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I've got so many ships what the hell. I think my big one right now is YangxBlake from RWBY. I also ship JaunexPyrrha.


And I absolutely ship Rose Quartz and Pearl from Steven Universe.

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I have literally no crack ships. All of my ships are canon.


The crackiest thing I have is one canon X OC ship of mine. I'm extremely ashamed of it (especially because the canon character basically came back to life. *Facepalms*), but I made it when I was eleven...it's only in my PRIVATE RP...and it's super fun. So meh, no harm done! :3


And then a whole lot of canon stuff.

Don't get me started on my warrior ships. Ohohoho, the feels.

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-pokes in- i heard su shipping train i am HERE


Ruby and Sapphire obvs, but I am also a staunch supporter of polygems |D (though if we're talking pair dynamics, I am actually a bit more invested in Pearlmethyst, they just have a bit more of an interesting dynamic than you'd see with Pearlnet or ... ... does Garnet/Amethyst have a ship name?)


I... must also confess I am... horrifyingly deep in Lapidot (Lapis Lazuli/Peridot). I don't know how it happened but it did.

Come in, brother


Actually, yeah, I see Pearl x Amethyst as well. Uh oh, I think I am slipping into the ship....I AM IN! Thanks a lot, Dr....o3o


Lapidot? Interesting....


Anybody ship Jasper with anybody? Because I don't xd.png She's like the gem Hulk xd.png

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Ey if you ever want Pearlmethyst fluff, check out Gracekraft on tumblr biggrin.gif She's an occasional guest artist for the comics (she's done like three), and sooooo much Pearlmethyst fluff you'll drown in it


And yeah, Lapidot is. I don't know how I got into it xd.png A friend and I were discussing headcanons about them and then... it just... happened. One day I'll have to try and write it out to make sense of it all...


And yeaaaah, I don't ship Jasper with anyone xd.png Maybe that'll change if she gets a redemption arc, but even then I am going to be staunchly against Jasper/Lapis.


(... oddly enough though I've become like, the one-person malachite defense squad. Like Malachite as her own Gem)

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I am now into Pearlmethyst. Though I found that tumblr blog and lots of very wow stuff on there, it blocks it on my iPad and the lag on my phone is very real

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Okay, so I ship a lot of things.


Invader Zim stuff


Platonic ZimxDib (a frenemy thing going on, if you will)

TakxTenn (I highly doubt anyone else ships this but whatever)

Sort of ZimxDib (my headcanon is that zim is panromantic ace)


Steven Universe








MarxXGalacta Knight (don't ask)

MagolorxTaranza (my otp for this fandom yep)

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I ship Hannigram in a non-sexual murder husbands kind of way.

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Most of my serious/most coveted ships are from TV shows.


My OTP to end all OTP's is Doctor x Rose. Specifically 9/10 and Rose. I refuse to believe that Doomsday ever happened and I spend large amounts of time seeking out/plotting fanfiction that basically rewrites the rest of their story together as if Doomsday never happened. I feel like I must be the only member of the fandom who avoids TenToo fanfics. I don't see him as a happy ending or a resolution to my heartache. He's just not the same.

I have a separate tumblr blog dedicated to my love of the Doctor and Rose. I have shed tears multiple times about this pairing and quite honestly I should stop right here before I get carried away discussing my obsession with them.


I'm also a diehard Klaine shipper. Glee kind of went to crap after season 3 but those first couple of seasons are very special to me and Kurt is especially a very important character to me. Klaine was my first OTP and it introduced me to the world of shipping & fanfiction.


Jim x Pam from The Office ;u; Enough said


My latest obsession is Dexter x Rita (spoilers in white): It's been like a week since I watched the season 4 finale and I still get pangs of grief every time my mind wanders to Dexter. I adored Rita and I adored the Dexter x Rita relationship and I'm absolutely devastated by what happened to her. The mourning episode at the beginning of season 5 only made it worse tbh. Knowing that Dexter, the supposedly emotionless sociopath that he is, was so affected by it... ugh. I miss Rita. I cried when the Terrible Thing happened to her, and I rarely cry at TV shows.


