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The Calling

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*please read both of the notes sections below*


Long long ago on the distant island of Xpaurel, there were four kingdoms.


There is Aresia, the combat masters of the island with a fierce and well organized army. (Think Romans, Spartans, etc. They mostly use swords, spears and other such weapons, but there is the rare appearance of a modern gun every now and then like a pistol.) Most families have a strong military lineage, and although ranking in the military is decided by the grades you receive in the academy, more often than not your ranking will be the same or higher than your father's. Most women do not become soldiers, but are still vital to the area because they are the metal smiths and factory workers of the kingdom.


There is Vornapal, the kingdom of magic and spell casting. They use all kinds of magic in their everyday lives and have grown wealthy because of their knack for business. Most of Vornapal would be considered the "upper class" or "aristocratic" people of the island, with most of their cities perched atop (or hovering over) the hilltops of the mountainous region. (think elite British society in the Victorian era, but with magic.)


There is Horusia, whose people were gifted with knowledge beyond compare. Their society is much more advanced than the rest of the kingdoms, as they have discovered the ultimate power source- steam.

They use steam to build everything from door locking mechanisms, to blimps, all the way to tanks and even motorcycles! (or steamcycles as they are referred to)


Finally, there was The Golden Kingdom- The largest region to the far north, called Arendia. Their soil was dry and rocky. The majority of the area was desert-like, with a few sparse patches of trees that thickened the closer you came to Dracona Mountain, then thinned out once more towards the peak of the great mountain. (Think Mount Everest, but with a lot of caves spread throughout it for reasons that will be explained later.) It was the heart of the island- having six large bustling ports for ships and dozens more for aircraft landing.


However, the most vital part of this land was the castle. The Castle of Nict, ruled by King Edward the Third at the time, was a beautiful palace richly decorated in every precious metal, stone, and color you could name. Some people say that even the walls themselves were made of solid gold, but these are just legends. The last time anyone saw the kingdom it was in shambles, the castle and all the surrounding area was being swallowed up by a huge crack in the earth, and fires were bursting towards the sky as if the souls of the people that were being killed were begging it to spare them.


This is where the world fell into chaos. This is where the War of Callers and Horrors began.



*notes part 1*


Long story short, this is a war RP. You can be a human(most of which are fighting for the good of Xpaurel) or you can be a Horror(more information below, but basically you're a monster that tries to kill everything in sight).


If you decide to be a human, you can pick an origin point which will reflect your character's personalities' based on the kingdoms named above. You can be from Horusia, Aresia, or Vornapal, but not Arendia. Arendia is now known as the Badlands because this is Horror territory. If you go over the wall that keeps the Horrors out, and you're pretty much dead meat. There will be a sort of "expedition" into the Badlands later in the story which is when the real fun begins, but until that point you're just wandering your way along through the world.


Now, that's not to say there aren't any smart wizards out there- this is me saying that if you want a human who is skilled in combat, they're probably from Aresia. If you have a nerdy super-smart regular human they're probably from Horusia. If you're a magician, basically the only place you can be from is Vornapal.


Or if something like your character was born in Horusia and lived there for a few years but then moved to Vornapal, then they would be pretty smart and pretty good at magic, but they wouldn't be a master at either of them because they would have had to move school systems too, and I know it doesn't say that in the intro but it's kind of understood that you learn different things in different kingdoms.


You also have the option of being a "wanderer". A human who has been through all three kingdoms and has picked up skills here and there, but isn't a master of any one skill.


Callers can be from any of the three kingdoms mentioned above, and from Arendia if you PM me and ask about it first. No one really lives here any more so there aren't many humans in general, much less Callers.


***Callers and Companions- "Caller" is the term used to describe a person who was born at the exact same time as a dragon. No one knows how or why, but these dragons are waiting for their masters like loyal dogs- hence the term "Companion". The Callers got their names because the dragons use a special form of telepathy that only their specific Caller can hear. ((The characters in the RP don't know this, but the Callers can hear their Companions because they actually share a soul)).


Now for the Horrors.


A Horror can be any of several beings, but all of them were raised from the depths of the earth by an evil and seemingly other worldly "Black Magician", known only as Lord Kongbu (Chinese for Lord Horror).



**Please note that this man is not considered a true magician because of the nature of his powers. Those who have gotten close enough to see him and live to tell the tale claim that his power is not mana-based, and that it is far more sinister than even the darkest magic known to Vornapal itself.




Your Companion is not an NPC, you control them as well. DC dragons only, please. You can be a Completed List dragon if you show me it's description first.




A Companion's Gift: A Gift is a unique ability that only one dragon has, ex they can make themselves invisible at will, can teleport, etc. Each Gift is something that will aide the dragon's Caller in some way or another in battle, but beggars cannot be choosers, and a Caller cannot change their Companion's Gift.






Current Map of Xpaurel: user posted image


This map can and will be edited as the RP moves along. Feel free to come up with random names for places, or just make up random tiny islands and other things on the map.




