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    Thank you kaine for the amazing art I use in my signature!!

    I like to read, write, make art, Play video games, and I'm a easily intrigued person So I'm always looking into other things I might be interested in.

    My favorite subject is Pyschology.

    kruemel666: Contact when I have blacks to gift or trade.

    About my dragon cave preference: I take IOUs and am willing to breed dragons for anyone as long as they are nice.

    Personal warning: I can get extremely anxious. If you catch me in a easy trigger thread saying the wrong thing, a nice nudge would be preffered please.

    Stuff with no room in sig anymore:
    [i]The steph1331 is a shy and easily startled species of the Dragon Cave Forums. It has this strange, yet pleasant ability to make others laugh while texting, listening to music and drinking coke. It is likely to be seen in Forum Games, Original Works and Dragon Suggestions, hiding from rude people and the dreaded color purple. It likes it's home here, in Dragon Cave. Give it a diet drink, and it may die. ~Toki Mishidozi