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Favorite video game music

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I'm a big fan of most Final Fantasy soundtracks, all of The Legend of Zelda music, and the music from the first Okami. Dragontamer, I believe that song is called Okami White Light Majesty, it's one of my favorites as well. smile.gif

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I'm a sucker for Japanese style music, so Kingdom Hearts and Okami's music is my favorite out of any games I've played. My favorite between the 2, I think, is during the final battle of Okami when Amaterasu regains her former glory, I forget the name of it.

I have the Okami soundtrack loaded onto my phone. I think you might be talking about The Sun Rises? It's one of my favorite tracks, at least. xd.png


I love video game music playing in the background while working on other things, because usually it's meant to be a background thing. Lyrics distract me.


Currently rocking out to some Tales Series music, namely

from Tales of Vesperia and
From Tales of Graces (can you tell I love songs with strong beats?). I usually throw some Sonic 2 and 3 into my VGM playlists as well.

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i absolutely love bravely default's soundtrack <3333

are my favourites, but generally the entire soundtrack is just so amaze <33 i have yet to play the actual game bc lolol what is time and money : ' ^ D but ughugh it has have amazing music <33 the ost is just beautiful and its battle music is so energetic and nice c:

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Well, Plants vs. Zombies. "Zombie On Your Lawn."


Then, there's those instrumentals in Kingdom Hearts. I never played the game but my friend sent me the instrumentals. happy.gif They are lovely.

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"Favourite video game music"

My Reggie is body. I listen to this stuff pretty much exclusively.


The entire

. But I'll put in a few specific ones that come to mind...


Some more Fire Emblem franchise songs because Fire Emblem is my fav of all time...

(Shadow Dragon)

(Seisen no Keifu/Genealogy of the Holy War)

(Fuuin no Tsurugi/Binding Blade)

(Fuuin no Tsurugi/Binding Blade)


The Xenosaga III OST. Oh my gooodsss. I could literally link to everything, but I'll refrain from linking too many.



And also



And of course, birdzy isn't birdzy without talking about


Fight On!


And just an all-around incredible OST... Xenoblade Chronicles. Seriously. The whole OST is worth listening to. It's absolutely incredible, and even that is an understatement. I'm really feeling it a lot. I cri. And each environment song has both a Daytime and Nighttime version. (I also recommend the game if you haven't played it yet. |D)

Main Theme

(obligatory) Gaur Plain (Daytime)

Snowy Valak Mountain (Nighttime)

Mechanical Rhythm


Okami is another one with great music. It's all Japanese-sounding music, which is really cool. It seems others have agreed with that in this thread already!


And some random ones that I really love from various things.

(Kid Icarus: Uprising)

Destroyed Skyworld (Kid Icarus: Uprising; Sm4sh version)

(LoZ: Skyward Sword)

(LoZ: Ocarina of Time) (listen with Rainymood for added awesome effect.)

(Sengoku Basara 4)

(Tales of Vesperia)

(Tales of Xillia)

(Xenoblade Chronicles X) (Sad that this has no official title yet...)

(Golden Sun)

(Golden Sun)


And amazing 8-bit goodness.

(This is soooo catchy)


Okay, I'm done. I only feel a little bit badly for linking so many things. But not really, because I held myself back a lot, and this is all A++ music that I listen to erry day.

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Ace Attorney series


Advance Wars


Banjo Kazooie (the first two games)


Bayonetta series


Bloody Roar (first two games)


Boktai series and Lunar Knights


Crash Bandicoot series (PS1 games)

Japanese Crash Bandicoot theme


Diddy Kong Racing


Digimon games

Bad Guy's Festival

Crazy Battlefield

Dangerous Forest

Divermon's Lake

Jungle Grave

Lamb Chop/Digimon Card store

Out in the Country

Protocol Ruins


South Badlands


The Biggest Dreamer

Title (Rumble Arena)


Donkey Kong 64


Double Dragon II


Final Fantasy series

Dark World

Followers of the Chaos

Searching for Friends

Starting Over


Fire Emblem series


Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Balloon Boy's Air Adventure

Shadow Bonnie


Godzilla games

Fight Theme 4 (DAMM)

Player's Phase


Goemon/Mystic Ninja series

I am Impact!