The Called: These are the humans that have been beckoned deep into the mountains, and although they are a select few, those that are Called return as legendary beings. Either a master of strategy, heroes of war, or amazingly powerful magicians, each is paired with a creature that isn't supposed to exist: a dragon of their own.


The Companions: The Companions are dragons that are fiercely loyal to their Called, seemingly born from what little hope was left in the world to defeat the Horrors. The dragons are completely compatible with their Callers, so much so that they seem to share a soul and can read each other’s thoughts.


Weapons: This is sort of a medieval-ish time period. Any weapon you can think of from that time period is welcome, but the Horusians do have advanced technology, so if you have any weaponry ideas please send me a PM and I'll think about it.


***GUNS ARE ALLOWED, JUST RUN THEM BY ME FIRST. We don't want anyone carrying around a machine rocket-launcher, eh?


Magic: Vornapals are the main magic wielders on Xpaurel and can use many different attacks and/or support moves.


Types of magic are relatively open, so long as you don't use that invincibility-star thing like Mario does.




Different types of Horrors/Classification of Horrors:


((These are just some ideas. You can come up with your own Horrors if you want. If you want a picture, if you can find me a few references I can draw your Horror for you.))


The Puzzles: The most common of The Horrors. These are the Frankenstein-like monsters that have lost limbs and replaced them with those of their fallen comrades. The eldest of these creatures are almost completely indistinguishable from themselves. Also, Puzzles are basically just zombies with animal and human parts. Go nuts!


The Slashers: A somewhat rarer form of Horror. They stalk their prey for hours, tormenting it by leaving small, painful cuts all over its body, but they move so quickly that the victims generally think they're being attacked by a ghost. The final blow is usually long after the victim has suffered severe blood-loss.


The Giants: Another somewhat rare form of Horror. They are very dangerous and are adept at destroying tall or thick buildings. They vary in size, from the smallest being the size of a big house, to the largest ever recorded being taller than the Empire State Building. (No powerplaying. Dragons can fly and all of them can breathe fire. If you decide to be a Giant and become too big, you will probably be hunted down first, as you are one of the biggest threats (literally xd.png).)


The Body Snatchers: The Body Snatcher is sort of like really really bad ghost, and is the rarest form of Horror. Usually they are created when a very powerful or highly respected and ranking Horror's body is destroyed, but something remains behind (like a soul, but Horrors are too evil to have those and nobody seems to be able to figure out what exactly is left behind.). That something tortures people in their dreams, driving them to insanity until their minds are so weak that the Horror can easily take over that person's body, thereby becoming one of the Taken. If there are no living beings around or if the living person being tortured doesn't lose his/her sanity within a week, the Horror must take over a corpse body as a host because they cannot last longer than that and will die.


The Demons: Horrors that have learned to use magic, possibly from Taken Vornapals. They are the most difficult to kill, as they have a seemingly endless supply of mana and seem to have a love for barrier spells, though there is always a way around that, depending on the Demon.


The Taken: People who have gone insane and have had their bodies taken over by Body Snatchers or corpses who have been stolen from their graves and made to walk again as a Body Snatcher's host.


If a Taken is a corpse then it cannot be saved, just as if the Body Snatcher has been attached to a person's brain for more than two months, their mind will become increasingly worse as the Body Snatcher drives them more and more insane with ghastly images, keeping them from trying to break their hold. If a person is rescued before the two months are up they can be saved, but after that point they lose their minds to the Body Snatcher forever.


The Harpies: The Harpies are the Horrors of the sky- grotesque human/bird hybrids that can create illusions during battle and can also control sound waves. These illusions that they create are very disorienting, but they cannot actually harm you. The illusions are a defense mechanism that the Harpies have developed to confuse their prey while the actual creature swoops in for the kill. Harpies generally travel alone or in small flocks of two or three.


Beetle Horrors: Horrors that greatly resemble oversized insects such as: Stag beetles, dung beetles, centipedes, dragonflies, etc; each has a very unique characteristic, ex Stag Beetle-like Horrors have extremely tough hide and sharp pinchers that can snap tree trunks- or dragon bones- with relative ease; Dung beetle-like Horrors throw and collect giant balls of toxic wastes and launch them at their enemies like catapults. Each creature has a different attack, but most have extremely tough hide, making them harder for Companions and Callers alike to defeat. (NOTE: these Horrors also usually have soft bellies, and if successfully flipped onto their backs often have a hard time rolling back over)


Aquatic Horrors: Aquatic Horror is the general term for a wide variety of Horrors that make themselves at home in the water.


Humanoids: Look similar to humans, but will often share one or more characteristics with marine life; ex, a woman with a fish tail or gills or even sharp teeth like a shark or dolphin.


Leviathan: Any large aquatic Horror that is almost always bound to the water. Ex; a creature similar to the Loch Ness Monster, huge sea serpents, etc.


Hydra: Sea monster-like creatures with multiple heads. (usually with a reptilian or serpentine body)





Notes part 2


When this RP starts, you DO NOT KNOW you have a Companion- you start off in whatever city you are from, and maybe meet other characters along the way, then you will meet your Companion while on that "expedition" I mentioned above. Before then you must fight with whatever weapon or magic is your specialty. If you have created a group you do not necessarily have to stay in this group and may branch off on your own as you please. However, I will say that it will be harder for a solo character to take on the larger Horrors or the occasional large groups of Puzzles.


