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Favorite video game music

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You know what they say about Pokemon's third generation? "Just ain't Hoenn without trumpets." It's probably why I have an obsession with trumpets to this day... case and point:



What's that? You bought seventy ultra balls and you think you're gonna catch Rayquaza? How cute!

Our names sound like a shampoo commercial, but just try and beat us without dancing in your seat!

Your palms are using a water-type move.


Fire Red was my first official Pokemon game. Its music still amazes me to this day. It takes all the nostalgia of Red and Blue and brings it up to date with the musical capabilities of the SP. I personally didn't get the same level of thrill from the music until Black/White... except verses Trainer Red of course.


I hum this when I walk to the bus stop.


Not only does this track have a nonstop beat that really excites and gets you pumped for the battle, but it also has slow moments that always made me slow down and feel like I should be thinking about my next move. It's everything a gym battle should be. Also, this plays in my head during mid-terms and particularly stressful tests.


All your training has lead up to this moment. Every battle with your rival has brought you here. Your losses, your victories, the friends you've parted with and the allies who still rely on you. Now it's you facing the last obstacle head on. You stare across the room at the hateful eyes of someone who likely used to be your best friend, and as you reach for your Pokeball silently, he reaches for his. In the chasm of your friendship is only competition, winner takes all, loser goes home in shame.

"Champion Blue would like to battle!"

So would Trainer Red.


I have more favorites but this post is getting long.

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I love the sweeping songs of Halo Wars. The main Halo 3 theme song also brings back fond memories and makes me feel...awed.


Though the theme song for LeafGreen almost has me in tears of nostalgia.

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At this moment, anything from Corpse Party - that music grips your friggin' brain and doesn't let it go. Every track in the soundtrack draws dread, horror or sheer panic when it isn't just completely rockin' your butt with awesome and getting you ramped for what's going to happen next.


For example, the end of the third chapter has a pretty awesome track:


And it's a 16 bit game on PSP, too. tongue.gif Not bad at all, considering the game's limitations.


Edit: OH!!! For the OP! Noticed you have a collective link spam of FF8 music.


You haaaaave heard the orchestral versions of some of those, right: For example:

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Heh, yeah. Favorite Final Fantasy, even though I completely forgot half the things about it.

Ooo! Yeah.... If Distant Worlds count. biggrin.gif

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I can't believe no one has mentioned this game yet. The game Journey has some of the most beautiful and elegant video game music ever, and the graphics are incredible. You guys should buy the game, but it's for Play Station only. PS rules!!! tongue.gif

Heres some pics of the game.

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I also enjoy many of the soundtracks in Super Smash Bros' Brawl, a fairly old Wii game.


EDIT: Sorry for double post.

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I'd be here for ages if I listed every single on of them.


I enjoy listening to soundtracks from the following games: Mass Effect series, Dragon Age series, Dead Space series, The Elder Scrolls series, Halo series, Assassin's Creed series, Portal series, Persona series and Overlord. Pretty much every game I've owned and played has had an interesting soundtrack. There are a few that have... not as good tracks, but most are pretty decent.


Absolute favourite would have to be some soundtracks from Mass Effect, more specifically: "Saren" and "Virmire Ride" from ME1, "Suicide Mission" and "New Worlds" from ME2, "Leaving Earth" and whatever the multiplayer theme is called, from ME3.

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Oh boy, do I love me some VGM. I'll spare you all the mile long list of awesome songs, but have a few links to some of my favorites.



A very fitting song for an epic, icy dungeon boss.

Ready for some Runescape nostalgia? Harmony was always one of my favorite songs in the game, and the musician's rendition is so soothing I'd sit and listen to the musicion play this over and over.



I know, Homestuck is a dangerous thing to mention. However, this song is so good, I can't pass it up. It starts off slow, but quickly launches you into a full on jazzy trip. Honestly, I could listen to this for days.



Here's an easily passed up gem from B/W. It's got a nicely nostalgic feel, and faintly reminds me of a mellowed out version of Dragon Roost Island from LoZ: The Wind Waker.

Ah, gen one. This song has a way of getting constantly stuck in my head, making me hum it wherever I go and probably annoy everyone around me. Totally worth it.



C418's work with the Minecraft soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Each song makes the game what it is, and they have a habit of playing at exactly the perfect times in-game. Each song from the Volume Alpha album holds a place in my heart, but here are two of my favorites.

First off, one of the more somber songs. Honestly, I can't describe it further than simply beautiful.

I was so excited when I heard them play this title screen. This song always enchanted me, and I was disappointed that it didn't make it into the game. However, the title screen is a nice little niche for this song. Definitely one of my favorite VGM songs out there.


The Binding of Isaac

This game has a surprisingly amazing soundtrack. This song in particular plays for the biggest, baddest boss you're gonna face, and it does not let you forget it. Simply epic.

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I love a lot of the music from the following series:


-Super Mario

-The Legend of Zelda

-Sonic the Hedgehog

-Chrono Cross

-Skies of Arcadia

-Ace Attorney




That's all on the top of my head for now.



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I like music from Zelda- Mainly the Wind Waker theme- and Kirby music(I have the 20th Anniversary edition, so I have a CD filled with their music). I also love two other songs... A Hero is Made and Who's in Charge here. Those are the easiest ones to think of...

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Music from the old game Prince of Persia : Warrior Within it seriously made the mood and made the fighting so much more satisfying; beautiful story, game and melodies ♥


And the song from the ending credits in the old game Black & White 2 creates such a nice calming mood ☺

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Almost every background music in Touhou but my 3 favorites are:




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Bastion's sound track is amazing.

I would recommend good headphones with a nice bass to them (but not overpoweringly so) to listen to it. My favorite of them.

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I like Borderlands soundtrack "Aint no rest for the wicked." And Miracle of Sounds music (though that is more game inspired music).. smile.gif

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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the dragon

Spyro: Year of the dragon

Crash Bandicoot Warped

Crash Bash


These are amazing in every way. wub.gif

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Wow, I could probably post lots here.


A few favourites of mine include:


Sonic The Hedgehog (Mega Drive) - Marble Zone:


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty Theme:


World Of Warcraft - Lament Of The Highbourne: http://youtu.be/NbO66QPIFlc

(To be fair, most WoW soundtracks are awesome - Sylvanas' story in itself is saddening)


Skyrim Theme -


One Winged Angel (Has To Be On Here):



Just a couple I could think of off the top of my head.

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I'm a sucker for Japanese style music, so Kingdom Hearts and Okami's music is my favorite out of any games I've played. My favorite between the 2, I think, is during the final battle of Okami when Amaterasu regains her former glory, I forget the name of it.

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Has anyone mentioned any Geometry Dash songs yet?

I have so many favorites, but I'm just going to list "a few". xd.png Here goes:

(Not listed in order)

Clubstep by DJ Nate

Electrodynamix by DJ Nate

Electroman Adventures by WaterFlame

Theory of Everything by DJ Nate

Theory of Everything 2 by DJ Nate

Hexagon Force by WaterFlame

Blast Processing by WaterFlame

Glorious Morning by WaterFlame

Back on Track by DJVI

Chaoz Impact by ParagonX9

Chaoz Airflow by ParagonX9

Chaoz Fantasy by ParagonX9

The Beginning of Time by DJ Nate

Cane Swinging by F777

System Split by F777

Heaven by ENV

Scarlet Surge (Don't know who it's by)

Internet Friends by Knife Party

Whew. That was long. xd.png

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I am on a kindle so my vast love for game music will only be shown by the one I like the most. This thing sucks.


Sinful Rose Instrumental. Disgaea 2 Adell.


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