions: Khaos(God of Universe), Akasha(Goddess of Time), a touch of Celtic, Hindu (Kali and Shiva), Egytian(Bastet), Norse (Thor, Loki, Fregga)

Quote: "There is no Light without a little Darkness, just as there is no Darkness without a little Light." "I've said this a thousand times, people are STUPID, why not avoid it and read the idiots' actions."

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Name: Bernie

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'6"  (prob lost a half an inch over the years.

Hair: Gray

Eyes: Blue

Skin: fair, but heavily tanned where exposed.

Current location: California

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Gemini the Twins

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Dog

Animals: Black Lab and Rats

Color: Deep Blue

Gemstones: Sapphire

Element: water

Lucky numbers: 13

Season: Summer

Time of day: 3AM

Hogwarts House: Gryfindor

Subjects: Ancient American Indian Lifestyles, Japan, History

Music: classical country; folk, jazz and Taiko drums...

Food: Sashimi, Asian eats,

Fish: Tuna

Meat: Beef or pork

Fruit: Olives, tomatoes, Tangarines

Plants and vegetables: Potatoes, seaweed, corn, peppers, sesame, rice

Drink: Soda pop, coffee (the blacker, the better)

Alcoholic beverage: once a month, a large weak Rum and Coke

Dessert: Banana Cream pie; "Death by Chocolate"

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It's been SO long since I did one of these! I used to love doing them on Tumblr c:


Name: Grey
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: I''m about 5'3"? Short
Hair: Dark brown with a red skunk streak. Genuinely modelled off Shadow the Hedgehog
Eyes: Dark dark brown
Skin: Olive brown
Current location: UK, moving between England and Wales where my university is
Zodiac (Tropical Western): Aries
Zodiac (Chinese): Rabbit
Zodiac (Egyptian): Osiris (didn't know that before now so thank you :D)
Animals: Foxes, all kinds, are my all-time faves. Then magpies and bats
Color: Black

Flower: Kangaroo Paw!
Gemstones: My birthstone is Diamond, but I love Cats' Eyes
Element: Fire! 

Lucky numbers: Gotta be 7
Season: Winter, nothing else comes close
Time of day: Night

Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Subjects: i study English Language/Linguistics, but also like Art and learning languages
Music: Heavy metal : P
Food: I'm vegan and have become obsessed with tofu katsu curry
Fish: I used to love tuna, swordfish, and prawns
Meat: Was never really a meat fan, probably chicken or turkey?
Fruit: Honeydew melon!!!
Plants and vegetables: I love garlic omfg, and onions too, also love a good ol carrot, and who can forget potato? Kale too...
Drink: Sunny D, admittedly. Also herbal teas, with peppermint being my favourite, and hot chocolate!
Alcoholic beverage: Hate alcohol lel
Dessert: Used to love chocolate brownies!! I'm a huge chocolate fan, especially dark chocolate because a lot of it is vegan!
Deities and religions: I was raised Roman Catholic, but I really disagree with the concept of organised religion. I'm quite agnostic/theistic though.
Hobbies: I love drawing, and need a graphics tablet to get myself back into it because studying it for further education really killed my love of it. I also game (Pokemon, Dragon Quest, and Sonic primarily), listen to music, and write for fun.
Article of clothing: Got a knitted jumper of the ride The Smiler at Alton Towers and I love it.
Something fun(ny)/free space: I got cast as Nala in my school production of The Lion King when I was about 11 and had to perform it in front of the local high school, and then a load of 16 year olds came up to me and wanted to be my friend because they said I was cute c:

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Name: Bon

Gender: non-binary

Sexuality: bisexual

Height: 5'3''

Hair: auburn, short

Eyes: blue/green? I don't really know anymore.

Current location: midwest US

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Leo

Zodiac (Chinese): snake

Animals: cats, dogs, birds, pretty much everything tbh

Color: orange, yellow, blue, pink, seafoam green, gray

Gemstones: peridot, aura quartz, any orange ones lol

Flower: lily of the valley, pansy 

Season: summer

Time of day: late afternoon

Music: pop, chiptune, video game music

Food: cheese. yes, just cheese.

