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2014-08-02 - August Release

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Yes! So excited!


o.o OMG first post.

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Nice! 8 eggs, what will be the significance of that? blink.gif

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5th post. >>; And of course I couldn't get a single egg.


And aww now it'll be a surprise again.

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yaaay. page one...


New Release!!!

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holy cow, thank you!


now, all the eggs are already gone laugh.gif so I have time to think...


8 identical-looking eggs, but maybe different sprites? but you can't tell what you have?


so how long will it take everyone to get all 8, I wonder, especially since you won't give us MOAR slots on our scrolls.


or a I just plain mis-reading this? maybe 4 sprites, dimorphic (izzat right?) gendering???

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Cool!! biggrin.gif


8 eggs? I have a feeling they'll be somewhat like nebulas maybe, with different colors? laugh.gif

Well if they will be, then imagine how irritating breeding them could be!

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