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Finally decided to wipe it. It's been a long time since I was actually active... I don't really miss it here anymore. Community was great, but I wasn't. I moved on, thought I grew and got better. Found a community I loved and was accepted into. Then I messed up, worse than I did here. I wish I didn't. Now there's nothing left for me... So I'm back to rant or something. Or to sulk. Idk. I got better at art marginally, I hope.

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    Currently trying to upgrade and organize this section a little, its been bugging me for a while, but I haven't had any urge to do anything about it until now :/

    This section is hard to edit on mobile (and in general now, I get about an inch of space to scroll in for some reason) ... just saying.


    Random facts about me:
    - I like science, animals, pets, nature, and dragons, of course.
    - I'm a big fan of horror, I don't know why, I just am
    - I'm into entomophagy
    - My favorite subjects are genetics and entomology
    - My username means 'ultimate dragon' and I came up with it in grade 4
    - I'm fascinated by death because its good to remind yourself of your mortality
    - I like trying new things all the time
    - My favourite food is cheese and its no secret ;)


    I will do them with active players. Depending on what you want from me, I will be willing to IOU regardless of who you are.

    Special note: If I trade something with you and it's an IOU, I won't rush you, but I will send you a notice each month if you are active, just as a reminder. Also, after about three months of no dragons from the IOU showing up (depending on circumstances and the dragons in question), I will kick you to the 'gift list'. This won't affect you too much, all it will mean is that you won't receive any gifts from me for a while and I won't do IOUs with you for probably a year or so. I don't believe in permanent punishment, just something temporary. I'm very negotiable though.

    Things I'm waiting for:

    Things I owe others:
    Nothing right now :)


    Thoughts I have...

    - Maybe I should put something here so it doesn't look so bare... I do have thoughts. Many of them. Maybe too many of them.

    Section cleared: 4/7/2018


    CB gold/silver - Thank you so much to Amy.x for the extremely generous Secret Santa gift of both of these! <3

    Neglected - I have two now, both made by me! Thank you to all the catchers, helpers, and other people who showed me how to make an ND! Much broccoli to you!

    2g prizekins and thuweds

    Codes: draco, triops, moth, bio, palindromes and semordinlaps, anything interesting! Looking for codes related to genetics (eg, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_human_genes_by_chromosome <--- anything on the links on this page is fair game). PM me if you find some! Caps not required but preferred. Will trade CB xenos or something similar for them! Be sure to link to the specific gene it is, i need proof :)
    Also, itai atashi ashita aitai, any code with a snippet from these letters (possibly with one letter changes) is pretty much fair game.

    Really awesome people:
    Amy.x - gifted me a bunch of eggs for secret Santa, including my first CB gold and CB silver
    Nine - asked me about which bronze shimmer pair I liked and gifted me a 2g Blusang bronze Shimmerfail from 99999 <3
    Infinis - sprited for three of my holiday concepts and gives me loads of advice on spriting!
    Shajana - invited me to sprite two eggs for FoE 2018
    Hazeh - helping with wording in my holiday concept
    Purpledragonclaw and LadyLyzar - putting up with me and forgiving me, especially when I don't deserve it at all
    Everyone who has helped with my ND experiments, especially in catching.
    More to come!

    I like to gift dragons and tend to catch and give away CB rares that I'm not too keen on keeping. I always select the giftee based on their wishlist, but you can always ask me for something. :)

    Note: If anyone is curious as to why a bunch of my dragons now have names, its not permanent. I'm holding some names for somebody until they get their situation sorted out,so there's no cause for alarm. They'll be restored if and when the situation is resolved. If not, I'm patient. I can wait and if you absolutely can't stand the name, I'll change it if you PM me about it. I have plenty of dragons on the name queue. Thanks for understanding!