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    If it's been a while since I updated you on an agreement we made, please PM me! I have a horrible memory. I promise I'm not intentionally ignoring you. Our conversation most likely ended up buried in my inbox and I eventually forgot about it entirely.

    I adore Black Teas, Aqualises, Monarchs, male Tan Ridgewings, and Sunrises. If you manage to find a 'perfect' low gen SA checker/Prize lineage with any of them, I would love to swap.

    Regarding my CB Prizes:
    I'm open to PMs as long as your preferred list is open. If my signature says that it's closed, the answer is no. I will only accept IOUs for 2G Prizes or 2G SAs. Requests for 2G PB Prizes will be declined as I already have a plan for them. I have more information linked in my signature.

    ~GGG badge and CB Prize banners by the wonderful Pryanka~
    ~Black Tea avatar by the talented Akrona~
    ~Black Tea & Silver Tinsel avatar by the brilliant sunshine_ley~