Drink: water, kombucha, soda, apple juice, orange juice

Alcoholic beverage: p much anything with a good fruit flavor is 👌

Dessert: ice cream, brownies, iced cookies

Hobbies: gaming, singing, dancing, crafting. I collect Lalaloopsy dolls, Num Noms and Pokemon cards.

Article of clothing: really big t-shirts, I have 3 I really love.

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Sounds fun!


Name: Anastasia is my real name. A friend calls me Ants.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual, straight

Height: 5’ 5”

Hair: Brown, sometimes with gold highlights in certain light. It’s also completely haywire and won’t lie flat. Help me I hate it 

Eyes: Grey, more or less. A little blue

Skin: Darker than both my fair-skinned sisters. Like, my nails are lighter in colour than my skin.

Current location: South Australia

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Cancer

Zodiac (Chinese): Ox

Zodiac (Egyptian): Bastet

Animals: Super hard for me to pick a favourite. Particularly like rats, spiders, crocodilians and doggos.

Color: Green

Gemstones: Birthstone is Ruby.

Flower: I’m not particularly all over flora, but calla lilies have always been cool places to find bugs.

Wu Xing: Fire

Lucky numbers: Always 7. My birth date contains three of them.

Season: Summer

Time of day: Dusk

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): INFP,  ISFP depending on headspace.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor/Slytherin

Subjects: High-school dropout, but if I could go to uni, filmmaking.

Music: I favour rock, experimental rock, post-rock, production music, neoclassical.

Food: Don’t have any particulars, very fond of meats.

Fruit: Idk mandarins are nice

Drink: Anything sweet

Alcoholic beverage: Tend to keep away from those!

Dessert: Love chocolate ❤️

Deities and religions: Atheist

Philosophies: Idk we’re all animals stuck on a watery orb in the middle of nowhere

Quote: "Well that didn’t work”, “I’m gonna make a movieeee” ~ said by myself at some few points 

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, watching/breaking down movies, listening to music, dissecting dead animals and articulating their skeletons.

Article of clothing: I care little about my wardrobe. Case in point, one of my nicest articles is a Spider-Man t-shirt.

Something fun(ny)/free space: I’ve had several close encounters with lightning, chased a deadly snake, held a deadly spider, been stung by a potentially deadly ant, was saved from a flying truck tyre by a single pole and have a set of five scars from a dog. Our dog. He plays rough.

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Name: We'll go with Husky, my old CB handle

Gender: M

Sexuality: Hetero, but know Trans and Homos (no insult intended_

Height: 5'6"

Hair: Gray

Eyes: Blue

Skin: White, except where deeply tanned

Current location: So. Calif 

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Virgo

Zodiac (Chinese):  Dog

Zodiac (Egyptian): ?

Animals:  Dogs, Mice and snakes

Color: Dark green or Blue

Gemstones:  Sapphire

Flower:  Nothing in particular

Element:  Oxygen

Wuxing:   ???

Lucky numbers:  13 

Season:  Spring or Fall

Time of day:  nothing in particular

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting):  ?? 

Hogwarts House:  I guessed Hufflepuff and tested and was...

Subjects: No longer in school, but enjoyed Math and Literature

Music:  Classic country-western and Folk

Food:  Japanese

Fish:  Sashimi Tuna (Maguro)

Meat:  Beef or chicken

Fruit:  apricots

Plants and vegetables:  Tomatoes, potatoes and corn

Drink:  Diet Dr. Pepper

Alcoholic beverage:  Rum and coke

Dessert:  Tapioca

Deities and religions:  Not a religious.  Daughter and her family are Muslim.

Philosophies:  Live and let live;  Treat others as you would like to be treated

Quote:  "Big fleas have little fleas, Upon their backs to bite'm, And little fleas have lesser fleas, And so, Ad Infinitum... 

