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"And I'm Zagan!" he introduced himself, nodding while crossing his arms. He thought nothing of Atto sharing their mission, not being one to think about the cons of yelling what they were doing to the world with the strength of an Exploud's voice. "But, we're practicing an awesome poison combo so we need Pecha berries. Oh, and do you mind being poisoned if we find them? We need a target, but it'd be unfair to just leave you injured just for the sake of practice," he explained, tilting his head a bit with a paw slightly over his mouth as if on thought.

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"You too?" - said Ruphus, confirming his thoughts. - "Methinks it's a coincidence, but I am looking for Mesprit too! Yep, I was at the plaza during Latios's speech, and since you said it, I know the reason."


Upon hearing about practicing moves, a flame of interest ignited in Flygon's eyes. It died off a bit, when he heard that it was a poison combo, but he knew that Poison moves weren't very effective against Ground types. But he also knew that most Poison moves that could damage were Special. "A combo, eh?" - he said - Got no trouble with the Poison type, since, y'know, I'm a Ground type partially... What moves would be used in this combo, by the way? And you can call me Ruphus!" - he introduced himself.

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"Awesome!" Zagan exclaimed, illusion punching the air with a fist. "It's a Toxic combo, no backing out now! Attoooooooo, he gave his word so make sure he doesn't escape! Sit on him if you have to!" he half-yelled as he sped away, towards the patches of trees that were randomly scattered around the area.


"Gonna go get the berries, be right back!" he yelled over his shoulder, not waiting for any response before he was out of the other two pokemons' sight.

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"Alright!" Atto ran a lap around Ruphus in celebration. "Erm, sorry about...us. The combo's Toxic and Venoshock! Venoshock's supposed to do lots of damage to a Pokemon that's already poisoned. It's just, I'm really excited to try this out! There'll probably be Oran berries and stuff over there too, so I'm sure we'll all be fine." Most of his training had been done with his sisters, so he'd used Venoshock on a poisoned foe maybe twice in his entire life. To anyone unaquainted with him it looked like he was going to cause an earthquake with all the hopping around he was doing. "Oh, you know what, Zagan's probably not gonna know to get those...be back in a sec, alright? Stay there!" With a final swish of his tails, he galloped after Zagan. "Heeeeeey!"

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Was Leo... Had Leo been panicking? The appearance of Giratina had rattled Tiramisu, turned her feet to ice and chilled her heart, but the idea of the great leader of Team Shadow Tag - the Sheriff, Reed called him? - panicking seemed completely alien to her. Or did it? Down in the - a nasty chill went down the Meowth's steadily straightening back - down in the magma-heated caverns, Leo had panicked about the poisonous vapors from the magma. There'd been something she'd missed all this time: Leo was a Pokemon just like the rest of them. This was a team effort.


For everyone, then.


Tiramisu glanced quickly around the clearing: Gastlies, Houndoom, Gourgeist... Requiem? Even the excitable (to say the least) Hydreigon was facing Giratina. All these shadows, and yet here he was. Tiramisu smiled as she watched the dark energy pulsing out of him nail a Gastly firmly in the face.


No slacking off now, no fear! Do what you do best!


Zigzagoon, two Meowth, a Hydreigon, an Altaria... Giratina would be the only one who really could pose a threat to any of them, if she remembered her types correctly. The ghosts would slip right through the Zigzagoon - Red? - and the likes of herself and Leo... Other than that, there could be the threat of a ghost's curse. (Ack, the image of a nail going through a Banette - focus, she told herself.) In any case, Shadow Ball would be her best bet. The target?


Tiramisu dashed to the edge of the clearing to find her target. In the middle of the battle she'd be useless, but here, with a clear shot at that Spiritomb? It was easy... pickings.


The Houndoom who absorbed the shot looked incredibly unamused at her sloppy sniper tactics. In fact, he looked like he had never been nor could he be amused at anything in his entire life. Actually, he kind of looked like a zombie, eyes half-lidded and growling... Tiramisu felt flames lick her arm as she tried and failed to leap over the Houndoom. They burned like hell-fire.


The two grappled, (rather small) cat and (large, hellhound-ish) dog. Tiramisu felt a sharp scale cut through her bag and nearly slice her foot - one of her Gabite Scales. The Houndoom grunted and ate it whole, just as a large, grey fist knocked it into the forest.


