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deviantartscrollPFQanvil god (inactive) ❁ a801 (semi-inactive)Breeding for free. Just PM me if you'd like a pretty egg from any of my adult dragons!I collect name, funny or word codes! I also like heart-shaped lines.!Please don't, and I mean DON'T add my dragons to hatcheries. I can take care of them myself.firegem.pngTest your luck?


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    Hello!! Welcome to my profile, thanks for stopping by~

    I'm aisu and I love cats.

    Some facts:
    • My birthday is on 25/03/2004
    • I'm currently learning English and I might not have the best grammar.
    • I enjoy drawing & listening to any kind of music.
    • My favorite season (not Dragon) must be Summer/Spring.
    • My favorite color is pink.
    • I'm a fan of Pokemon and I love Furret (and its shiny!)

    My favorite non-holiday dragons must/might be:
    - Monarchs
    - Diamondwings
    - Aeons
    - Honeys (even if I don't have many :-()
    - Arias
    - Seasonal (Spring)

    My favorite holiday dragonsust/might be:
    - every Val dragon/s
    - Caligenes
    - Graves
    - Mistletoes
    - Snow (Dragons)
    - Silver Shimmer (do they count as 'holidays'? maybe...)


    W i s h l i s t:

    - CB Gold
    - CB f Silver
    - CB Red Nebula
    - any 2g alt
    - 2g from CB Prize

    M a t e s:

    - Y'know... I'm too lazy to add *all* of them so lists tba!