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Lets talk about shippings. If you don't know what they are, then run. Run, and don't look back.


Anyways... What's your OTP? What shippings do you absolutely love? Hate? Like? Dislike? Talk about any shippings! Anime ones, manga ones, TV show ones, book ones, movie ones, any of them!


I personally love Pokemon shippings, and my all time OTP is Preciousmetalshipping. I just love the characters so much---


Please, everyone!! Respect one another. If someone doesn't like a shipping you do then just don't say anything, or if you really must say something then just calmly disagree. Follow the rules set by the forums.


Seriously, if this thread gets to be nothing but arguments then I'll delete it. It's a discussion thread, not a debate thread.


Now have at it, you crazy shippers! You won't be judged, so talk about any shippings you want!

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I usually have a ship or two in anything that I enjoy more than casually.


I do, however, have an OT3 that I will ship until the day I die. I don't care if it's also absolutely 100% impossible. My main ships that I ship beyond all else tend to be from Dawn of the New World. I tend to ship Richter, Aster, Emil, and Ratatosk in various combinations with each other. xd.png But my absolute all-time ship that I will ship forever is Richter/Aster/Emil, and I feel sad because I've basically only seen one unfinished fic for it, and never really any dedicated art to the ship. (Well, aside from the one unfinished fic I'm working on slowly...)


It's very painful.



And I really only have on nOTP, Jean/Armin from Attack on Titan. Something about just seeing art or fic for it pisses me off. I don't care if people ship it, I just hate it with a burning passion.


Marta/Emil (also Dawn of the New World) is my nahTP, haha. I don't hate it but I'm not really shipping it. I don't care if it's canon, it doesn't seem proper to me. Emil clearly fits better with Richter. xd.png (Though, to be fair, I think I could appreciate this ship infinitely better if there hadn't been a decent bit of Richter/Emil subtext AND if it had been a longer game allowing the relationship to develop much better--as it is, it feels unhealthy to me. Mind you, not that where the game left off Richter/Emil would have been healthy, but since it's not canon I can have fic about them taking the time needed to make it a good one.)


...Actually, I should probably just shut up because I could really just write essays on my ships with DotNW. xd.png

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So it's not a multimedia ship but it's a story so I'll share it anyway.


Do you ever have those people in real life that you ship? Well, at my school, there are these two guys who pretty much everyone in the entire school ships. We were talking the other day and my friend blurts out that she ships them. The one guy turns to the other and goes, "You know, I'd marry you for the tax benefits." They went into a complete conversation about how they'll be 40 and if they haven't married anyone by then and gay marriage is legal in the state they're living in, they'll totally marry. It was basically amazing since ships have a nasty habit of never coming true. I'm looking at you, Destiel and Johnlock. Both of which I totally ship and get really pissed off because, my god, the writers know. And they're just teasing now.



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I have this horrible tendency to ship the ones who will die. Although sometimes, very rarely, they might actually live and, even more rarely, stay together! Although most of my ships are noncanon, so they dont even exist hahaha.


One of my favorite ships is from FMA, Hawkeye and Mustang. Theyre even canon, so that's bonus points. Another ship would be from Free! iwatobi swim club. Makoto and Haru are seriously perfect for each other, I swear. Ooh! And Jean and Marco from SNK.


And Destiel and Johnlock, DUHHHH. Although now I feel bad since I really like John's new wife too. But Sherlock. So many ships.

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I love shipping, but a fandom can kill a ship really easily for me. The amount of people that I see on Tumblr WHINING about how their ship isn't together yet just kills me. Or, on the opposite side, saying that their ship is superior and if you don't see it then you're blind. Urg. >_< I hate shipping wars.


Anywho, most of my ships are from US Television shows.

Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon- The Mentalist

Killian Jones/Emma Swan- Once Upon a Time

Ichabod Crane/Abbie Mills- Sleepy Hollow

Donald Ressler/Elizabeth Keen- The Blacklist (Yes, not the most popular ship on that show)

Daniel Pierce/Kate Moretti- Perception

Jake Peralta/Amy Santiago - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jeff Winger/Annie Edison - Community

Fox Mulder/Dana Scully- The X Files

Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper - Sherlock (yeah sue me)


I'm sure I have more that I can't think of at the moment. I kind of wear chronic shipper goggles.

