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HEY GUYS, I'M BACK. Go to my profile for the whole story.

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    Dear anybody who knew me and/or gives two craps,

    I'M BACK. After I dunno, two(?) long years of hiatus, I've decided to return to Dragon Cave and, by extension, their forums. You might be wondering why I left in the first place. Well, allow my to explain. It was in part because of RL issues. Things were pretty weird for me back then. However, it also has a lot to do with embarrassment. I look back at my old posts and realize that I was really immature back then. Like, really, really immature. Well, I felt the same way back in 2014(?), which is why I left. I almost left this site for good, too, but after awhile I realized that this place means too much to me. I learned a lot from this site. It got me into RPing, into spriting, into just socializing in general, and on top of that I made a lot of really great friends that I feel kind of bad for just up and leaving (granted, it's been so long I don't know how many of said friends are still actually here, but hey, a girl can dream).

    All that said, I am kind of glad I took a break from DC to move on to other things. It gave me a couple of years to "grow up," in a sense. I'm a lot less... what's the word I'm looking for? "lolzy?" Yeah, I think that's the one. Anyone who knew me knows what I'm talking about. Anyways tl;dr I'm a lot less annoying and awkward now, at least imo.

    2014 and before were weird years for me, both irl and online, and honestly I don't remember a lot about them. They just feel like a big gap in my life that just kinda slipped away from me, and when I read my old posts I don't even feel like I wrote them. So, if I was part of any groups, made any promises, or anything along those lines, you'll have to forgive me if I've lost track. If there's something pertaining to you I've forgotten about, don't hesitate to PM me, I will probably be happy to comply.

    'Till then, I'll see you soon! Or not. One of those two options. Bye! : >