After you cross into the Badlands, you are on your own. You will not receive any help from the cities. Remember, your Companion made this test for you as their Caller. For any other questions please PM me. smile.gif


If a Caller becomes a Taken then so does their Companion, as they share a mind and soul.


The term "Awakened" or "Awakening" means an egg that hatches because their Caller has finally arrived. It is up to you how old your dragon is when it hatches(it could have already hatched because of some other event that happened and now it's all grown up?), but most people start hearing their Calls around twelve, so if your character is ten or more years older than that, the dragon will probably hatch an adult. But again, the age of the dragon is your choice because in this world different dragons hatch at different rates.


Horusia is the most advanced of the three civilizations- the rest of the world is in the medieval ages, but think of Horusia as a steampunk-type metropolis.


If you want to be a creature besides a human or a Horror, say, an elf or a dwarf or something along those lines, please PM me the species you want to be and I'll tell you if/why you can or can't have that species as your character, although if you can explain to me why it would work and I can't poke any holes in your argument, then by all means play as a goldfish if you want tongue.gifsmile.gif


Side Note- This entire RP is based on a book I am writing, which is also called The Calling. If you are not okay with me using some of the things that happen in this RP in that book, please let me know and I will do the best I can.





Standard DC rules apply

No power-playing, god modding, etc.

Limit of FOUR characters (not including Companions)



No killing other players without their consent first

Keep romance to a PG-13 level

No Gary Stus/Mary Sues

Have fun and be creative!

Keep one-liners to a minimum if you can smile.gif

Try and keep grammar in mind as you write. I'm a total grammar nut XP




Character sheets:


[b]Character name[/b]:
[b]Appearance/Species[/b]: (Caller or Horror)
[b]Age[/b]: (If Horror, you're probably a couple hundred years old at the least)
[b]Companion[/b]: (if Horror, do not fill in)
[b]Companion's Ability[/b]: (If Horror, do not fill in)
[b]Birthplace[/b]: (If Horror, you must be from Arendia/ Badlands)
[b]Magic[/b]: (Not necessary to fill in unless your character has magical abilities)
[b]History[/b]: (optional)
[b]Other[/b]: (optional)
[b]Love interest/Mate[/b]:
[b]Pets[/b]: You do not have to fill in this section if you do not want/have a pet.




Accepted Characters!




Username: makenziec123

Character name: Amanda Clover

Appearance/Species: Caller/Fire Nymph user posted imageCurly brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin. Tall for her age.

Age: 15

Companion: Blaze the male Royal Crimson Dragon

Companion's Ability: Blaze has the ability to set his entire body on fire for a brief amount of time- like Hookfang in How To Train Your Dragon. However, if he stays lit for too long, he'll pass out from "overheating"

Birthplace: Vornapal

Magic: She is a Fire magician- making her immune to most fire attacks, including Blaze's Ability.

History: Amanda Clover is from the upper class of Vornapal- her father being a wealthy land owner. As such, she is a bit spoiled and bratty, but deep down, she is kind and caring. Her stubbornness and skill with her fire magic make her a formidable opponent in battle. She heard her first Call when she was 13, and because she lived on the small island off the coast of the mainland, she tried to swim towards it, nearly drowning.

Other: She is deathly afraid of water- having nearly drowned when she was 13. This extends to water-magic users. She will avoid them at all costs, and they may or may not walk away with some singed eyebrows, though she seems fine around water-dragons. When she fights, her weapon of choice is usually a large fire-scythe.

Love interest/Mate: open and looking



Username: makenziec123

Character name: Roark VanHellsing

Appearance/Species: Caller; long dark hair that he keeps pulled back in a ponytail with a leather cord. He has fair skin and dark brown eyes and he is very tall, about 6' 3. He always wears Aresian Army standard battle armor, with the exception of a pair of special purple gauntlets he wears that have marks on them to help improve his speed and ability to take hits. His weapons of choice are throwing knives, his short sword, and his bow and a quiver of arrows strapped to his back.

Age: 17

Companion: Oceana the female Tsunami Wyvern

Companion's Ability: She can control water- from powerful tsunamis to creating fog And everything in between. She cannot do this forever though, as she will run out of mana and pass out.

Birthplace: Aresia

Magic: N/a

History: Roark has had a tough life. His parents were turned into Taken by Body Snatchers when he was very young, and he just barely escaped a third Body Snatcher that was trying to control him as well.


Eventually he found his way to a Caller by the name of Manuel who was a former general in the Aresian army, and taught him how to become quite skilled with a bow and arrow, as well as short swords and throwing knives.


He can't stand Horrors, and is more than willing to waste all his arrows on one that has already been destroyed than letting it just rot in the sun for others of it's kind to pick away at.


Other: When he gets angry, it's best to just wait for him to cool off, as he has a bit of a bad temper and may be tempted to shoot you in the foot.

