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9119770.png MelodyMystik.png 9171968.pngI want a 2nd gen. Gold, from a Yulebuck. If you have such an egg, please send a PM with your wish!* * * * * * * * * * vh5k5f.jpg * * * * * * * * * *

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    ~ Black or white ~ Come together ~ Heal the world ~


    A cave born Vampire, bitten from the cute dragon with the code "vamp", named Wahc Lumfaho Thuwed, please!

    A Gold - Shimmerscale breed from the dragon, named "G U I T A R".
    Other Tinsel, Silver- or Gold- Shimmerscale only till 4th generation.
    Metallic pur and mixed breed till 3th generation.

    I love pur breed and pure even gender from:
    Black*, Black Tea*, B. - Banded, Blusang L.*, Carmin Wy., Copper*, D. Green*, Falconiform Wy., Fever Wy., Frostbite, G. Bloodscale*, Golden Wy., Lumina, Magma*, Purple, Pillow*, Red*, Royal Crimson, Sunsong A., Tri - Horn, Undine*, Pyralspite*,
    2nd gen. White from Valentine '09,
    2nd gen. Nebula (red) from Heartseeker,
    2nd gen. Gold from Yulebock,
    2nd gen. Holly from (male) Red,
    2nd gen. Hellhorse,*
    2nd gen. Soulpeace (prefer male Daydream),*
    2nd gen. Shallow Water (only male Orange with Water D.)*
    2nd gen. Day - Glory from Night - Glory - Drakes.*
    (*= for my record-braking, long lineages)

    I like dragons with special lines and prefer nice named.
    Some of my dragons recieved an own describtion.
    If you get one ore more of my babies, please notice
    o no kill
    o no inbreed
    o no freeze
    o no transformation
    without my approval.

    You can always contact me via PM for an arrangement.
    ~ Smile ~