That had to be the second surprise Tiramisu had today.




Cas felt a pain like a ripped sponge tear through his arm. The Houndoom was hardly as tough as a rock - and that was certainly fortuitous, because with his strength any rock most likely would have smashed his arm - yet so many years out of practice had made that one use of Rock Smash almost unbearable.


He'd seen flames, though. There had been only one choice: a Blizzard would do nothing against an inferno, Future Sight would work no wonders in time to save a future, and Will-o-Wisp certainly wouldn't put out a fire. The Dusknoir sighed in relief and held his arm close to his body, panting.


"Are you alright, Tiramisu?"


The Meowth stared at him, confused. She silently glanced at his injured arm, then looked back at him. He could read her expression: Why? And he couldn't tell her. As much as he tried, what he'd said at the Square was all he could say. She took one last glance at him, then, startled, hurled a Shadow Ball at...


The Gourgeist weaving bright Infernos at the two of them, growling a low tune.




Reed sighed dully,


"It isn't my illusion, it's theirs. And those two can't handle a moving, talking Pokemon."


Running a paw over his "hat", the Smeargle belatedly added,


"No offense, guys."


He fiddled his paws a bit, pacing. Finally he rolled his eyes and grumbled,


"Fine. Fine, I'll see what I can do about that. Don't follow me. A Chandelure with orange flames..."


Reed felt a dizzy spell coming over him. He hadn't really slept in days, but this, he knew, was different. The same sort of thing that came over him in the Magmaworld. Time for another nap (he scoffed internally)... Or was it?


No, no, no, no, no. This time, he could handle it himself. Personally. He pivoted on one foot.


"Ac-tual-lyyyyy... I think we can handle this another way. Still don't follow me."


This was, after all, his problem. He grinned widely, going off to hide in the forest. He happily noted that seeing Mr. Boston again would be somewhat enjoyable. What? He liked Mr. Boston. That Wobuffet was quite the agreeable gentleman. In no time at all, Reed would be quite gone, quite quickly, almost as if he'd gone through a portal.




The battle thickened. After all, the minions weren't only there to look pretty - the Gastlies especially. The five noxious wisps spread out across the path, looking dull and almost lifeless (fitting for a ghost, though it was a bit unnerving). Eyes like pins, one staggered up to Requiem, a bright ball whipping wildly around its body - Confuse Ray. Two dashed to face Alteria and Red, eyes shining red as they began to cast Curses. The remaining Gastlies glanced over towards the not-so-threatening Cas and his charge, and decidedly sauntered over to face Leo, eyes a-glow with Confuse Rays ready.


The Houndoom not preoccupied with the distant Dusknoir galloped, growling, to Red's side. It barked loudly in the Zigzagoon's ear as the glowing ribbons of Embargo began to pour out of its horns.


The two Gourgeist and Spiritomb seemed to be numbly readying some sort of attack... A flaming wind of sorts, though it would take a while yet to ready.


Giratina seemed to be watching the fighting intently, a pleased grin lighting up its face. It had yet to attack, though it now loosed a threatening - yet rather quiet - Roar upon the crowd.


Up in the trees, a bright purple light glowed. Ice blue eyes surveyed the battle disdainfully. The Lampent sighed.


This certainly is a mess.


The shadows of the leaves wrapped around him thickly, choking the purplish light as its supposed owner stared far off into the distance - back in time, even.


Victini's judgement of me - and indeed yours, Allen - may have been right. You may not believe that I am doing this for a just cause...


The shadows wrapped more tightly around the Pokemon, covering his spindly body in a robe-like cover of darkness and draping his arms in midnight tendrils.


And you would be correct. I am doing this selfishly, for my own survival. Without or without my intervention, the Legendaries would fall; I am doing this for myself.


Only piercing, ice blue eyes shined through the thick fog of artificial night. The trees' shadows lengthened on their own.


The voice that rung out was cold and confident. It cut through the air like a a chime in the midnight hours, though it was not spoken loudly.


"Giratina's guardians were disposed of long ago. I'm afraid your luck has run out."


Actually, the voice was somewhat familiar as well. It sounded similar to the chilling, vengeful voice some had heard in the caverns in a moment of tension... Though its words were edged with a certain scratchiness that betrayed a long time of silence. The blue eyes blinked slowly.