Oooh I forgot Grey's Anatomy! That show is my guilty pleasure. Mark x Lexie forever. Izzie x anyone but Alex, ugh. Cristina x myself.

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I ship Hannigram in a non-sexual murder husbands kind of way.

Hannigram 5ever ;v;

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sam and that wildling girl (gillie I think) from game of thrones, yes I know it isn't from anime..... but I cannot remember who I ship in anime......

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Haha oh man is it weird that this is the first topic I come to after introducing myself? xd.png ( I don't get to talk about ships often because no one I know does it much anymore, so why not just go for the gusto and just start posting here huh?)


Well lets see... (Sorry for the mostly all anime. I don't ship much in other media)


Fate/Stay Night (And related fandoms)


- Emiya Shirou/Matou Sakura

- Kotomine Kirei/Claudia Ortensia

-Emiya Kiritsugu/Irisviel von Einzbern


-Waver Velvet/Rider(FZ)

-Gilgamesh(Fate)/Kotomine Kirei





-Claire Stanfield/Chane Laforet

-Heiwajima Shizuo/Orihara Izaya


D. Gray Man (*Sobs quietly about the hiatus*)


-Allen Walker/Kanda Yuu


Tales of Graces


-Asbel Lhant/Richard of Windor

-Hubert Lhant/Pascal

-Malik Caesar being lonely


Haha oops I clearly think about the Fate fandom a bit too much xd.png


Oh! I just realized, are ships supposed to be non-canonical? I never really specifically looked up the definition of a ship, but I assumed it meant any two characters you like together...


if that's not the case, I'll have to revise my list a little bit ha >w<



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Hannigram 5ever ;v;

I AM SO CHUFFED TO FIND HANNIGRAMMERS HERE YOU DON'T EVEN. it's not really a ship but I absolutely *heart* DireRavenStag and desperately hope Will hallucinates some more of that. well okay not like in Primavera, DO NOT WANT. I was like "yay DireRavenStag is coming back! no wait... NO THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANTED" but, well, that's Hannibal! /rimshot


I don't exactly ship Lapis Lazuli and Jasper, because that's just wrong, but I also would love to see Malachite be developed as a--separate character. even though I'm not sure how that would work.


my Doctor Who OTP is Doctor X Romana, though I really liked Doctor X River. don't... get me started about Doctor X Rose.


and I ship Maka x Chrona from Soul Eater.

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Man, do I have a lot of ships. The moment I enter a fanbase, it's nothing but fanfics and shipping from there. To name a few:



Steven Universe




Amazing World of Gumball





Gravity Falls



Regular Show






How to Train Your Dragon




Jurassic Park Franchise





DC Comics


-Poison IvyXScarecrow


-Beast BoyXRaven





I honestly have so many ships for pretty much everything I'm a fan of, but I can't think of everything right now so here's just some of my faves.

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Oh my, shipping. I unfortunately seem to have the tendency to ship characters who either die or where one of them does something that just sinks the ship faster than one can say "That was my OTP."

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is it bad that i forgot i made this thread?


but i'm just gonna pop in and say that i have waayyy to many shippings. the majority of my shippings are gay, but some of the straight ones i have are mainly pokemon ones aha ;7; i have a lot of anime and show shippings, but i'm too lazy to list them all now. maybe some other day--- tbh i'm just shipping trash but its okay


i will say that i ship pearl x amethyst, steven x connie, and ruby x sapphire. i have yet to watch the steven bomb episodes but hopefully i'll be able to tomorrow quq.

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Would you look at that. The shippings have arrived.


Man, I've had so many ships in so many fandoms over the years that a majority have just about faded; though, I can still remember my first one was Zim x Dib, but that's one I'd really like to forget. The only ones that seem to be persistent are Pokémon ships, but those too undergo changes every few months or so (Except Gold x Silver b/c they're just too fantastic).


