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Please don't ask me for SAltkin or tinsels. I'm very bad at keeping up with requests so I prefer to gift them randomly instead. Thank you for understanding!


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    *Please don't request Saltkin or tinsels from me. I'm really bad at keeping up with those so I prefer to gift them instead. Thank you for understanding!*

    Hello friends! It's your friendly neighborhood hazard sign. Of the shiny variety. I'm here as someone to chat with for fun or if you need any help, or just some fun cat photos or my favorite vine compilations. I'm always happy to help in whatever capacity I can, so if you need someone to listen or to get some advice, I'll do my best. Please feel free to call me Haze, Hazeh, Shiny, Hazard, any amalgamation of the above, or feel free to make your own. I'm sometimes known to disappear into the abyss for a while, but I always come back. c:

    I will automatically offer a 2G Bronze Tinsel to anyone who can find me eggs (no drakes/pygmy/two-headed) with codes of these words or variations of these words (caps typically don't matter to me):
    CB ONLY:

    These do not need to be CB (can also be other species):
    -Algiz (bonus points if a script dragon-- will give 2 eggs for this!)
    -Elhaz (same as above)
    -Ehwaz (bonus points if script or horse dragon-- will give 2 eggs!)

    Please be my friend. I love friends. ♥

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