"I will be merciful, this once. Give up your search for Mesprit, and for the other Legendaries, and I will spare you their fate."


You have done more than enough.

Tyndall's a great name, isn't it? The scattering of light through a colloid.


"So what'll it be.... Sheriff?"


[ TIRAMISU: Gabite Scale x1 lost.


Battle status:

Giratina: Full Health

Gastly 1: ½ Health

Gastly 2: ½ Health

Gastly 3: Full Health

Gastly 4: Full Health

Gastly 5: 1/4 Health Remaining

Houndoom 1: Slightly Damaged

Houndoom 2: 3/4 Health Remaining

Gourgeist 1: Full Health

Gourgeist 2: 1/3 Health Remaining

Gourgeist 3: Slightly Damaged

Spiritomb 1: Slightly Damaged


Gastly 1 attacked Alteria with Curse.

Gastly 2 attacked Red with Curse.

Houndoom 2 attacked Red with Embargo.

Gastly 3 and 4 attacked Leo with Confuse Ray.

Gastly 5 attacked Requiem with Confuse Ray.

Houndoom 1 attacked Tiramisu with Thief, and stole 1 Gabite Scale.

Gourgeist 2 attacked Tiramisu with Incinerate; the attack was a near miss, and therefore only caused damage.

Gourgeist 1, Gourgeist 3, and Spiritomb are charging up a combo attack: Will-o-Wisp and Ominous Wind! ]

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"Giratina's guardians were disposed of long ago. I'm afraid your luck has run out."


The voice cut through Leo's stupor like a Razor Wind in fog.


What are you missing. Remember!


Unbidden, a memory resurfaced In Leo's mind. A recent memory from only a few days ago, when he spoke with Latios.


Latios shook his head,


"The Legendaries abandoned their guardians centuries ago. At least in that, this 'Tyndall' Pokemon was lying."


"That's it, that's what I've missed." He said to himself softly. The look of terror had faded, leaving only a blank mask.

Leo saw the two Pokémon in front of him, they were preparing confuse ray.

But he was faster. Leo vanished from where he had stood, followed by two black and crimson slashes across the backs of the Ghastlies. Leo reappeared behind his attackers, with the glow of night slash fading from his claws.


Leo turned to Where the voice had come from. It wasn't hard to find the speaker, as he simply had to look at the shadows. Despite the sun's position, his shadow, as well as everyone else friend and foe alike, all pointed to a shaded grove of trees where a pair of familiar blue eyes glowed.


"I will be merciful, this once. Give up your search for Mesprit, and for the other Legendaries, and I will spare you their fate."


"Is it really you Allen?" Leo asked cautiously, "I don't think I could face another imposter." Leo's expression was unreadable. As he spoke he began slowly walking towards his partner. "I was told you met had fought Darkrai, protected Palkia. Is that really true? That's what I know the real Allen would do. You wouldn't be saying to give up. You'd jump right in and help us out here."


Leo stood his ground before his partner, his gaze as cold as ice. "If you know what's going on, then please, help me out here."

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Red cried out in pain as the curse took its first hit on her. This was new - she was not used to these kinds of tactics. Punches and kicks and beams, she could dodge, but this... she couldn't see it coming towards her, couldn't react to the attack at all before the pain clenched at her heart like an icy fist. She stood paralyzed for a moment, surprised and in pain, long enough for the Houndoom to hit her with Embargo.


She shook her head to clear it. With two pokemon bearing down on her, this was not the time to freeze in panic. Special attacks, unfortunately, were rather difficult for her; it would be a minute or two before she could loose another Shadow Ball. There was little she could do to the Ghastly, but the Houndoom... She quickly dug underground, escaping from between the two of them, turning around several feet under to orient herself. She could feel the Curse reaching for her heart again, and knew there was no time to catch her breath; she aimed at the Houndoom and readied to Dig... but wait... was that... rushing water? The sound was faint from underground, so maybe...?


Nope, she was not mistaken. Red had used the move enough to recognize the sound Surf makes. She quickly hunkered back down in her hole, kicking earth back the way she'd came, hoping the water would rush right over her and knock out her opponents.


