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Will take IOUs for CB BSA Pink hatchlings, PM me to discuss!

CB Pinks: 1781/2048 - Thanks to all that have helped! Willing to breed any pair on my scroll for a CB pink :) 
Purebred even-gen pinks, entirely on my scroll! (Progress: 11th gen - lineage
Even gen template - excel file | Holiday dragons that need mates | http://imgur.com/6y0eZEY.png

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    Hi guys! If my PM box is full feel free to email me <3

    Wishlist: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=51336&view=findpost&p=5048462


    So that they do not sit on my scroll doing nothing, I will be trying to breed purebred, even gen pinks to the AP so that newbies can stock up on incuhatchable influences :)

    I will be maintaining a list of times that I bred here (all in cave time) - feel free to check the AP about 2.5 to 3 days after the eggs are bred!

    11 June 2015 - 4.30 - 5.40am - 675 eggs
    28 June 2014 - 4.30am - 221 eggs
    25 June 2014 - 8.30am - 280 eggs


    Scroll goals:
    [x]10 CB pinks
    [x]20 CB pinks
    [x]30 CB pinks
    [x]40 CB pinks
    [x]50 CB pinks
    [x]60 CB pinks
    [x]70 CB pinks
    [x]80 CB pinks
    [x]90 CB pinks
    [x]100 CB pinks
    [x]150 CB pinks
    [x]200 CB pinks
    [x]256 CB pinks
    [x]512 CB pinks
    [x] 1024 CB pinks
    [x] 1536 CB pinks
    [] 2048 CB pinks


    People who owe me CB pink hatchlings (I am horrendous with tracking things so here's to hoping I remember what's incoming x__x)
    - artiuslove
    - Snelly
    - FeatheredSkater
    - redapple
    - tjekan?
    - grammydragon