Hobbies: Target shooting, saltwater fishing, swimming, reading, local history

Article of clothing:  Navy and Shooting  and Ghibli Stufios tee-shirts and Levi's...

Something fun(ny)/free space:  Too, too many things to enumerate....


Edited, some spelling errors...

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Name: Richelle

Gender: Female

Sexuality: pansexual

Height: 5'4"

Hair: natural dirt brown with some graying starting to get noticeable

Eyes: gray-blue and sort of changeable

Skin: very pale, I do tan if I try hard, but no one can tell unless I show off the tan lines

Current location: the epitome of the Midwest: Peoria, Illinois

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Taurus the Bull

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Dog

Zodiac (Egyptian): no clue

Animals: cats,birds, horses, rabbits (and pretty much anything else furry)

Color: blues, greens, and purples

Gemstones: amethyst, emerald, amber

Flower: lily of the valley, lilac

Element: Air

Wuxing: no clue

Lucky numbers: 13

Season: winter

Time of day: sunrise

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): INFP

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Subjects: English lit, history

Music: metal, hard rock, folk, filk

Food: grilled cheese, clam chowder, bacon cheeseburgers, mac & cheese, fried chicken

Fish: crab legs, lobster

Meat: beef, pork, chicken, duck, lamb

Fruit: watermelon, apple, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, banana, pineapple

Plants and vegetables: broccoli, brussels sprouts, potato, zucchini, eggplant, tomato (technically fruit, I know, but fits better here)

Drink: water, sometimes soda

Alcoholic beverage: fruity vodka-based cocktails, my personal favorite is vodka and either Chambord or blue curacao with Sprite

Dessert: cheesecake, key lime pie

Deities and religions: pagan

Philosophies: never really thought about it

Quote: "Those who dance are thought mad by those who hear not the music."

Hobbies: writing (novels and fanfiction), historic re-creation, reading, listening to music

Article of clothing: my recycled-sari wrap skirts, my Phantom of the Opera mask necklace

Something fun(ny)/free space: About 20 years ago, I lived in a very rural part of the South... a place where the KKK was openly active and one's church pretty much defined one's social life. As a non-Christian, I usually took Sundays at the convenience store/gas station I worked at. Plenty of folks would stop in with invites to their church's services and I was good at polite refusals on the basis of my work hours. But this one Sunday, right around "church-getting-out" time, a family pulled in, very obviously coming from services. Dad gassed up the car while Mom and the kids came in for milk and whatnot. Mom sent the kids out with the bags as she paid and then dropped the usual church invite on me. Only when I gave my usual answer, she reached over the counter to grab my arms and loudly proclaimed, "You KNOW you should be keeping the Lord's Day HOLY instead of working!" I smiled sweetly at her and replied, "Well, ma'am, I'll stop working on Sunday as soon as you and everyone else stops shopping on Sunday." She turned beet red, did a nice impression of a fish, and just about ran out to the car. Best part? They continued shopping at the store, but never again came in on a Sunday!

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Name: Heidi

Gender: female

Sexuality: bisexual

Height: 168cm

Hair: dark brown-light brown ombre

Eyes: hazel brown

Skin: quite fair, a bit sunkissed at the moment

Current location: central Finland

Zodiac (Tropical Western): scorpio

Zodiac (Chinese): pig

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw 


Deities and religions: polytheism, finnish mythology (Mielikki, Päivätär, Kuutar)