((Sorry if the retroactive change makes this confusing))

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Bree's eyes widened as the Gourgeist she'd knocked over simply stood back up and began some sort of combo attack with the Houndoom. Her brain had given up on processing every thought and simply dumped the majority of them over the side, clearing up a bit of space for her to think again. Allen (or another impostor - it was hard to tell, especially with all these shadows) had shown up again, and suggested that they simply give up. Was that a good idea? Faintly, Bree recalled Latios's speech. Darkrai...his sister...the other legendaries. No, they had to try. Taking advantage of the fact that no one had targeted her yet, she charged up a Shadow Ball and slammed it nearly point-blank into the Gastly harrassing Red. They hadn't taken out a single one of the minions yet, and Giratina had yet to do anything. She grinned - she still wasn't thinking quite right. "I-is everyone alright?"

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How... how was that Ghastly still standing? Requiem was sure he hit it... Ghastlys were unenvolved, they shouldn't resist a Dark Pulse...


But the attack still hurt it. They were Pokemon. They could be defeated. They weren't... weren't not normal.


The Ghastly he attacked turned towards him, a bright orb of light quickly surrounding his body. He barely had time to take in the Ghastly's expression (he had seen Ghastlys before, but that one looked... empty, or...) when the orb suddenly changed directions and started its spin around Requiem's body.


His vision blurred. The defined forms of the Pokemon around him became masses of unidentifiable darkness, even in the still bright day. "What... Confuse Ray?" he thought, or tried to; his thoughts were starting to scatter, and he couldn't think clearly under the influence of the move.


"You'll need to hit them all," came the voice from his right head, the words cutting through the fog of Requiem's mind.


"Should be fine, like that other time."


That other time... he hadn't hit Bard, but he couldn't remember why, his thoughts refusing to cooperate. He didn't trust Rhapsody, didn't want to do what he said, but... what else was there to do? Sit there and hope he didn't hit the others by mistake?


He inspired. He could do this. The shadows were explained. Day was safe. The other voice hadn't warned him of anything yet.


"I-is everyone alright?"

The voice from the cave. Couldn't think if he knew who it belonged to. Not someone who wasn't there, and that meant...


He concentrated a single thought, not knowing if it reached whoever was talking or not. He could only manage single words through the haze his mind was wrapped in, but even he could tell 'Dodge' was direct enough to not need more explanations.


Requiem pointed his three heads down and opened his mouths, all of them releasing jets of water that impulsed Requiem upwards. The water collected in the form of a tall, wide column with Requiem on top, only taking five seconds to reach the height of the trees surrounding them with the quantity of liquid being released.


He closed his mouths then, and the column collapsed, the water rushing to comply with the rules of gravity. Requiem fell too, inside the water he had created, which forced him against the ground as the huge waves of Surf headed in every direction surrounding him.



((Did two RNG, one to see if Requiem could use the attack instead of being confused and one to see if it affected him negatively. Results were he could use it, but sank before time, getting hit too.

His HP now is 186/306))

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Ruphus watched as Zagan, and then Atto, ran off for Pecha Berries. He landed on the ground, wondering about how Scolipedes are able to run so fast, and how Atto was able to not cause an earthquake with all that activity on his part. And then he thought about the combo. He had no problem with poison, since he was primarily Ground type, but when he heard about the Venoshock... "If Venoshock is Special too..." - he glanced at his bag and sighed. - "Oh well. Minus one Oran Berry. At least I can find more of these, or buy them if I have-- Oh, wait. Silly me: Atto said that it's possible that they stumble across some of these. Well, doesn't change the matter."


Flygon looked at the place where Steelix dug in. "And another thing: who was that Steelix guy? Maybe a friend of those two?" - he thought.

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Zagan made a sudden stop, skidding a few centimeters until he came to a halt, paws leaving marks on the ground. He looked at what had grabbed his attention: a tree with at least 5 Pecha berries in the high branches.


"Awesome," he muttered to himself, rubbing his front paws with a smirk. Now all he had to do was to climb and-




He looked back and saw Atto galloping towards him. "Atto? I told you to sit on Ruphus!" he barked, giving his voice a slightly annoyed tone, his Riolu illusion crossing his arms and looking away from the Scolipede with a frown and a small pout.


"Oh, never mind, looky there!" he said, now in a happy tone, pointing at the pink berries. "If you wanna find food I'm the best around," he bragged with a smirk, pointing at his chest with a thumb. "Wait, lemme get them."


