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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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This, this and this are holidaykin from Terrafreaky (along with this silly undine amd this silly nebula). I'm also enamoured with the colors in this. Thank you Starfyre. I love holiday breeding season.

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I had a lot of fun going through the white wall on the AP the other day and these are the four I couldn't part with:


This pretty rare white karot from Pryanka. Thank you!

To miaoujones, thank you for these three, they are lovely!




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First thought: Pinks are always good.

Second thought: Hey, it's even a pretty Pink / Terrae checker!

Third thought: Wait... something is different in the base. Oh, Sweetlings! Even better!

Fourth thought: The names wub.gif


All in all: Thank you, s0r0k4!


For her, too:


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Thank you breeder! There's even a Dragonlance reference in there.






Love the codes, thank you Ramani!



Thank you munificent! It's the codes that make it.



Thank you herk! I can't believe this is my first one from this line.



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I'm unreasonably happy to see them here. :'-)



3rd gen Thalassa x Solstice. Thank you HPhaeton!

(He makes a good mate for this holiday checker.)



Speckle-Throat x Valentine with purple Alt Valentine. Thank you miaoujones!



Frills and Valentines, oh yesss! Thank you natli!

(He will probably this year's Valentine mate for her since I don't have a perfect one yet.)




Code babies! Thank you munificent!



Gaia from pacified Aegis. That's pretty! (Need more CB Aegises... xd.png ) Thank you natayah!



Another one from interesting parent codes. Thank you s0r0k4!



Alt Sweetling x Pyrope checker. Thank you purplehaze!

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These two (one, two) are so beautiful wub.gif

I influenced them both correctly so they can hopefully be mates

Thank you bunches AngelsPunishment!


Also, I actually said "wow" out loud when I saw this one. A spiral with mageias and shimmers, can it get any better? Thanks Mirume!

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3g Sweetling x Flamingo checker, thank you mystery breeder! wub.gif


https://dragcave.net/lineage/KfKga - 3g Silver Lunar x Black Marrow

https://dragcave.net/lineage/KDCet - 3g Magelight x Pumpkin

Thank you sara4cows for these two holiday checkers!



4g Moonstone x Shadow Walker checker, thanks Lesh4537!

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caught this little one as a hatchie in the AP. Thanks anon breeder. ^^


Also caught this pretty from Bubblequartz, thanks! I'll try to build a nice checker for it. biggrin.gif

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Thank you, bloodonmyfangs, for this cute little daydream hatchie. She's precogged female. It's been nearly 6 years since I bred her maternal grandfather, needless to say I'm pleased to see this line still alive & well after all this time.


This must be my week for fishing lineages I've had a hand in out of the AP. Thank you, Terrafreaky, for this vine I caught the other day. This hatchie followed in the footsteps of that black I'd requested from you & went alt. Of all the luck, lol!

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