Animal: stingrays, pangolins, cats, bunnies

Color: burgundy

Gemstones: turquoise, citrine

Flower: peony

Element: earth

Season: summer

Time of day: dusk

Sport (to do): cross country skiing

Sport (to watch): football, biathlon, ski jumping, ice hockey

Sport team: real madrid fc

Music: pop, indie, rock, basically anything

Food: pizza

Fish: smoked flounder or salmon

Meat: chicken

Fruit: bananas, grapes, apples

Berry: raspberries

Plants and vegetables: corn, peas, carrots, arugula

Drink: orange soda

Alcoholic beverage: red wine, gin and tonic

Dessert: any kind of ice cream

Article of clothing: adidas originals real madrid hoodie

TV show: brooklyn 99

Movie: lion king 2

Video game: the sims 3, pokemon platinum



Hobbies: gym, photography, video games

Something fun(ny)/free space: When I was a toddler, I had a habit of running away from my parents. That's why when we were on a holiday in Portugal when I was two, my mom bought me A LEASH so I wouldn't get lost and/or fall to water (which I had done when we were visiting a lake at home). It was very practical and I loved it! I kept saying "Heidi on leash, falls DON'T" (well actually in Finnish and I couldn't say the letter R: "Heidi nalu, putoo EI"). Mom tells me that we gathered many amused looks on that trip.

Quote: "The Earth has music for those who listen" - George Santayana

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Name: Kyath

Gender: Demi non-binary

Sexuality: Asexual

Romantic: Aromantic

Height: 161CM

Hair: Middle brown(Originally black. I got bleach in my hair.)

Eyes: Dark brown

Skin: (Pass)

Current location: (Pass)

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Virgo

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Rat

Zodiac (Egyptian): Toth

Animals: Parrots, Felines, Canines, Some of fishes, Ravens, Crows

Color: Red, Blue, Black, Orange

Gemstones: Moonstone, Amber, Garnet, Aquamarine, Obsidian

Flower: Ranunculus, Camellia, Diphylleia

Element: Fire, Ice, Water

Wuxing: (Pass)

Lucky numbers: (Pass)

Season: Fall

Time of day: Crepuscular+Nocturnal (?)

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): (Pass)

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Subjects: Library and information science. But I think it isn't good choice for me. But it's too late to change my major.

Music: Mainly new age

Food: Meat, Sashimi, Junk food(....), Cheese, Some of my country food, Pizza, Spicy food

Fish: Raw salmon

Meat: Almost everything. I'm carnivore.

Fruit: Blueberries, Cherries, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Oranges, Honeydews, Peaches(Prefer soft)

Plants and vegetables: Potatoes, Seaweed, Walnuts, Almonds, Macadamias

Drink: Soda pop, Coffee, Tea, Sparking water

Alcoholic beverage: I drink alcoholic beverage occasionaly

Dessert: Ice cream, chocolate, Yogurt, Minty sweets, Cookies

Deities and religions: No religion

Philosophies: (Pass)

Quote: None

Hobbies: Web browsing, Drawing(Main), Reading(Currently almost off from it), Play games, Creating characters(....)

Article of clothing: Mostly T-shirt and shorts(Or long pants)

Keyward: Daydreamer, Fantasy lover, Hobby animal artist, Non-western person, Moody, Socially awkward, Neurotic, Obsession, Inharmony with myself so much

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Name: Danielle

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Height: 160cm

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Dark brown

Skin: Fair, tan very easily during the summer

Current location: Ontario Canada

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Aquarius

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Rabbit

Zodiac (Egyptian): Geb

 Animals: Cats, elephants, turtles, birds

Color: Green

Gemstones: Amethyst, lapis lazuli

Flower: Orchid

Element: Air

Lucky numbers: 15, 27

Season: Winter

Time of day: Night

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): INFP

Subjects: Canadian history, Prussian history

Music: Rock, indie pop, alternative rock, jangle pop, britpop

Food: Italian and French cuisine

Fish: Salmon

Meat: Beef, veal, rabbit

Fruit: Granny smith apples, oranges, peaches, apricots

Plants and vegetables: Asparagus, celery, carrots, cabbage

Drink: Coffee, water, pop

Alcoholic beverage: Rum and coke, beer, coolers

Dessert: Cake, ice cream

Deities and religions: Catholicism

Quote: "Choose life"

Hobbies: Gardening, reading, sewing

Article of clothing: My gold chain gifted to me at my baptism

Something fun(ny)/free space: I have an entire room in my house dedicated to SpongeBob

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Name: Let's just go with my forum username/nicknames.