Love interest/Mate: open and looking




Username: makenziec123

Character name: Talibah Musa

Appearance/Species: Caller; olive skin, dark hair, green eyes, tall with broad shoulders. Very attractive.

Age: 22

Companion: Steel the male Coastal Waverunner

Companion's Ability: Has the ability to turn the edges of his wings, the crest on his head, and his tail into razor-sharp blades of iron- (like steel wing and iron tail in pokémon)

Birthplace: Horusia

Magic: She can make anything bend to her will- including steel and earth.


Talibah is a wanderer- she has never had a family, friends, or a real home. At least, not in Xpaurel. Aside from Roark VanHellsing. For years she has been living on the streets of Horusia, occasionally stealing things from street vendors if she didn't have the money, but leaving some "mysteriously placed" money there later on when she had enough to pay for what she took.


She was drawn to Horusia by a mysterious voice that has been calling to her for years from the Badlands, but she hasn't gone any closer because even in Horusia it's hard to avoid a Horror attack and she doesn't want to die alone on some random mountain side.



Her favorite thing to eat is apples, and that is what she stole most often. She is also a bit of a flirt.

Love interest/Mate: open

Pets: Tiana Aburalita Destruyo D'rachanya the Warhorse, or Tiana for short. She is a large, powerful, midnight black warhorse with a light grey mane and tail. She was once Talibah's father's horse, but when her father died and left Talibah as his only heir to the magical animal, Talibah became Tiana's master.


Tiana is the daughter of Bucephalus (the horse of Alexander the Great) and a shape shifting mythical horse called a Kelpie, which is a horse that can shape-shift. As Tiana is half mortal horse though, she can only shift into one thing at a time, which each master she acquires must choose. Because Talibah was only a child when she inherited Tiana and need a way to hide her when she became a slave, Tiana's chosen form is that of a toy clay horse similar to one that Talibah used to have.


However, Tiana absolutely hates this form because it makes her legs feel very stiff, so Talibah tries to find any way possible to avoid turning her into a clay figure.





Username: Narath

Character name: Jacen

Appearance/Species: Caller. Jacen has long, straight black hair that just reaches his shoulders. His eyes are a crystal blue, and his facial features are thin, and somewhat angular. His height is around 6 feet 2 inches tall, and is thin but well built. He will normally wear a black tunic with red lining, and black leggings, along with black leather boots. When he is fighting or training, he wears leather armor for freedom of movement, and uses a double edged Katana as his weapon.

Age: 23

Companion: Shruikan the female Alt Black Dragon

Companion's Ability: Fire Breath, Magic (can't always control it, kind of like a dragon from the Inheritance Cycle)

Birthplace: Aresia

Magic: (Not necessary to fill in unless your character is from Vornapal)

History: As long as he could remember, all Jacen wanted to do was fight Horrors. He trained whenever he had the chance, and dreamed of becoming a hero for his people. Though his parents were not very wealthy, they wanted him to be happy and did their best to see that his dream came true. They paid for what little lessons they could afford, and when he was ten, they gave him a knife, and when he reached the age of eighteen, they gave him his Katana, which they saved money for years to buy.

Other: He will do anything to protect those he cares about.

Weapons: knife, katana, and leather armor

Really, really wants some type of gun, but he simply cannot afford it. His master trained him to fire some during a few lessons, but Jacen was rarely allowed to use one himself. As a result, when he sees any for sale, he will often window shop like a child looking at toys until friends or family drag him away or is kicked out because the shop owner finds out he is unable to afford anything.

Love interest/Mate: not specified



Username: Narath

Character name: Copper

Appearance/Species: Caller. Is exactly 6 feet tall, with short jet black hair (like this guy's), thin, well built, Sharp blue eyes (sometimes seem to glow), brown tunic, large leather belt, a couple of small leather satchels that hang from his belt, sword hilt that is attached to his right hip, and his pistol that is strapped to the small of his back.

Age: Unknown

Companion: Brown copper dragon

Companion's Ability: Can pull different elements from the earth (is restricted to what materials there are in the area).

Birthplace: Horusia

Magic: Cannot use any magic whatsoever. For some reason, he does not even have a magical aura.

History: Classified

Other: Is curious, quirky, very knowledgeable, cannot always read others well, know-it-all, friendly (overly so sometimes), very strong. armor

Weapons: Sword that collapses to just the handle and handguard, large steampunk style revolver, collapsible shield (looks and works like

, but when collapsed is as long and thin as his forearm so that it just looks like a bracer when folded).

Love interest/Mate: ERROR

Pets: You do not have to fill in this section if you do not want/have a pet.




Username: deathsnake951

Character name: Scolisis

Appearance/Species: Horror (Demon)/Looks like a being composed of a dark purple fire. Has big, deep black eyes and purple fire tendrils coming off around him.

Age: 1557

Birthplace: Arendia

Magic: Very powerful dark magic, can create barriers. Can teleport to any place he has been before, though this takes a lot out of him and leaves him easy prey. Enjoys leeching the energy of others as well as summoning undead.

