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~  http://dragcave.net/user/58595  ~  Wishlist  ~ 

Can be bribed with pretty nebulas and whites <3

Always looking for Aeon hatchies.

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    Stopped again end of 2015 or so, starting up again Feb 2018 and there are soooo many new breeds :O
    Hi! I started playing dragcave in 2008, but stopped fairly quickly, and have just started playing again. There are lots of cool new things! ^-^ --Feb 2013

    Small wishlist: 2nd gen common/uncommon silverfails, CB silver or gold, low-ish gen shimmer. I also like nebulae and whites, and hatchlings and BSAs are always welcome.


    Notes for myself:

    I caught a CB silver all on my own! I am super excited~ (she was my first metallic) --Jan 30 2013
    And caught a second during the CB metal boom :D (which for my records was maybe Feb 25-ish on) --Mar 5 2013
    First CB gold! -- Oct 19 2013
    Can give 2nd gen metalfails to PointOfOrigin (check her googledoc first, though).
    Caught a couple CB brines ^-^ --Oct 22-28 2013
    Traded for CB silver with Txngo --Nov 15 2015
    Caught another CB silver! --Nov 17 2015
    Was gifted a CB silver by Ahimsa o.O --Nov 18 2015
    Caught my second CB gold, it sat there for a couple seconds before I snapped out of it and clicked, and I still got it ._. --Feb 28 2018

    Got a complete trio; started summoning. --Feb 22, 2013
    First successful summon! --Oct 9, 2013