He got into a jumping position, his illusion copying him, and made a small jump that would be considered big for a Pokemon the size of a Riolu. He held onto the tree with his front paws, careful not to leave marks that would reveal the real size of his claws. He feigned a bit of a struggle, hind paws flailing to get a footing, before sliding down the tree until he was sitting on the ground.


He waited two seconds and turned to Atto with a pleading expression, still sitting down. "Lift?" he asked, his eyes as big as he could make them.

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Alteria flinched at the curse damage. "If onluy I could use Natural Cure." she thought. She landed on the ground to use Roost, when a wave came crasing over. Panicked, she tried to fly higher, but she didn't get off the ground in time and got hit. Swept away by the wave, she coughed a bit of water, and got up a bit unsteadily. She used Roost again, this time careful not to be in the way of any attacks. Feeling a bit more energized, she went over to the Hydreigon. She poked him gently. "Are you alright?" she asked. The curse hit again though, and she almost fainted from the damage. She ate her oOran Berry to quickly regain health, and turned back to the Hydreigon.

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Atto skidded to a halt and was about to begin explaining their need for Oran berries when Zagan barked at him. Momentarily stunned, Atto blinked and stuttered a few incoherent syllables. "Well-" he was interrupted once more by an attempt to scale the Pecha berry tree. He sighed down at the Zorua's puppy eyes. "Alright, alright." He pouted. "First, though. Ruphus is still there! He sat down and everything. I saw. Okay? Geez. I think you have trust issues or something." He bent his neck down to poke Zagan in the face. "And also we should get a few Oran berries, as long as we're out here. Even if we manage not to kill Ruphus, some berries are gonna be a good idea for the trip. Alright?" He stared at Zagan, trying to look serious but mostly just looking cross-eyed. "Okay. Well, get on."

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"I don't have trust issues, I just don't blindly trust a total stranger," Zagan pouted, pawing Atto's face. "And fiiiiiine, we'll get Oran berries too. You carry them though," he added, sticking his tongue out at the Scolipede.


He then got on Atto's back, climbed to his head and from there to a branch, being careful not to step somewhere that may bother the Bug-type. He had no problems reaching the branch, but had to feign a jump and a bit of flailing to get on top - he was pretending to be a Zorua pretending to be a Riolu, after all, and he couldn't climb when he was a Zorua.


"I'm gonna throw them down, you catch them, ok?" he said, jumping to a higher branch, again pretending to almost fall before regaining his balance.




Requiem coughed a bit of water, wings drooped and struggling to get him in the air again. The water had done nothing to clear his vision, and he quickly raised his main head to take in his surroundings.


A sudden touch made him flinch, electricity starting to charge between his wings. It was someone, who, he couldn't tell, but the voice was devoid of any hostility. Ally?


"I... think so," he said, intonation making it sound more like a question than a statement, as he quickly looked around to see the aftermath of the attack.


((RNG to see if he attacked Alteria or not))

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"No hands," Atto reminded Zagan, looking up at him. "But sure, throw them down. I'll stick them in my bag or something." He looked around, searching for an Oran tree. Sure enough, there was one on the left. It was a bit shorter than the Pecha tree. "Uh, just a second." He walked in front of the other tree and looked up. It seemed fairly sturdy, with a few solid branches near the bottom of it. A little hesitantly, he laid a front foot on a bottom branch and hoisted himself up, then roughly scrambled into an upright position, both front legs gripping the bark. "Hey, look! I'm climbing a tree." He giggled at how silly he must look, then redoubled his efforts and stretched his neck out, trying to reach a particularly low-hanging berry.

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"I thought you'd catch them with your mouth or those purple claw thingies on your neck," Zagan commented, carefully walking to the end of the branch where the leaves and berries were. He grinned and held one in his paw, feeling its softness, before plucking it out, two leaves stuck to the top of the pink berry.


He turned at Atto's comment, and chuckled. "You look like you're hugging it more than climbing it," he snickered, going back next to the trunk so he could jump to the next branch, that had two berries on its end.


He stopped then and tilted his head, thinking of something. "You know, I think there's an easier way to do this. Hang on, let me try something," he said, and looked at the two Pecha berries he had been trying to reach. His eyes, normally light blue or red in his Riolu's illusion, shone a golden color. He narrowed them, concentrating, Riolu illusion extending his right arm. Then, he opened his mouth, letting out a multicolored beam with white crescent moons sparkling on the inside, his illusion making it seem as if he fired it from his extended paw. The Extrasensory attack hit the berries but didn't seem to affect them; that is, until Zagan moved his head down, illusion lowering the right arm. The Psychic energy plucked the berries, and left them floating harmlessly a few centimeters lower from their original hanging place, a golden glow surrounding them.