History: Scolisis is one of the oldest Horrors, learning magic not from a Taken but from experimentation with the Dark Magic coursing inside of him. He was once Iliamna's advisor, but was banished because he seemed a little... well, too dark, if that was possible. You never knew if he was going to stab you in the back or not.

Other: He hates Soulpeace dragons.



Username: Deathsnake951

Character name: Darien

Appearance/Species: Caller. He has longish black hair, pale skin, and wears glasses.

Age: 14

Companion: Cerulean the Royal Blue Dragon

Companion's Ability: Cerulean can control the weather, to a limit depending on her mana.

Birthplace: Vornapal

Magic: Ice Elementalist (Although ice is not officially an element, he uses a variant of water magic.)

History: Darien lived an average life in his parent's cottage in Vornapal, learning magic and going to school like most Vornapal residents. He began hearing a strange, sweet voice in his head at the age of 12, but dismissed it as imagination. However, one day the Slasher Horrors broke in and killed his parents. He learned to fend for himself, relying only on him, his magic, and the sweet voice he could not ignore any longer. Now, the voice beckons him to the mountains, where he seeks a life better than his current one.

Other: N/A

Love interest/Mate: Open


Username: deathsnake951

Character name: Carbus

Appearance/Species: Slasher Horror / Looks like a black humanoid thing with huge sword-claws for each finger and a panther-like head.

Age: 264

Birthplace: Arendia

History: Came from Arendia, killed Darien's parents, rest of history unknown.

Other: No, Darien does not know Carbus killed his parents, and honestly, probably won't. There probably won't be some big rivalry between them or something,

Love interest/Mate: Unlikely but open.


Username: deathsnake951

Character name: Lucian Aster

Appearance/Species: Caller

Age: 15

Companion: Mortis the Deathbringer Dragon (From the Completed List).

Companion's Ability: Can summon spirits of the dead

Birthplace: Vornapaal (I'm really liking these magic users)

Magic: Light

History: Lucian had all his life went up and down, from popular to hated, from rich to poor, until one day he hit a low point and didn't come up. Thieves had stolen his belongings, and his parents could do nothing about it. This sank them further into poverty, and had Lucian cursing the system of economics, cursing the world. Eventually, though, heard a voice beckon him to the edge of Horusia, and he decided, reluctantly, that he should go, though he wanted more than anything to stay and show the people who had put him there that he was more than a little poor boy.

Other: Lucian will get tempted by a power offer by Scolisis and betray everyone. He won't become one of the Taken; he will become an evil Caller. Remember, your characters don't know this, everyone.

Love interest/Mate: None currently, probably not in the future.






Username: beiningtian

Character name: Selye Athensial

Appearance/Species: Human Magician, Female.

She has silver hair that's about a foot long which she ties into a thick briad and grey eyes with shades of blue. She's about 5'7, and has tan skin from her love of the outdoors from when she was little.

Her clothing usually consists of a simple black duster, violet shirt, and a skirt that's about knee-length, along with metal-plated shoes. She also wears a light mail curiass interwoven with blue feathers that was apparently gotten off a "water phoenix", according to the merchant. ((It was a hoax, as she later discovered. She did eventually enchant it so that it would boost her magic by a bit, say by about 5%.)) There is a small metal buckler on both of her forearms.

Her weapon of choice is a poleaxe ((for versatility, apparently)) with a sapphire inlaid in it that holds a minor charm that makes it so it would never rust. She hadn't found one that makes it unable to blunt, though.

Age: 20.

Birthplace: Vornapal

Magic: Water ((The irony...))

History: She grew up what could be considered middle class, not pampered, not neglected, but she had enough freedom to be able to constantly sneak outside. She was enrolled in a magic school, though she wasn't really satisfied with it. When she was young, a plague due to a badly-done dark spell in the town she lived in ravaged her throat, for the duration of which she couldn't speak from pain, and even after she had healed, she preferred not to, as now her voice rasps and cracks ((there was also the teasing she recieved at school when she did)). Eventually, unsatisfied with only magic, she started taking lessons with visiting warriors from Aresia before traveling there to finish training with a spear -she's quite versile, but not exactly a master in either magic or weapons.

Her aspiration is to become a border guard, keeping Horrors at bay and protecting others.

Other: Enjoys doing "improvisations" when fighting. And she's not 100% mute, just mostly.

Love interest/Mate: None at the moment.

Pets: A cockatrice whose name is Clementine for the bird and Aqua for the snake. Seyle isn't sure what she can do yet apart from strengthening her magic, and it doesn't have its stone-gaze yet.


Username: beiningtian

Character name: Rajjakus

Appearance/Species: Giant Horror: Something like this, though the crystal "plates" on his back are sharpened. His coloration is a sort of blue color, with whatever light that shines through him hitting mutiple fissures in his body and reflecting out in the hue of the rainbow.

Age: 684

Birthplace: Valley of Horrors

History: (optional)

Other: About five stories tall, and speaks in third person about himself.






