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Favorite video game music

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I looked on the search and didn't find anything, but if there's a similar topic, I'll close this.


Still, what are music you just love from videogames, for whatever reason?


Here are some of mine ((Mostly just a copypaste from a similar topic somewhere else.))


Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together ((Remake))


The World Ends With You


Long Dream




Final Fantasy((I,II,VI,VIII)):



Corneila Castle

Chaos Temple

Matoya's Cave

Gurgu Volcano

Floating Castle

Ruined Castle






World Map

Magician's Tower







Only a Plank between one and Perdition

Force your Way

Under Martial Law/Timber Theme


Patapon 3. All of it's amazing but these especially.

((This link's really quiet))


What can I say? I'm a music lover. tongue.gif

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Super Mario Bros Underground Theme:

(There's just something so catchy about this. Also, when I was a kid, getting to hear that music meant I got to THAT LEVEL)


Lost Woods from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

(I just really love it. It's catchy, it's fun and it's full of goodness)


Theme of Tragedy from Fire Emblem Awakening

(This comes directly after you watch a main character plummet to their death. You're fighting in the rain and this song plays instead of your normal battle background music. You can feel how utterly distraught your team feels. It's gorgeous and is probably my favorite level of the game.)



There's probably more, but those are the two that stand out to me the most.

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Rather than listing all of them, I'll just say: every single song in the Touhou series. Ever. There might be a few boring ones, but the fan remixes make up for anything bad.

As for other game series...


(Nothing spells out "YOU'RE DOOMED" as well as this song)

(I love this song. Gets catchy if you play the game as often as I did.)

(An epic duel with one of my favorite characters while the airship is falling, with this music playing in the background? Yes please!)


I could go on and on but that's what I can think of for now.

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I love pretty much anything from:


-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series

-Final Fantasies 7-9

-Chrono Cross

-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess

-Breath of Fire series


Amazing music, really. I don't really want to post individual links because there would be way too much.

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I completely forgot StarFox! Anything from Starfox 64 is gold. I not only love the music, but I can repeat the entire script of the game. My favorite game ever by far.


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I love most of the music from (surprise) Doom and Doom II, as well as all tracks from Duke Nukem 3D (i know, i know, the protagonist is a horrible person in the sequel, don't kill me) except for the ones in secret levels because they're too quiet. :u

Cross posting from a Doom music thread on one forum far away, my most favorite tracks from Doom 1 and 2 are:

(The Imp's Song; plays in E1M2, obviously)

(The Demons from Adrian's Pen; plays in E2M2)

(an unnamed track; E2M9 and E3M1)

(Doom II intermission screen music; guess where it plays)

(The Healer Stalks; MAP02, MAP11 and MAP17 I think)

(Doom; MAP05 and MAP13; it sounds better in OPL than in the version I linked)

(Into Sandy's City; MAP09)


And my most favorite tracks from Duke3D:

NAMES.MID (Taking Names; E3L03)

ALIENZ.MID (Aliens, Say Your Prayers; E2L07)

URBAN.MID (Urban Jungle; E3L09; I used to hate this one because of what happens after I defeat the boss in the map. Not telling you what happens, nope :u)


I also like several tracks from Final Doom (

of TNT: Evilution), Heretic (E1M1), Hexen (I don't know the map numbers but the maps are 'Silent Refectory' and '
'; couldn't find Silent Refectory so have
instead) and Strife (the track that plays in the '
' map). I'm also completely addicted to D_STAT12.MID (couldn't find it on youtube), the track from map D2ST8 of Skulltag, a Doom multiplayer-focused source port.


Oh and also some of the music from Jazz Jackrabbit. How could I forget the

? My mind is so full of Doom that poor neon-green rabbits get forgotten.


And not sure if this counts but

played as the main theme in Scuba Steve's Action Doom 1.


//edit: added links yay

//edit2: how could I forget about Jazz Jackrabbit D:

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The majority of the soundtrack from Okami is beautiful.


Also, I like the soundtrack from Lair. The game itself isn't very good, but the music is. Particularly Firestorm.


I also like a lot of the music from FFX. Whatever you think of the game, the music pretty.

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I have a lot of favorite music from video games x) But I got to say as of recently I've been enjoying the music of the legend of zelda a link between worlds, It sounds pretty awesome on certain parts.

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Since I'm too lazy to post links, I'll stick with the Lavender Town Theme. What? There are some incredible remixes out there.

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I loved Spiral Knight's first battle theme! So epic and energetic to me! biggrin.gif



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Okami, AC 2 and AC Revelations. I've also got a special spot in my heart for Morrowind theme.

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ahh i like a lot ;u;


(not sure if it counts since it's an edit but i really like it :c?)

KH - Sanctuary

(i dont actually much like the game itself but i really like this song :'D)


there's a couple more but i think i've already linked enough ;u;

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VGM is pretty much all I listen to, but I guess my favourites are:


Caius's theme- Final Fantasy XIII-2

Rinzler recompiled- Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Song of Storms- The Legend of Zelda


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Anyone play Earthbound? I think that has a great soundtrack and a lot of nostalgic appeal to me.

- Actually makes me tear up.

- Just classic for me.

- Creepy and one of my favorite places in the game.

- Love this one boing!


I could go on forever, I love the soundtrack to Earthbound so much.


- Lovely vocal version from Mother 1, Earthbound Zero


- Beautiful song from Mother 3, another tearjerker.

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Legend of Zelda hands down <3

I can play Zelda's lullaby on the piano x3 And Pokémon! I can't resist to singing alone to these tunes happy.gif

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I absolutely love the soundtracks of Bastion, Fallout 3 and Botanicula.






Honorable mentions: Machinarium, Portal 2 with Exile Vilify (damn, it really hits you) and the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Blue and Red rescuers, for those fantastic friend area tunes.

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Animal Crossing Wild World and A C New Leaf


I have to agree Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red rescue and Blue rescue team happy.gif

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Oh goodness! The music practically makes the games for me. I love the classics (Mario, Zelda)... Ragnarok and Runescape have some awesome music, too.

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