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    Oh, so YOU'RE my stalker.
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    Gonna become sort of inactive as far as artsy things in DR goes. I mean not that I'm super active anyway. Will probably still have stuff behind the scenes, ooooh!~

    jara_is_sci-sci - my skype
    SciZoroark#9932 - my discord
    https://pokefarm.com/user/SciZoroark - my pfq
    http://edo-wonka.deviantart.com/ my da, i don't check it too often anymore tho but i still sometimes check in ;3;

    Current avatar is:
    -Ice from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (he looks like Ryu from BoF 3 somewhat)
    -Ice with another character from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (she's pulling his tie)
    -Ryu from Breath of Fire and Nina from Breath of Fire 2
    -Ryu from Breath of Fire 3 (he looks like Ice somewhat)
    -Nina from Breath of Fire 4
    -Ryu from Breath of Fire 5

    Please call me Sci or Eef. Or Buttface, but only if you're my boyfriend in that case. :P

    PLEASE don't ask for me to sketch/sprite for your dragon requests! I have lots of projects. Besides, I find lots of things awesome and will probably want to help work on them anyway! Holiday dragons are an exception, as well as collabs. It helps having someone else working on the project!

    Dragon Requests completed so far:
    -Erselik (Hermaphrodite) dragons (http://bit.ly/1azcW1r) (mine)
    -Utopia/Dystopia Easterns (http://bit.ly/1uEsXzd)
    -Extrasensory Dragons (http://bit.ly/1uEsDAu)
    -Space Crystal Dragons (http://bit.ly/YAUXtU)

    Currently working on:
    -Forest Stalkers ["Slenderman"-themed Dragons] (mine)
    -Common Dragoon (mine)
    -Space Crystal Dragons
    -Silver Wyvern
    -Sock's Caterpillar Dragons
    -Pyrite Amphiptere
    -drawin' gym leaders for Fakemon. Sorry I'm so slow, guys! >w<
    -Rainbow Amphiptere
    -Pyrite Amphiptere
    -Cat Dragon
    -fixing up + spriting Lantern Dragons
    -Lonely Ghost Dragon

    To Do List (somewhat in order of necessity):
    -"Slenderman"-themed Dragons (mine)
    -Common Dragoon (mine)
    -Sock's Caterpillar Dragons
    -Rainbow Amphiptere
    -Demolition Dragons
    -Western King Dragons
    -Famine + Death Dragons
    -Amber Dragon
    -Gypsum Ridgeback?
    -Abaddon Dragon?
    -Music Dragon?
    -Grasswing Dragon?
    -Iridescent Seawyrm?
    -Eastern Water Dragon?
    -Plunder Dragon?

    -Neglected (male x2, female x2, ungendered x2 at least, some for freezing)
    -Alt Black (both S1s) (all S2s except female sitting)
    -Alt Vine (male) (S1, both S2s)
    -Blue Dino (x2 for freezing)
    -Green Dino (x2 for freezing)
    -Purple Dino (1 for freezing)
    -Red Dino (1 for freezing)
    -Yellow Dino (1 for freezing)

    I don't mind IOUs or breed requests.

    I don't care about lineages. If I need something (especially a rare something) I would be as happy to get 50+ inbred lineage as I would a 2nd gen. While I do like CBs and the occasional pretty lineage, I usually don't stick to them (unless asked).

    SciZoroark on Flight Rising and Neopets