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    Hello, and welcome to my profile! My name is DaniBoo and I have been a Dragon Cave player since September 2010. Below you will find information about my trading and breeding. Do not hesitate to PM me if you have a request for breeding or trading, I reply to all my PM's.

    -- Breeding --
    ‣ I will breed any of my dragons on my scroll upon request.
    ‣ I do not ask for anything in return when breeding. This includes my CB Silver Tinsel, Eduux!
    ‣ Please note that my dragons may not co-operate, so please be patient when waiting for your egg to arrive.
    ‣ I am more than happy to hold, influence, and hatch your dragon for you. Just ask!
    ‣ Feel free to PM me if I forget or am slow to breed your egg!

    -- Trading --
    ‣ I am IOU friendly. I accept these at my own risk.
    ‣ I always fulfill my IOU's, regardless of how long it takes.
    ‣ If I'm taking a long time to fulfill my share of the IOU, please PM me.

    -- Holiday Breeding --
    ‣ I will breed any of my holiday dragons upon request! As with my regular breeding, I don't expect anything in return.
    ‣ I ask that you PM me your request 1-2 weeks in advance, as the holidays are very busy and I like to make sure that I am prepared to breed the requested dragons.

    -- Please Note Before Requesting --
    ‣ I ask that you refrain from killing, biting, freezing, abandoning, or trading any dragon that I have bred for you. However, if I trade you a dragon (directly or IOU) feel free to do whatever you wish with said dragon.