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    Aqua and Terra, the sexy couple!
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This signature's getting boring. I need to make it more interesting somehow. 3DS Friend Code: 0903-2806-9408My Scroll My DeviantArt Page. Picknick's and mine RP remake.s.pngs.pngs.png4412534.png4412624.png

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    **1st Prior Wishlist**
    Neglected (any lineage, whether it be CB or not)
    2nd gen Bronze Tinsel
    2nd gen or lower Gold Tinsel
    2nd gen or lower Bronze Shimmer
    2nd gen or lower Silver Shimmer
    clean 3rd gen or lower Gold Shimmer

    **2nd prior wishlist**
    non-inbred Black Alt
    non-inbred Vine Alt
    2nd gen Yellow Undine
    2nd gen Carina
    CB Pargulus

    **3rd Priority Wishlist**

    **RPs I'm in**
    Great War: Dragons vs Humans remake

    **RPs I may be interested in joining in the future**
    Azure Wyrm

    **Currently Reading Right Now**
    Archie's Sonic comics online
    Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance novel

    **Currently Playing**
    Kingdom Hearts: Union X
    Final Fantasy VII remake

    **Planning on Buying**

    **Owe List**
    shan93 - paper egg
    Kat - paper egg

    **To Holiday Breed List**
    Pumpkin Soup x a kyanite pygmy (try again 2020)
    Dimitri x Mercedes