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    The key to beginning again lies before yet beyond the end.


DoubleGoldstar5.pngFear-CourageSiggyA.pngARK2-1.gif~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^Scroll^I'm IOU-friendly! PM me if you want to work out a trade!Personal lineage thread

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    The unholy domain of the Infernal One.
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    Wishlist: (In order of desirability)

    CB NEBULA EGGS OR BLUE FEMALES. Top desirability for lineage purposes.
    CB GLAUCUS EGGS OR HATCHLINGS. Extremely high desireabiliyt for lineage purposes

    CB Green Copper eggs
    Neglecteds (Will not take IOUs for them)
    Tips on making a Neglected (Will want to see several on scroll)
    Golds (CB)
    S1 Curled Alt Black for freezing (messy/inbred lineage welcome)
    CB Blusang Lindwurms
    CB Xenowyrms (Any kind)
    Mid-Low-gen Hollies (Will breed every year I can log in)