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I should really organize this sig... its so messy.  but I'm too lazy busy.

If you want something on my scroll (egg/hatchlings, names, breeding, etc) please pm me! I accept IOUs!  

FREE BREEDING! PM ME!  My dragon requests: Aroura Dragon Hallucination dragon 

Currently helping with: post-15-1487558177.png                    Random stuff: 46302.png6fuips.jpg

 Don't click this, its not my scroll

**If I'm inactive (often), please email me if you need my help for something!  I probably won't remember otherwise.  

MY EMAIL: draconiusultamius@gmail.com

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    In the darkest depths of myself...
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    Currently trying to upgrade and organize this section a little, its been bugging me for a while, but I haven't had any urge to do anything about it until now :/

    This section is hard to edit on mobile... just saying.


    Random facts about me:
    - I like science, animals, pets, nature, and dragons, of course.
    - My guilty pleasures involve violence or weirdness in general
    - I'm into entomophagy
    - My favorite subjects are genetics and entomology
    - My username means 'ultimate dragon' and I came up with it in grade 4
    - I'm fascinated by death, but I honestly don't know why
    - I like trying new things all the time
    - My favourite food is cheese and I really like tasting different types of it


    I will do them with active players. Depending on what you want from me, I will be willing to IOU regardless of who you are.

    Things I'm waiting for:
    Jerzeeshadow - 5 CB pinks & 5 CB arias
    Dirtytabs - 2 baikalas, one of each color

    Things I owe others:
    Nothing right now :)


    I’m not great at spriting, but I’m learning. My drawing has improved though! I think my style when it comes to dragons is to try to keep the proportions normal. As in don’t shorten the wings and keep the head small. It makes more sense to me than having disproportionate dragons. It’s just a personal preference though.


    For those of you who were following the developments on the Stolen arts thread (https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/181765-answeredstolen-art/), I feel as if both sides were, at times being hurtful and immature. If you were one of these people, I truly hope that you apologize to them in a mature way. https://www.facebook.com/dragonskeepstore/ in case you have anything that you need to say to them. While some of you accuse them of being immature in their Facebook posts, I stand with my belief that some of you weren't very mature in your forum postings either. It makes me kind of ashamed to be part of that group, but I will take my responsibility for my own actions.


    CB gold/silver
    Codes: draco, triops, moth, bio, anything that looks cool. Looking for codes related to genetics (eg, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_human_genes_by_chromosome <--- anything on the links on this page is fair game). PM me if you find some! Caps not required but preferred. Will trade CB xenos or something similar for them! Be sure to link to the specific gene it is, i need proof :)
    Also, itai atashi ashita aitai, any code with a snippet from these letters (possibly with one letter changes) is pretty much fair game.

    Note: If anyone is curious as to why a bunch of my dragons now have names, its not permanent. I'm holding some names for somebody until they get their situation sorted out,so there's no cause for alarm. They'll be restored when the situation is resolved. Thanks for understanding!