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~Somewhat inactive at the moment~

Will trade my soul 2G Prizes for a 2G Gold Prize from F Venturis

CB Prize lists are open. See profile for more information.

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    ***UPDATE 6/30***
    Life has been very hectic for me, so I'm not really logging into DC. All trades are currently on hold. I promise I haven't forgotten and will fulfill my end once I have more time for DC. I will still do my best to respond to PMs but please be patient with me.

    If it's been a while since I updated you on an agreement we made, please PM me! I have a terrible memory. I promise that I would never intentionally ignore anyone. Our conversation most likely ended up buried in my inbox and I eventually forgot about it. I'm also not very active these days other than to breed my Prizes.

    I adore Venturis, Black Teas, Aqualises, Monarchs, male Tan Ridgewings, Sunrises, and Tercorns. If you manage to find a 'perfect' low gen spriter's alt or Prize lineage with any of them, I would love to swap.

    My ultimate wish: any 2G Prize x spriter's alt

    I'm happy to breed my CB Prizes for free. However, it's one chance per person, so you get whatever they produce.

    Game Hosts/Secret Santa Gifters: I will happily breed 2G Prize(kins) for free for you to gift to others. My only rule is that the egg must grow up on their scroll.

    I'm very interested in 2G Holiday Prizekin swaps!

    ✧ I will ask that you pick a different mate breed if they don't produce your desired egg after 3 attempts
    ✧ I will only hold an egg for 48 hours before rehoming it and considering my side of the trade complete
    ✧ I will not breed to common or new breeds unless you want a Prizekin
    ✧ I will not breed PB Prizes for a long list of reasons, so please don't ask

    If you are interested in trading, send me a PM and we'll work out a price. I'll typically take a CB Metal or two, a bunch of CB uncommon hatchlings, or a 2G swap.

    ~GGG badge and CB Prize banners by the wonderful Pryanka~
    ~Black Tea avatar by the talented Akrona~
    ~Black Tea & Silver Tinsel avatar by the brilliant sunshine_ley~