Gender: Female (very tomboyish though).

Sexuality: Straight.

Eyes: Green.

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Cancer.

Zodiac (Egyptian): The Nile I think?

Animals: Birds. Reptiles. Cats. All animals are cool. 

Color: Cobalt blue, turquoise, purple. All colors are cool too.

Gemstones: Anything pretty/shiny enough.

Flower: All flowers are pretty.

Wu Xing: Metal.

Lucky numbers: 7, 25, 45

Season: Winter. Fite me.

Time of day: Midnight when everybody else is sleeping.

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): INTJ.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin.

Subjects: Chemistry, almost any art classes.

Food: Nearly any meat. Burgers. Creamy mashed potatoes with gravy... Basically mostly southern foods in general. Chips v tasty too.

Meat: Nearly any, excluding the nasty bits. Steaks. My absolute favorites are those that are tender with flavorful, soft fats. Also chewy bacons. Crunchy bacons are an abomination. Fite me again.

Drink: Frappe, soda pop, hot tea, milk, flavored water...

Dessert: Ice cream cake, vanilla/coffee flavored ice cream or yogurt. Caramel. Not a big fan of chocolates.

Quote: "Why bother?"

Hobbies: Procrastinating. Sketching.

Article of clothing: Basic and casual. T-shirt and jeans. I wear glasses if that counts too...

Something fun(ny)/free space: I helped a high school senior group steal two mattresses from their coach's room (senior prank) while they were at a meeting. For context, we were visiting a school in another state for a tournament. Their dorm had light, cheap mattresses, so they were pretty easy to move.

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Name: Ursula, (Chosen name, everyone in my life calls me by it.)

Gender: Female-ish. 

Sexuality: Stright.....ish.

Height: 5'6

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Olive

Current location: East Coast

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Capricorn 

Zodiac (Chinese): Rooster 

Zodiac (Egyptian): Sphinx (Greek) and Isis (Decan)

Animals: Wolves, Horses, Cats, Dogs, Owls, Bears, Pidgeons. 

Color: Black.

Gemstones: Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise

Flower: Carnation

Element: Water or Earth. Sources are split. 

Wuxing: Water

Lucky numbers: 9

Season: Fall

Time of day: Night

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): ENTJ

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Subjects: Music, Arts, Science, Math, History, Philosophy, English, Technology

Music: Alternative, Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Grunge, Death Metal, Scotish Pirate Death Metal.

Food: Asain

Fish: Salmon, Scallops, Shrimp

Meat: Chicken, Turkey, Beef

Fruit: Strawberries, Pears, Bananas, Apples, Grapes

Plants and vegetables: Avacado, Broccoli, Onions, Carrots

Drink: Water, Tea

Alcoholic beverage: None

Dessert: Chocolate Croissant 

Deities and religions: Nyx 

Philosophies: I study all of them. 

Quote: "No Mourners, No funerals."

Hobbies: Instruments, Writing, Reading, Exercising, Gaming, Table Top

Article of clothing: Bikini

Something fun(ny)/free space: Never date someone who doesn't own any books.

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Sounds fun, haha


Name: Artius(online)
: Male
: Hetero
: 6'0"(183cm)
: Black
: Dark brown
: Lightly tanned? or smth like that
Current location: Seoul
Zodiac (Tropical Western)
: Libra sun / Aquarius moon / Taurus rising
Zodiac (Chinese)
: A year of the dragon
Zodiac (Egyptian)
: Isis
Animals: Snakes and eagles
Color: Black, gray, white (achromatic colors) 
Gemstones: My birthstone is opalmy favorite is amber

Flower: Birth flower is Indian hemp, and I love roses
Element: Air
Wuxing (Five elements): Earth
Lucky numbers: 4
Season: Autumn
Time of day: Daybreak
MBTI (unreliable but still interesting)
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Subjects: Business
administration, mba, advanced management program
Music: Heavy metal, pop, eurobeat