Username: Fireside90

Character name: Navir Rondook

Appearance/Species: Caller, He stands shockingly tall at around 7 foot 9 inches, he has black hair and pale skin, he always appears to be wearing his black robes trimmed with a golden color. He has a hood with it but he never seems to use it unless needed to. He has no tattoo but he does have scars, he has a large scar wrapping around his right shoulder as if the arm was removed. and his entire left leg is scared but can't be seen because he always wears something to hide his legs.

Age: 18

Companion: Havion the female Ochredrake

Companion's Ability: can do illusions, as in copy ones voice or a 'mirage' of them.

Birthplace: the island off the coast of Vornapal territory

Magic: Light magic, uses it for healing mainly, but also a few dangerous spells. as in able to launch a volley of 12 arrows using only two.

History: He comes from a small city off the coast of Vornapal but left quickly hearing a voice beckon him to the bad lands. He doesn't speak much about his past or where he came from unless he sees it is ok to do so. had a multiple encounters with criminals as well which caused him to get teachings to use a short sword as well as a bow

Other: He uses a rare crystal-like blade which shines blue in the sun light as well as a hunting bow.

Love interest/Mate: Open and looking






Username: Draco8967

Character name: Azera

Appearance/Species: Caller, He wears Black clothing, which make it hard to be seen in the dark cover of night, and have silver hair. he haves Blue eyes and tan skin and a well built body for fighting.

Age: 24

Companion: Syrilth

Companion's Ability: Lighting creation

Birthplace: Unknown

Magic: Fire type magic user, thought he does know how to control a bit of water magic as well, which he can make a small ice shield with or cool him down.

History: He does not know where he was born at, and he was raised in the wild, so he not as willing to talk with people. He does know English very well, and is a smart kid. From his child hood, he was raised a tribe that train everyone who lived there, to kill, to protect what they believe in. At a teenager, he left them to go and explore the world and fight for what he believes in. This lead to him getting into fights with everyone he saw as a treat. At his 23 year, He followed the voice that told him to go to a certain place, a mountain that he did not know existed. This is where he meet Syrilth, a dragon that have a nice shine to his scales, which make him look almost pure white. Thought most are fooled by this, he is not a white dragon, instead a Silver dragon.

Other: Is skilled with a sword and hand to hand combat. No skill what so ever with a bow, though good at throwing Knifes.

Love interest/Mate: Open

Pets: A gray wolf that kind of follows him around but sticks to the shadows. It has a silver tint to it's fur. It's name is Silverstream.




Username: Draco8967

Character name: Slayer

Appearance/Species: Horror, Slasher. She is one of the most deadest slasher out there and do her work effectively. She look very much human and have a black feather dress. Tan skin, red eyes, and black mid length hair.

Age: 379


Companion's Ability:

Birthplace: Arendia

Magic: become a shadow of her target

History: She have none, but she does have a rap for her killing ways. Outcast on other horrors.

Other: Can be hired to do a 'Job' on anyone, horror or not.

Love interest/Mate: just getting paided

Pets: NA




Username: Draco8967

Character name: Mist

Appearance/Species: Horror, Slasher. His left hand is clawed, but his right arm is like a dragon head, capable to use all his magic powers and form a stream that can combine both his power together. He haves black skin and golden eyes.

Age: 400


Companion's Ability:

Birthplace: Arendia

Magic: Earth/Lighting with a bit of blindness mix with that. He can shape shift to a human form. this makes him look like what ever he want to, even a female.

History: Will rp out

Other: Half-brother with a certain caller

Love interest/Mate: To toy with his victims

Pets: NA







Username: Zeditha

Character name: Flyxa

Appearance/Species: Horror, Puzzle. She likes foxes, and will use fox parts whenever she can get them. If you spot any one-legged foxes around, Flyxa's probably been there.

Age: Something around 1000, not like anyone cares

Companion: (if Horror, do not fill in)

Companion's Ability: (If Horror, do not fill in)

Birthplace: Badlands

Magic: None

History: (optional)

Other: (optional)

Love interest/Mate: Do Horrors even have mates? If so, open

Pets: She likes foxes, but the only way she'll make one her 'pet' is by adding its tail to herself.


Username: Zeditha

Character name: Dianora

Appearance/Species: Both! Horror, Taken. Dianora was the dragon's name, and the horror liked it. She soon forgot her original name. The human died in combat a few years ago. The dragon is a Neotropical.

Age: As a Horror, something around ten thousand. However, her host body hatched as a mature hatchling something like 15 years ago. The human was about 25 when it died, a few years ago. She took the pair about 10 years ago.

Companion: (if Horror, do not fill in)

Companion's Ability: The dragon's ability was being able to change every colour on her body to exactly match her surroundings. The Horror now uses that to her full advantage, and when she's not hiding, she likes to be a dark purple.

Birthplace: Her host's human was from Horusia, but the Horror is, of course, from the Badlands.

Magic: The dragon's colour-shifting ability is the only magic this Horror has.