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I agree with the Destiel and JohnLock ships. If only they could be canon. The writers need to at least give us something, just once. Not just hints or implications. I've never seen SNK, although I do intend to watch it. I've also never played DotNW, in response to KageSora up there.


I understand about the real life ships. I've shipped people in my school too haha.


I love the ship of Makoto and Haru from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Cutest ship from the anime. I also really like all of the quiet ships, like Shion and Nezumi from No.6 or Yuzuru and Seryou from the manga Seven Days (which is actually one of the cutest mangas ever to be made.) I just find these ships and when I try to find fan art for them, but there's nothing. It might not help that I like all of the invisible things. It's nice though, for No.6, because Shion and Nezumi are actually canon.

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I agree with the Destiel and JohnLock ships. If only they could be canon. The writers need to at least give us something, just once. Not just hints or implications.

I don't understand why everyone thinks JohnLock would ever be canon. Destiel, yes. JohnLock, no. The show is based on a pre-determined canon. You can't mess with that. Destiel, on the other hand, is completely logical at this point. The show has no predetermined canon, so yes, they can do whatever they want. And the fans clearly want it. And the show likes to throw it in as well. So, I say go for it.


Although, I've never liked the idea of "implying" a gay relationship when they have absolutely no intention of going anywhere with it. Well, other than female fan service. It's like the female equivalent of big boobed women with skimpy clothing in male fan service. Both have no point to being there and don't actually do anything other than titillate the intended viewer. It's cheap writing in my opinion.

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I like Homestuck


Lemme just leave it at that... (Seriously, I'm bad. I have everyone shipped. Everyone)


Also, Pudding, I have a friend who decided to ship me with another friend, which is actually a workable ship that we've joked about before. But having it done that way sorta killed the fun in our jokes. Shipping people IRL really... Isn't so nice, though I guess it turned out well in your case

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I ship. \m/


However, most of the ships I sail have a rather low chance of becoming canon.

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I have been guilty of kind of maybe shipping a couple of people back in high school, since then real people ships have kind of put me off a little. I can't really manage an armada, I tend to obsess over something and then go off it completely and all at once in order to migrate to a new thing. So yeah, either an OTP or nothing. At the moment, it's all Enjolras and Grantaire for me, you could say I'm a little...miserable? But yeah, so much pain, everyone dies.



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Spike and Buffy. And if I wasn't a restrained and composed adult by now, I'd be putting hearts and flowers here.


I personally enjoy the teasing in Sherlock. Of course they're not going anywhere, but they give us what they can.


And very obviously I need to go back to watching Supernatural.

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My Videogame pairings

Wonder Red x Wonder Blue

Wonder Red x Wonder Pink

Wonder Blue x Wonder Pink

Wonder Pink x Wonder Green

Wonder Red x Immorta

Chrom x Sumia

Priam x F!Avatar

Nah x M!Morgan

Noire x Brady

Stahl x Cherche

Stahl x Cordelia

Vaike x Sully

M!Avatar x Tiki

Lloyd x Colette

Sheena x Zelos

Genis x Presea

Luke x Tear

Asch x Natalia

Mario x Peach

Bowser x Peach

Luigi x Daisy

Marth x Caeda

Ike x Elincia

Gatrie x Astrid

Eirika x Innes

(I'm going to stop right there as I have too many shippings)


My Cartoon/Anime pairings

Lion-O x Cheetara

Tygra x Cheetara

Robin x Starfire

Cyborg x Bumblebee

Kiba x Cheza

Blue x Cheza

Naruto x Hinata

Sasuke x Sakura


My Book pairings

Fireheart x Graystripe

Dustpaw x Sandpaw

Crowfeather x Feathertail (A much better pairing than *cough* Crow x Leaf *cough*)

Keladry x Nealan

Ulasim x Chenaol


My Other pairings

Dorothy x Tin Man

Dorothy x Lion


My Crack pairing

Jesus x Hitler (I read that one fanfic and it was very funny)


That's about it for now. I'll probably think more pairings later after school is done.

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oh I love discussing shipping!


I'll list the ones I love:





Sukka and Tokka



Bosami and Irosami





Pairings I'm neutral about:







Ships I dislike:














Merricup (yeah, I dislike The Big Four)

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Ooh, shipping is fun.


Let's see... (I'm probably missing a bunch)



Cangel (Angel/Cordelia)

Willoz (Willow x Oz)

Willara (Willow x Tara)

Xanya (Xander x Anya)

Weslah (Wesley x Lilah)


As for pairings involving Buffy, I don't like any of the canon ones. Faith x Buffy is fine, though.



