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I should really organize this sig... its so messy.  but I'm too lazy busy.

If you want something on my scroll (egg/hatchlings, names, breeding, etc) please pm me! I accept IOUs!  

FREE BREEDING! PM ME!  My dragon requests: Aroura Dragon Hallucination dragon Currently helping with: Narcissistic_Dragon3.png 46302.png6fuips.jpg

 Don't click this, its not my scroll

**If I'm inactive (often), please email me if you need my help for something!  I probably won't remember otherwise.  

MY EMAIL: draconiusultamius@gmail.com

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    Over the mountains and through the woods.
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    I like science, animals, pets, nature, and dragons, of course.

    CB gold/silver
    Codes: draco, triops, moth, bio, anything that looks cool. Looking for codes related to genetics (eg, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_human_genes_by_chromosome <--- anything on the links on this page is fair game). PM me if you find some! Caps not required but preferred. Will trade CB xenos or something similar for them! Be sure to link to the specific gene it is, i need proof :)

    Note: If anyone is curious as to why a bunch of my dragons now have names, its not permanent. I'm holding some names for somebody until they get their situation sorted out,so there's no cause for alarm. They'll be restored when the situation is resolved. Thanks for understanding!