"I did it!" he exclaimed, the berries doing a small floating dance and lowering themselves to the ground. Heh, he had totally forgotten about that one trick. "Atto! Atto! Look! I did it!" he repeated, jumping in place, remembering he had some troubles with the moves when he was younger. He then pretended to slip but held onto the branch in time, hind paws flailing a bit before getting himself up in the branch again.

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Atto carefully plucked the Oran berry off its branch, turning it around in his mandibles to make sure it wasn't rotten. "Catching tiny things with your mouth isn't that easy, alright?" He squinted past his berry at Zagan, up in the tree next to him. Although, he realized, a single berry was like a third of the size of a Zorua. (And if someone else threw a pile of berries down at him they could probably bury him. And he could get way more meals out of the same amount of berries! Unfair. And - ) Sometimes it was odd being a huge Pokemon. Then, he turned his attention back to his berry. He'd climbed a tree (or at least reared up and grabbed onto it) and retrieved something from it, great - now what? He pushed himself back and tried to bend down, to put his berry back into his bag before backing down slowly and - he wasn't touching the tree trunk anymore and he could feel himself falling - oh gosh this was a bad idea -


He fell over with a resounding thump. At least, he'd managed to twist himself before he hit the ground so he landed on his side, not his back. The Oran berry fell on top of him, almost in a mocking manner, and two other ripe ones seemed to have dislodged themselves because of the impact. He scrambled into a sitting position, looking sheepish. "Nice trick."

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The tsunami-like wave slammed against Tiramisu like a theoretical "car". Her small frame slid down into the forest alongside Cas', both Pokemon flailing, grasping for any small paw-or-hand-hold they could find (which made Cas look rather pathetic, considering his size). She slammed against a tree - claws flailing and drenched in the spontaneously-generated seawater - and slowly slid down with the tide. All she could think was, Wow, this grass is fantastic. Let me never ever leave solid ground again, yes, that sounds fantastic - let me just lay here for approximately ever.


Then she rolled over and spat out some water. Cas groaned from high up in the tree - How, exactly, did he...? -


"...I can't say... I saw that coming..."


Tiramisu began to laugh, then spluttered,


"That's why I always hold my nose - ha - ack - ah, man."


The path seemed far too far away to walk to. Tiramisu sighed and rolled over again, "ugh"-ing and "nnng"-ing as she stared at the continuing battle and the still-bright forest around them. She could just lay there forever, Cas hanging by his arms in the tree, fresh sunlight warming her damp fur as she sprawled out on the grass... Last she checked, the sky had been darkened, and shadows had been setting in around them. She straightened suddenly, cursing her lazy Meowth instincts as she urgently licked droplets off of her tail. It had been dark before, so that meant...


The weird darkness is only confined there. Something must be causing it...


The tree's branches creaked loudly as Cas pried himself carefully from their hold. Tiramisu peered around in the darkness - nothing. She raised her ears, pivoting them around as she paced around the tree - nothing.


"Hey Cas, can you smell anything?"


The now-very-noticably-noseless cyclops stared at her. She flinched, a sheepish grin covering her embarrassment. The Meowth sniffed the air carefully... Still nothing. She'd had a stuffed up nose essentially since she was born, so that was usual. Tiramisu grumbled,


"There has to be something out here... I mean..."


She absentmindedly walked parallel to the path, further along into the forest. Cas followed, listening as he anxiously eyed the forest.


"Giratina can't teleport Pokemon. Palkia does - Palkia does, right?"


"I'm not entirely familiar with the myths, but I believe so."


Tiramisu nodded, the chat taking precedence over her nagging feeling that maybe they should go back to the battle to help the others. (Although she knew for a fact that her and Cas' battle prowess left them in now way inclined to throw themselves back into that ridiculous rumble.)


"So where did all of those Pokemon come from? Houndoom don't live around here, I think... They must have been hiding in here."


She sighed, squinting further into the forest. Was that a bit of purple up there? And a few little flecks of pink... Tiramisu walked faster, low to the ground. Cas hunched over next to her, trying to find what she saw.