Food: Korean food(especially spicy things) and asian eats, seafood, italian food
Fish: (Raw) Tuna and salmon
Meat: Beef, pork, chicken etc
Fruit: Strawberries, blueberries and other sweet fruits. I love them

Plants and vegetables: Cabbages, carrots, lettuce etc
Drink: Coffees, Energy drinks 
Alcoholic beverage: Soju, chateau
wines(levangile, mont perat rouge etc) and black beer
Dessert: Ice creams
, cheese cakes
Deities and religions: Atheist

Philosophies: Realism
Quote: Life is too precious to waste
Hobbies: Video games, driving   
Article of clothing: usually wear slim fit suits for work.
 Sometimes I pick simple shirts with slacks or leather jackets when I go out - it depends on the place and seasons

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Name: You can call me Dark, or Darkie, or any variation, I'm not picky :3

Gender: A very un-ladylike lady

Sexuality: Pansexual <3

Height: 5'6"

Hair: I dye it all kinds of crazy colors, currently its a short, messy cut that is orange and yellow on top, green on the sides.

Eyes: Grayish

Skin: So pale, so very pale

Current location: Cactus Land~ (AZ)

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Aries!

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Rooster

Zodiac (Egyptian): Thoth

Animals: Uwahhh I love all animals, its hard to pick  >~<;;

Color: Red

Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli

Flower: Snapdragon

Element: Fire

Wuxing: Earth

Lucky numbers: 21

Season: Autumn

Time of day: Midnight

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Subjects: Egyptology, anthropology

Music: All, but Metal will always be my favorite

Food: I like all foods really. Except Hamburger Helper and box macaroni. :b

Fish: Salmon

Meat: Chicken

Fruit: All of it! Except Kiwi, avocado and cucumber (I'm allergic)

Plants and vegetables: All of it *^*

Drink: All kinds of teas

Alcoholic beverage: I'm a sucker for a good mixed drink, the fruiter, the better

Dessert: Ice cream!

Deities and religions: I'm not big on religion, though ancient religions fascinate me to no end

Philosophies: Does karma count?

Quote: “We do have a lot in common. The same air, the same Earth, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what's the same instead of always looking at what's different, ...well, who knows?”
― Meowth (Pokémon the First Movie)

Hobbies: Cosplay, both making and wearing. I'm still learning to style wigs and make large props, though I'm pretty good at making the actual costumes. I also draw and sculpt, I used to take a lot of ceramics classes in high school. I also love reading, I've got quite the mini library at my place. My favorite genre is fantasy, Terry Brooks is my favorite author.

Article of clothing: Hats! I love hats, I have so many hate, from ball caps to beanies, I just love them a lot. I also wear a lot of tank tops, and a plaid shirt over that for a double layered look. I tend to wear the same things all the time, especially since my work has a relaxed dress code.

Free space: So, just some fun facts I guess: I always tend to have a lot of unique pets. At one point I had 30 rats, a rabbit, and a cat. Right now I've got a cat (a tabby mix) and a snake (vanilla ball python morph). I want to get a bird at some point, though I have to move out of my apartment first. I still have all my old pokemon cards from childhood...My mom used to tell me I'd grow out of it, but my pokemon bed-set says otherwise, haha. I also watch a lot of anime and kids shows, which is where I draw a lot of inspiration for my cosplay. My current favorite character to cosplay as is Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, as she is my youngest sister's favorite character and it also makes a lot of kids smile when I take the bus to conventions. :3

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I do love reading through these~



Name: Gee or Reggie is fine

Gender: Female

Height: Exactly 5ft (small but ready to fight)

Hair: Deep brown, its almost black 

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Warm Beige? Not entirely sure.