Theme of Mystical Ninja


Golden Sun series


Jet Set Radio series


Kingdom Hearts series


Konami Krazy Racers


Legend of Zelda series


Megaman series

Maze of Wilderness




Pokemon series


Project X Zone



Punch-Out (NES and Wii version)



Shining Force series



Sonic series



Spyro series



Starfox series



Super Smash Bros series



Tales series



The World Ends With You



Wonderful 101



((I'd put more, but that'll be tomorrow. I got to go.))

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Has anyone mentioned any Geometry Dash songs yet?

I have so many favorites, but I'm just going to list "a few". xd.png Here goes:

(Not listed in order)

Clubstep by DJ Nate

Electrodynamix by DJ Nate

Electroman Adventures by WaterFlame

Theory of Everything by DJ Nate

Theory of Everything 2 by DJ Nate

Hexagon Force by WaterFlame

Blast Processing by WaterFlame

Glorious Morning by WaterFlame

Back on Track by DJVI

Chaoz Impact by ParagonX9

Chaoz Airflow by ParagonX9

Chaoz Fantasy by ParagonX9

The Beginning of Time by DJ Nate

Cane Swinging by F777

System Split by F777

Heaven by ENV

Scarlet Surge (Don't know who it's by)

Internet Friends by Knife Party

Whew. That was long. xd.png

I love my good ol' Newgrounds artists. laugh.gif

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Anyone willing to give me some good instrumentals from Kingdom Hearts? I mean file in mp3 format. sad.gif I lost the ones given by my friend a long time ago, and I'm a huge fanatic of them.

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Love the soundtracks from Assassin's Creed series, especially AC2 and Brotherhood. I also use Florence Tarantella as my ringtone biggrin.gif

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I actually like all of the music from Portal 2. I think it's really good. Especially the music for the Wheatley test chambers and after.

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Obstacles by Syd Matters, from Life is Strange. One of my favorite songs in general. But the entirety of the game had a great soundtrack.

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Death by Glamour, Metal Crusher, Wrong Enemy ?!, and ASGORE from Undertale are my favorites, probably. The whole ost is pretty gr8 though

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I would have to say:

Final Fntasy, Metal Gear, devil may cry, super smash bros, street fighter, mortal kombat aw i could go on


although there is a game called lucifers call, nocturne to some countriesthe music is just so brilliant if you have a minute check it out its brilliant great storyline too.


lately I am enjoying Bloodborne music thats great too

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Earthbound, Mother 3, Splatoon, Spyro 1-3, Sonic CD, Sonic Rush, Sonic Lost World, Kid Icarus: Uprising, The Binding of Isaac, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon all have amazing soundtracks. Those are just some of my favorites. Game OSTs are 90% of what I listen to and I could probably list a thousand songs, lol

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I'm partial to Motoi Sakuraba's work for Dark Souls and the Golden Sun series. Venus Lighthouse is just on another level entirely, I love it so much.


I also like a lot of Ar Tonelico and Ar nosurge's music, particularly the vocal tracks. They're just breathtaking...


Also good: Star Control 2. The only track in that entire game I actually dislike is the one for the Probes, and I don't know if that's the music itself or just that I hate the probes that much.


And while we're in "obscure old game" territory, Crystalis' music is basically all amazing. I'm particularly partial to the overworld and pyramid themes, but it's all pretty good.

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Shadow of the Colossus music still amazes me to this day. Dirge wouldn't be one of my favorite boss battles without the score.


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Jeez, I listen to way too much video game music. Some series and games with soundtracks I like would probably be Undertale, Kirby, Mother/Earthbound, Professor Layton, Pokemon, The World Ends With You, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros, Okami(den), Psychonauts, The Binding of Isaac, Bayonetta, Ghost Trick, and much, much more. I might link songs sometime later.

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(sorry for caps)



that theme song, so awesome.

CPB, what is your fav FO3 radio channel?

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I'm really digging the final dungeon tune from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

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Corneria - Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Dr. Bumby - Alice Madness Returns


Hung like a spider - Spiderman 2: The game


Katamari on the Rocks - Katamari Damacy


Cait Sith's Theme - Final Fantasy VII


Crossing those Hills - Final Fantasy IX


To name a few.

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