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So after much consideration and minimal access to the site, I've determined that I'm leaving, for real this time. I've had way too many arguments and too few resolutions to convince myself I should remain here. Any whom my childish pride has offended have my sincerest apologies, for as little as my apologies are worthAnd to the pair of you who put up with my immature antics the longest, know that I love you both and will miss you (and may pop by to say hello every once in a while ^^;) You have my trust and my thanks, I will always consider you my friendsSo yeah, goodbye DC, I met some amazing, and some atrocious :P, people here. I will always remember each of you with fondness... And numerous petty grudgesWith Hope,Livvy <3

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    Hello, I'm Olivia. Not gonna say much here but, long story short, I left