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Scorpio Sun/Pisces Moon/Pisces Ascendant

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Rat

Zodiac (Egyptian): Isis

Animals: Corvidae, Canids, Honey Badger, Hyena

Color: Red, Cyan, Blue, Black, White

Gemstones: Black Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx

Element: Water

Time of day: Midnight

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): INFP-T

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw

Music: I have very eclectic tastes but mostly Rock

Dessert: Ice Cream

Deities and religions: Well, I was raised Catholic...  I also have a heavy fascination towards the Greek Pantheon

Hobbies: Listening to a lot of music, jumping from one video game to another (without finishing the last one...whoops), buying and hoarding books (my To-Read pile is always growing), Doodling on page corners, constantly looking for a new game/show/book to gush about

Article of clothing: Hoodies! Although its a bit hot in my area to constantly wear one, I love collecting hoodies.

Something fun(ny)/free space: I once entered a sponsored kids race in elementary that had participants from my school and two others. Halfway through the race I quit because I was feeling too anxious. My mother and granma got mad at me and told me that I entered for nothing since I didn't even finish it.

It sure was a long quiet ride back home...

The next day, imagine my surprise when I entered my classroom to find the Vice Principal waiting for me holding a trophy and a medal. Somehow. Apparently, I won 3rd Place in the race, but they couldn't find me during the awarding ceremony (since my folks quickly brought me home). Looking back at that moment, someone must have mixed-up my participant number with the real 3rd place winner.

But Little-Me didn't really give a hoot about mix-ups at that time, because I was too busy being smug about my awards to my ma and gran 😂



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Oooo, this does look like such fun! 🖤


Name: Bri, or Bria

Gender: Female, with a strong streak of tomboy

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'5"

Hair: Auburn brown - has gotten lighter with the years

Eyes: Golden/auburn brown (matches my hair almost exactly, and has also lightened as I've gotten older)

Skin: Pale, but with olive undertones (I could probably tan if I actually spent more time in the sun)

Current location: Missouri

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Sagittarius the Archer

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Rooster

Animals: Wolves, Deer, and just about any wild feline (they're the ninjas of nature!)

Color: A deep, rich maroon

Gemstones: Aquamarine, Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, Jade

Flower: Hibiscus

Element: Fire (but like - a polite fire that apologizes a lot)

Season: Spring/Autumn

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor/Ravenclaw (Gryffinclaw? Ravendor?)

Subjects: History, Photography, Creative Writing, Painting/Sketching, Astronomy, Biology

Music: Almost anything - I appreciate the work and culture that goes into making music in general (but some of my favorite bands include: Journey, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Gorillaz, Twenty One Pilots, Of Monsters and Men, Enya, Caravan Palace)

Food: Spaghetti, pizza, broccoli and cheese soup, sushi, authentic Japanese fried rice 

Fish: (Not a huge fan)

Meat: Turkey or chicken

Fruit: Pomegranate, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, raspberries

Plants and vegetables: Carrots, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, bell peppers, chives

Drink: Chai tea, Naked fruit juices

Alcoholic beverage: Mike's Hard Lemonade, Fireball and apple cider

Dessert: Ice cream, cookies, chocolate, most candy (I have a major sweet tooth!)

Deities and religions: Non-denominational Christian (one who respects and loves everyone for who they are - and believes in a God who does as well)

Philosophies: Humanitarianism, Universalism, basically anything that involves cherishing life

Quote: "Everyone around you is fighting a battle that you cannot see. Be kind."

Hobbies: Collecting Pokemon cards, writing, drawing, photography, and the occasional D&D game

Article of clothing: My oh-so-flowy "Mythical Kind of Love" dark green floor-length dress that looks like something an elf would wear (complete with laced bracers and tie-up gladiator sandals if I'm feeling particularly elven on a given day)

Something fun(ny)/free space: I sneeze nearly every time I drink strong alcohol, and I can "wing" my shoulder blades (stick them out vertically in relation to my back like two giant bone spikes...yeah, it's super unsettling) 👽

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Name: I'm just gonna keep this to my username.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pan

Height: 5'4

Hair: Dark brown, but naturally fades to a lighter brown at the ends.

Eyes: Heterochromia. Left eye is completely dark brown. Right eye is half hazel and half blue.

Skin: Farmers tan, I'm too lazy to actually buy sunscreen.