Pokémon ships:

-Preciousmetalshipping (OTP forever <3)

-Hardenshipping (Possible OTP?)



-Every gay ship in this fandom besides anime ones, really


Video game ships:

-Arcade x OC Fallout New Vegas

-Stanley x Narrator The Stanley Parable

-Skyrim ships lurking around somewhere


TV Shows:

-Ruby x Sapphire Steven Universe

-Pearl (Need to ship! But I'll just wait.) Steven Universe

-Craig x Tweak South Park

-Cartman x Kyle South Park

-Shawn x Carlton Psych



-Arthur x Ford Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Not too many, but it's kind of a weird assortment. It's nice to have them organized... too bad they tend to come and go , unless it manifested into a fanfic or RP, but that's another beast entirely >>'

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Note that a lot of my pairings I headcanon at least one partner as on the ace spectrum. xP Not much I really ship hard, but things I've thought should have been canon if they weren't. =p


Zuko x Mai (Avatar)

Zuko x Sokka (Avatar)

Sokka x Yue (Avatar)

Mai x Ty Lee / Mai x Ty Lee x Azula (Avatar)


Korra x Asami (Legends of Korra)


Ginny x Luna / Ginny x Luna x Harry (Harry Potter)

Dean x Seamus (HP)

Lavender x Pavarti (HP)

George Weasley x Angelina Johnson x Lee Jordan (HP)

Ron x Hermione (HP)


Sapphire x Ruby (Steven Universe)

Rose Quartz x Pearl (SU)

Greg Universe x Rose Quartz (SU)

Multi-gem pairings from the main Crystal Gems (SU)


Michonne x Andrea (The Walking Dead)

Rick x Lori x Shane (TWD)

Maggie x Glenn (TWD)

Sasha x Maggie x Glenn (TWD)


Duke x Mara (Haven)

Duke x Audrey x Nathan (Haven)


April x Renet (TMNT)

April x Casey (TMNT)

Angel x Keno (TMNT)


Lexa x Clarke (The 100)


Sansa x Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)


Hiccup x Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon)


Brock x James (Pokemon)


Mulan x Aurora (Once Upon a Time)


Ross x Rachel (Friends)

Monica x Chandler (Friends)

Joey x Phoebe / Phoebe x Mike (Friends)


Chad x Ryan (High School Musical)


Nikita x Michael (Nikita)


Eowyn x Faramir (Lord of the Rings)

Legolas x Haldir (LOTR)

Thorin x Bilbo (The Hobbit)


Elsa x Maleficent (Frozen x Sleeping Beauty)


Kuzco x Wu (Emperor's New Groove x Legends of Korra)

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Sansa x Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)

yesssss (。♥‿♥。)

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a s of finishing fate/stay night rin x saber is important. also madosaya from puella magi madoka magica is cute & i approve.

whats better than this gals bein pals

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Oh god, shipping. You don't want to get me started on this one. tongue.gif Any slash and I'm there, pretty much! Sterek and Arthur/Eames are the ones I always end up going back to. Sometimes Seblaine and Cherik, too.

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...Oh no.

...Oh NO.

I have found this thread.


Okay, just kidding, b-but I have way too many! Mostly in Touhou, but I guess I used to have a couple Soul Eater and Pokemon (OC) shippings as well. Listing them all would swamp the thread, but some highlights would be Alice/Marisa, Ichirin/Murasa, Reimu/Sanae... Oh woe is me, the crazy shipping lady. XD

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Can't believe I forgot to mention Tyrion x Shae! <3


and i'm still bitter about it

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I've given up on all my ships in EVERYTHING except SpecialShipping, due to having no TV or Computer ATM. Still a diehard Yellow fan.

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Free! and Free! Eternal Summer










Legend of Korra



Shingeki no Kyojin




Bangtansonyeondan (BTS)






Free! and Free! Eternal Summer









Shingeki no Kyojin





Bangtansonyeondan (BTS)



I can't help all the ships *^* They consume meeeeee

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