"Did you find something?"


Tiramisu nodded slowly, sliding forward even more quickly. Yes, that was indeed the purple outline of something... Someone... Was that...?






The onslaught of attacks from the defending Pokemon proved devastating. Each and every one of the Gastlies fell to (and through) the floor, well past spent. One of the Houndoom's yowled as fainted, its spade tail and head flopping heavily onto the ground and being washed down the path a ways.Its brother winced against the pain of the crashing wave, hardly managing to hold its ground. The three foul Gourgeists hung on, one humming wildly, another hanging on to dear life, another expressing incoherent rage at its concentration being lost. The Spiritomb next the lattermost one showed the same consternation. It screeched, and with its screeching summoned foul tentacles to wrap around Requiem - its Spite. Let him only try to take them all down like that again.


The Giratina sunk low to the ground, its wings high as it seemed to either be bowing or charging some sort of attack.




"Allen" shook his head slowly, seeming disappointed. His cold eyes stared icily back.


"Don't you get it, Sheriff? Allen was captured. He's mine."


The shadows tightened around him, forming a certain undeniable silhouette. He looked like a nightmare. Long, claw-like fingers hung down at his side - the darkness of the trees whipped like ripped robes behind him. He closed his eyes, allowing their freezing glow to hide for just a moment.


I told you you don't need to do any more.

And I told you that Tyndall is a fantastic name. Look, just high-five me when I get back and we'll call it a deal.


"I'll spare you a trip to Uxie and tell you that the only way you'll find your partner is through me. Actually..."


A thoughtful look came across the bundle of shadows as it held a hand out towards Leo,


"I'm feeling rather remorseful today. Leave my quarrel with the other Legendaries to me, and I may allow you your partner back and your life. Your friends here... They may feel free to beg as well."


Alright old man, I'm out. It's about time for the meteor shower.

You're more insufferable than I am.

Eh, whatever.


[[ Battle status:

Giratina: Full Health

Houndoom 1: Just barely enduring

Gourgeist 1: 3/4 health remaining

Gourgeist 2: Just barely enduring

Gourgeist 3: 2/3 health remaining

Spiritomb 1: 3/4 health remaining


Giratina appears to be charging up an attack!

Houndoom 1 is winded!

Gourgeist 1, 2, and 3 are winded!

Spiritomb used Spite on Requiem. ]]

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Red cautiously poked her head above ground once she could no longer hear water. Everything was rather wet now, but her friends seemed fine. And half their opponents were gone! Most of the ones left were Gourgeists - which was unfortunate, since her Shadow Ball was still charging up - but that Houndoom....


Red hopped up out of the ground, scampering towards the weakened pokemon, zigging and zagging too quick for him to get a lock on. Nearing him, she leapt into the air and came down with the best Rock Smash she could muster, finally knocking him out.


"I did it! I got one!" the Zigzagoon did a little dance, proud of her first KO. her celebration didn't last long though - the pain of the Curse striking a second time slammed her back to her senses, and drew her attention to the remaining Ghost-type Pokemon, none of which she could do much against. As an unevolved Normal-type, her best strategy was pretty much always to use type advantages to deal any kind of damage, but there was almost nothing she could do against these guys. And Giratina... well, whatever it was doing, it didn't look good.


Red looked around for something she could do; maybe someone else needed help...? Aw, come on! Was Leo really still not moving?? She ran back to him, weaving between the other Pokemon, Headbutting him as gently as she could - she just needed his attention, not to hurt him.


"Hey, Leo! C'mon, fearless leader, snap out of it! We need you!!"

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Atto had tried to un-hug the tree, and Zagan snickered as the huge Scolipede lost his balance and fell on his side with a loud noise. Then three berries fell on top of him, one after the other, and rolled away, coming to a halt a few centimeters away from the Bug-type's huge body.


He lost it then, laughing loudly, one of his front paws hitting the branch he was standing on. “You should, hahaha, have seen, *snicker*, your face! And then the *snicker* Orans – haha, priceless!” he howled, both real and illusionary paws in front of his mouth to try to stop laughing, the Pecha berries he had been holding with his Psychic power falling to the ground.