History: She was originally a Slasher Horror, but the Caller pair she now inhabits killed her. Unfortunately for them, she became a Body Snatcher, and quickly drove the pair insane. It was fairly easy for her, because they were tired and had lost quite a bit of blood from her Snatcher attacks. She tagged them along with a small group of Caller pairs, and turned on them amid a large attack of Puzzles. All but one dragon survived, and the lost human quickly found themself wandering uselessly in a land full of unfightable Horrors. She continued to use her Caller pair to lead groups of friends to their dooms, until the human was killed by a particularly stupid Puzzle. Since then, she's gone back to her Slasher techniques, blending perfectly into the background and attacking in quick, small strikes.

Other: She has a few scales that don't blend perfectly, and her eyes always stay a maddened reddish shade of their original amber-yellow. This makes her possible - although by no means easy - to spot.

Love interest/Mate: Again, if Horrors even have mates, open. Open for dragons, too, especially any Taken ones.

Pets: She 'commands' a group of Puzzles, in a way her 'pet'. Although they sometimes attack her.










Hannalea: The head of the Horusian Border Patrol. When it is time for you to cross into the Badlands, she will evaluate you and possibly your group before she will allow your entrance. If you do not pass she will send you back into the city, but you can try again at any time. She is a strong, short woman wearing Vornapal enchanted battle equipment that is both light and strong.


Frederick: The general of the Aresian army. He is a well renowned strategist, having studied in Horusia, as well as a deadly wielder of a pair of double-edged axes. He is a strong, broad man wearing thick Aresian armor.


Cole: Head warlock of Vornapal. He is a master of Light magic, archery, and charms. He wears very little armor, and uses arrows made of Light magic rather than wooden arrows, thus having a nearly endless amount.


Dampersnyx: The king of The Giant Horrors. He is the head honcho of any and all Giants and smells like a giant pile of decaying flesh because that's exactly what he is.


Gibraltr: The leader of The Body Snatcher Horrors. Although Body Snatchers don't generally have a set government or hierarchy, Gibraltr is believed to be the leader because he is the most powerful Body Snatcher to ever have been discovered, able to switch from one body to another as easily as one might crush an ant. He inhabits the body of a tall male Caller and his Companion, a male Hellhorse dragon.


Ziamliana: A seawitch that is the reason all Aquatic Horrors exist today. She is the Queen of the Sea- the largest Leviathan Horror ever recorded to date. She lives in the deepest part of the sea(The ocean between The Badlands and Horusia) where she basically sabotages every aspect of human life that she can.


She is large enough that (If she is moving very quickly) she can leap out of the water and cause the waves to swamp small armies entirely, as well as pluck the occasional dragon from the skies above. Her main goal is the kidnap and then later on destroy the one that a prophecy she made up calls "The Phoenix Child" because this is the person she believes will kill her in the end. She's a little crazy, even for a Horror.


Lord Kongbu: Main badguy of the story. Your expedition's goal is to find and defeat him. He can be played by any character, and he has a crystal ball that he uses to influence the world within his power (the Badlands) and also to see what is going on in the other kingdoms. He can summon Horrors to a certain spot to present a challenge to our heroes, but if he does please ask permission before throwing a hoard of Puzzles at that one character that's walking all alone.




Inactive characters:


Bearded Kumquat


Username: Bearded Kumquat

Character name: Finrod Hetari

Appearance/Species: Caller; He has hazelnut hair along with lilac eyes and is 5'7 feet tall. He wears a blue, medieval outfit with a hood and a deep purple cloak.

Age: 16

Companion: Uvenal the Ultraviolet Dragon

Companion's Ability: Able to temporarily blind a person for a few minutes depending on how mentally strong the person is.

Birthplace: Aresia

Magic: (Not necessary to fill in unless your character is from Vornapal

History: Parents were killed by Horrors, he has an older sister somewhere in Vornapal though.

Other: Has an aloof personality and has a fear of Slashers. He also uses a long broadsword along with some tomahawks and throwing knives.

Love interest/Mate: None but open.


Username: Bearded Kumquat

Character name: Jakvah Vandirn

Appearance/Species: Caller; has dark red hair, yellow eyes and has a canine poking out of his mouth. He is 6'1 feet but wears boots that extend his height. He also wears a monacle (sometimes) and a dark green uniform-like suit with silver around the edges.

Age: 21

Companion: Oborka the Frilled Dragon

Companion's Ability: Companion's Ability: Can exhale a yellow gas that makes people feel drowsy and confused and forget what they were going to do.

Birthplace: Horusia

Magic: (Not necessary to fill in unless your character is from Vornapal)

History: His father is a famous inventor that creates all sort of advanced gadgets.

Other: He is a scientist that is fascinated by Horror anatomy; spends most of his time in a lab dissecting different types of Horrors. He also carries dagger, an double-sided axe (and a short range pistol that shoots bullets that explode with tear gas upon impact).

Love interest/Mate: None but open.

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Whats the government like? Give more info on the Dragons and how they were called and how they connect to their callers... Also, Can someone be a Horror or are the NPC's. Give a better history of each of those races you spoke of, cause right now it feels like they just appear. Good Luck! If you have questions, PM me xd.png

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Okay, so a horror is basically any and every monster you can think of. They vary a lot, and I was kinda at the hospital when I was writing this, so I only posted about half ^^' Thank you guys so much for helping me though! biggrin.gif

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Okay, so they are real physical things, but you mentioned that they can harm you in your dreams too. So are they non-physical creatures as well?

