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Misgendered Disepis hatchie  


You're welcome, Kaini.

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Hello! I have a White AP find - it's a Thuwed on one side and SA on the other.


Please,  no bad actions, regifting is OK and please let me know if you take it 🙂


And done! Thank you very much 😊 

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2 minutes ago, Ytak said:

Some eggs I picked up in the Jungle.

CB stripe

CB gemshard

The links are broken and redirecting to this thread...


Edit: Thank you for the Gemshard :D

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Testbreed 4G swallow-tail saltkin (both white wrapping-wings (Drosselmeyer Caveborn and Feliz'Navi Caveborn) and Caballo Marino), stuffed with black marrows:



The two-way is just because I want to see where it goes. :) Offer any AP egg.

Gone! Thank you! ❤️ Thanks for giving the babbie a good home, Arkee!


(If anyone wants a sibling, let me know.)

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I already have a bunch of these silverkins so I'm gifting this one away! Unfortunately I think I forgot to influence it so it might misgender. That was fast! Whoever got it, enjoy! :)

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