Current location: Alberta

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Taurus the Bull

Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Monkey

Zodiac (Egyptian): Anibus

Animals: Mythical animals, deers and such.

Color: Mint green

Gemstones: I've collected a lot, too many to list down.

Flower: Purple Tulips

Element: Earth

Lucky number: 16

Season: Spring

Time of day: Afternoon

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): INFP

Hogwarts House: Slytherin probably, I don't read/watch Harry Potter.

Music: Any music with a sort of deep 'storyline' in the lyrics.

Fish: Salmon

Meat: Medium beef steaks

Fruit: Pink Lady and Pacific Rose apples, bananas

Plants and vegetables: Potatoes, peas, carrots, corn.

Drink: Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, Green Tea, Nut Tea

Alcoholic beverage: Red Stripe Beer

Dessert: Dark Chocolate, Yogurt Popsicles

Deities and religions: Wiccan. I'm eclectic, but I've mostly learned from a Celtic branch.

Philosophies: Does the Wiccan Rede and Rule of Three count? I dunno.

Quote: "We are all made of stardust."

Hobbies: Youtube, occasional gardening, Pagan studies, drawing (not very good at it though), guitar (again, not too good).

Article of clothing: Casual comfy clothes, and my metal pentacle from Quebec.

Something fun(ny)/free space: I can't run full speed for more than 10 seconds without losing all my breath and my legs starting to hurt. I should probably start going to the gym or something...

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Name: My real name is boring and common, so just "Dragoness"

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height: Almost 5'5

Hair: Medium-ish blonde

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair with pinkish undertones

Current location: Northern US

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Pisces

Zodiac (Chinese): Horse

Zodiac (Egyptian): Isis

Animals: All, but I have a special place in my heart for large dogs

Color: Teal

Gemstones: Aquamarine, my birthstone

Flower: Pink roses

Element: Water

Lucky number: 15

Season: Summer

Time of day: Afternoon

Hogwarts House: I've never been a Harry Potter fan, so I have no idea

Music: Anything that isn't either country or aggressive

Fish: Eww

Meat: Chicken

Fruit: Strawberries

Plants and vegetables: Corn, broccoli, potatoes, green beans

Drink: Water, Sprite, orange juice, milk

Alcoholic beverage: I don't drink

Dessert: Chocolate, especially dark

Deities and religions: I think I'm somewhere between atheist and agnostic

Quote: "Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better."

Hobbies: Writing, reading, singing, organizing (yes, I'm that boring), designing various things

Article of clothing: I've always loved dresses. They're easy to style and so comfortable

Something fun(ny)/free space: Both of my middle fingers are crooked. It's not all that noticeable, but I haven't met anyone else with weird fingers like mine

Edited by The Dragoness

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This looks fun!

Name: Call me wingedcat

Gender: afab agender (?)

Sexuality: ???

Height: 5'7½”

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Brown

Skin: White

Current location: U. S. rural Midwest

Zodiac (Tropical Western): Libra

Zodiac (Chinese): Dragon

Zodiac (Egyptian): Horus

Animals: Chicken, deer, goose, vulture

Color: Kelly green

Gemstones: Salt?

Flower: Lily

Element: Water

Wuxing: Wood apparently

Lucky numbers: 6, 12, 24 = my favorites

Season: Summer

Time of day: 3 am

MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): INTP

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw!

Subjects: Math, physics, bio, econ

Music: Alt-pop

Food: Popcorn, potatoes, peanut butter

Fish: where my vegans at

Fruit: Apples, cherries, olives

Plants and vegetables: Rice, edamame, pickles

Drink: Coffee

Alcoholic beverage: *underage music plays*

Dessert: Oreos, fake ice cream

Deities and religions: None

Philosophies: Utilitarianism, consequentialism

Quote: “The second best time is now.”

Hobbies: Drawing, occasional fic-writing

Article of clothing: Sweatshirts

Something fun(ny)/free space: I can sleep anywhere.

Edited by wingedcat

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