What? You're in the hospital sad.gif ? Get well soon!

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Okay, so they're physical and non-physical creatures. There are different classes of monsters, kind of like how they classsify zombie in the walking dead.


This isn't really a solid thing yet, but it kinda goes like this:


The Puzzles: The most common of The Horrors. These are the Frankenstien-like monsters that have lost limbs and replaced them with those of their fallen comrades.


The Slashers: A somewhat rare form of Horror. They stalk their prey for hours, tormenting it by leaving small, painful cuts all over it's body, but they move so quickly that generally the victims think they're being attacked by a ghost.


The Giants: Another somewhat rare form of Horror. They are very dangerous and are adept at destroying tall buildings. They very in size, the smallest being the size of the Empire State Building, to the largest ever recorded being taller than the Space Needle.


The Body Snatchers: The body snatcher is sort of like really really bad ghosts, and are the rarest form of Horror. Usually they are created when a very powerful Horror's body is destroyed, but something remains behind(like a soul, but Horrors don't have those.). That something tortures people in their dreams, driving them insane until their minds are so weak that the horror can easily take over that person's body, there by becoming one of the Taken. If there are no living being around, or if the living person being tortured doesn't lose his/her sanity within a week, the Horror must take over a corpse body as a host because they cannot last longer than that and will die.


The Demons: Horrors that have learned to use magic, possibly from Taken Vornapals. They are the most difficult to kill, as they have a seemingly endless supply of mana and they seem to have a love for force-field spells, though there is always a way around that depending on the Horror.


The Taken: People who have gone insane and had their bodies taken over by Body Snatchers, or corpses who have been stolen from their graves and made to walk again as a Body Snatcher's host.


If a Taken is a corpse then it cannot be saved, but if the Body Snatcher has been attached to a person's brain for more than two months, their mind will become increasingly worse as they Body Snatcher drives them more and more insane with ghastly images, keeping them from trying to break their hold. If a person is rescued before the two months are up they can be saved, but after that point they lose their minds to the Body Snatcher forever.


Note* If a Caller is becomes a Taken then so does their Companion, as they share a mind and soul.


And actually, I'm not sick smile.gif My older sister had a baby! biggrin.gif

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Thank you. Those seem like very interesting Horror 'classes', but maybe a little more detail on the taken please?



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Gratz, Now can you check the roleplay through a spell check and grammar check? I think I saw somethings in there.



The Horrors wrecked havoc all throughout the land, quickly spreading their influence across the entire world with nothing to stand in their way.


Its wreaked. <--- ((Not completely but that's what google chromebook says))

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Yeah! I'm still working on the Horror character sheets. Some Horrors will be NPCs, but if you want to be a Horror that works too smile.gif

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(not a approver tongue.gif)

The Giants: Another somewhat rare form of Horror. They are very dangerous and are adept at destroying tall buildings. They very in size, the smallest being the size of the Empire State Building, to the largest ever recorded being taller than the Space Needle.


"Very" should be "Vary."

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No, humans can't be made into Horrors. The only way a human becomes a horror is if they become one of the Taken.


The Valley of Horrors is pretty much the kinda place you would go if your character had a death wish for some reason- it's nearly immpossible to walk out of there because it's kind of like the "home base" for Horrors.

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Everyone, thank you again so much for all the help you've given me and for signing up for this- I honestly didn't think anybody would really reply to this coming in and that it'd just die as a fun little experiment, but now I'm super excited and I hope it gets approved soon so we can start RPing! Thank you thank you thank you! biggrin.gif

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Hey, no problem. I think it is very interesting (I'll submit a character once I catch up in the changes). I know how you feel about the 'no one is going to join my RP' feeling, but that just makes you happier when people do.

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From the Rules and Guidelines: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=82147


Only Post in Unapproved Roleplays if You Have Something Constructive to Add

The Unapproved Section is where roleplays get reviewed by peers, approvers, and moderators. If there is a large amount of conversation in a roleplay, approvers will often assume that there is already an approver there. This is not a place to discuss how great a RP will be, nor is it a place to say how much you can’t wait for it to be approved. Keep all character reservations to PMs while the roleplay is in the unapproved section. Comments such as “this looks amazing” doesn’t help improve the roleplay and only adds to the chatter.


Let's please try to keep this RP clear so approvers can come in and easily see what's been tackled and such.

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If a Taken is a corpse then it cannot be saved, but if the Body Snatcher has been attached to a person's brain for more than two months, their mind will become increasingly worse as they Body Snatcher drives them more and more insane with ghastly images, keeping them from trying to break their hold. If a person is rescued before the two months are up they can be saved, but after that point they lose their minds to the Body Snatcher forever.


"They" should be "the"

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Once the Callers arrive at the mountain they meet at least four others from different places all across Xpaurel, forming any where from a small group of rebels to a huge army to fight the Horrors.

Anywhere is one word

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