Derpy x Doctor Whooves

Octavia x Vinyl Scratch

Lyra x Bon Bon


I don't mind any combination of pairings within the Mane Six, but my favorite setup is Rarity x Fluttershy, Applejack x Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie x Twilight.




I've got lots more, but I don't feel like typing them all out now.

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I have a lot a LOT of ships but

Some of my series-specific OTPs are...


Fluttershy♥Twilight Sparkle


Lemongrab♥Lemongrab (it's sunk but c': )


Judgement Boy♥Neko Zombie...

I definitely have more but that's all I can think of right now |D

I have a tendency to end up shipping my favorite in a given series with my SO's favorite so a lot of my OTPs are like that but not all of them :L

I have one NOTP that formed mostly due to roleplay reasons but it's a really popular ship and I'm not saying what it is c':

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Oh, I have soooo many ships it's not even funny and the majority of them are absolutely impossible in terms of canon. For a (mostly) full list look here, however here are some of my favorites:



Harry Potter






Hermione/Tom Riddle



















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im not really biiiiig on shipping but then dangan ronpa happened and i accidentally sakuraoi CUTIES

those are basically my only ships tho

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Wow, someone else ships precious metal? They're sooo cute together! But my alltime OTP is Meenah and Karkat from Homestuck!

They're just so cute...

On a side note, I do not ship Johnlock! I don't have a problem if you do, but seriously!

John is not a homosexual!


He isn't!



I don't ship it also because it's to obvious to be a true yaoi ship. They don't just make all those jokes and then make it official. Plus, they are much better as moirails.



For those of you who don't get that, it's a friendship to me.

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May all the ships sail biggrin.gif


When reading this thread I realized my shipping-passion has cooled down a bit lately.


I've shipped through several video games in the past, especially FFVII and Team Fortress 2.


Another favorite pairing of mine is CecilxCarlos (Welcome to Nightvale) but to be honest - does it really count as shipping when the pairing is an established fact? *g*


I have this odd rule that I don't ship real people or characters who are more or less embodied by the actors who play them. I'm not against it, but just don't feel comfortable with it mysyelf, so I neither really look for artwork nor write fanfiction about them (mind you, I defenitely don't judge others, or think it's wrong, it's just not something I enjoy).


That said, I still can't help shipping RickxDaryl (The Walking Dead) and JohnxDorian (Almost Human) xd.png


I also like LokixThor, and I absolutely adore Tony StarkxBruce Banner, but I also love the canon-pairing TonyxPepper so much, so I feel a bit guilty about it unsure.gif


I'm on tumblr, too, and have come to the conclusion that tumblr can be very toxic to most fandoms. It's shocking how aggressive fans become, and how hateful, and once they've decided something has to be like they want it, everything else, even the real canon game/series/movie, has to bow to them and cater their demands.


That's not what shipping is about in my eyes. It's about having fun, and enjoying the original material with our very own approach, and nothing about right or wrong and dictating the own idea of what's right to others, as the ultimate one true way.


Lately, I mostly ship the original characters my friend/roommate and I create, but that probably doesn't really count tongue.gif

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My ships are JohnLock, Destiel, and Dr. Rose.

Nah, I have way more than that. Those are just my casual ones.

My absolute favorites would probably be either RainbowSnow (the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost) and BlackFrost (Loki and the Black Widow). :3333

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I ship so many things xd.png


Me and (insert name of latest obsession here)


Raf x Sulfus (angels friends)


Uranus X Neptune (Sailor moon)


Italy x Germany (hetalia, and I ship since italy would drive germany tottaly crazy)


Zelink (loz)


David x James (just a random shipping irl I do to make them blush)


and more, much, much more....

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My OTPs are:


Ianthony (Smosh fandom)

Shamy (TBBT fandom)

Johnlock (BBC Sherlock fandom)

Klaine (Glee fandom)


My other Ships:


Melian/Melanian (Smosh fandom)

Phan (Dan & Phil fandom)

Sheriarty (BBC Sherlock fandom)

Mormor ((BBC) Sherlock fandom)


.. and more of course xd.png

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My OTP is a Vocaloid pairing. Megurine Luka x Hatsune Miku.

I ship a lot of other things, but most of them are canon, so I don't really count them.

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