((Pi, feel free to time-skip to when we return where Haldor and Ruphus are))




It had – the dark forms, had it affected everyone? But, why? If it didn’t, it shouldn’t have now-


No time for trivial things, do you want to die?


Rhapsody’s voice, cutting again through his scattered thoughts. “Said, wouldn’t…” he tried to think, but the Confuse Ray was still affecting him, making it impossible to form a clear sentence.


One of the dark forms did something - Requiem didn’t see what, but he felt ethereal tentacles wrapping around his body, quickly draining the energy he had used to summon the wave. He tried to get them off with his secondary heads, biting on the attack to get it off, but by the time the phantom limbs retreated their effect had already been carried.


His Surf attack needed an extremely high level of concentration to use, typical of the group known as HM moves. Requiem wasn’t familiar with the attack the dark form had used, but it had only affected that energy reserved for Surf. Even through the haze of confusion, Requiem could tell – he wouldn’t be able to use that move anymore, at least for that fight.


Hesitate and it’s over, dumba**! MOVE!

Not listening, you-

It was trivial. It wasn't my fault.


He would have gotten angry if he could muster any semblance of clarity.




The other. That one he trusted.


He aimed at the form who had moved, the one that had attacked him. It was surely one of the enemies, so in retaliation, he charged a turquoise energy ball in his middle mouth. It didn't take long for the Dragon Pulse attack to be ready, and he fired it at the form that had moved.



((RNG to see if he gets confused or not))


[[Requiem used Dragon Pulse on Spiritomb]]

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Agatha was speechless. What on earth was Allen doing here? And why was he acting so different? What was with those shadows around him? Agatha remained rooted to the spot, until another familiar voice shook her out of it.


"I wish I could tell you to run away," Agatha replied, "to get as far away as possible." Her voice shook with an unidentifiable mixture of fear, anger, and sadness.

"But now there's no escape for you," she continued, "Look at where the sun is in the sky, and compare it to where your shadow is pointing."


Indeed, nearly every shadow in the area was pointing towards Leo and Allen in strict defiance of the sun.

"You've got no choice but to stay and listen," Agatha explained, "that's the power of the shadow tag ability."




Leo batted aside the offered hand. "Who are you?" he demanded, "Why are you doing this to my friend?"


Leo felt something bump into him from behind. He turned to see Red. The poor Zigzagoon had no idea just how dangerous the situation was. Leo flinched, and turned away.


"I'm sorry," he said, "I shouldn't have gotten you involved in this." Leo turned to face 'Allen' once more, and continued. "Allen, if you can still hear me, I need you to try to fight whoever is controlling you. I know you're still in there somewhere!"


Agatha sighed, then took off her mobile scarf and handed it to Tiramisu. "Shadow tag won't work if you don't have a shadow," she explained, "You and grimmy should get out of here while you can. Travel underground. Just check back later for survivors, got it? And this is a loan, not a gift, ya hear? I expect you to give that back ASAP." 


"As for me, I'm gonna do something incredibly stupid," she said as she turned towards the two Pokémon controlling the illusion Giratina. Her shadow then shot out, forming two fists that lashed out at the pair.


[Agatha handed mobile scarf to Tiramisu]

[Agatha used shadow sneak on Fenris and Pellinore]


((I'm going on the basis that Agatha, Leo, and Allen were out of surf's range))

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Bree heard the dull rush of water. She turned, and the wave hit her at the same time she saw it. She was pushed back for a second before realizing the simple solution and rose out of the water, dripping on the injured Houndoom. Disregarding the Surf, she realized, no one had actually tried to hit her yet. She let out a nervous chuckle. Going after the bigger threats first, huh?


Then, she looked up - still up, despite her position. Arceus, why did Giratina have to be so huge? - at the great shadowy wings of the legendary Pokemon, and panicked just a little more. It was doing something, and in this context, there was not even a half percent chance that this was going to be good. "Guys?" She squeaked. "Guys! It, we, hey!" She pointed both arms at Giratina's head and a flicker of shadows began charging between them. Would this even be enough to distract the great beast? She squinted - it was still covered in shadows. She couldn't even be sure she could hit it at this range. If she'd thought to look down, maybe she would have noticed the Mismagius from earlier or even realized the implications of that, but she did not. She fired her attack instead, launching the ball of shadows at Giratina and propelling herself backwards a little.


[bree used Shadow Ball on Giratina.]




If Ruphus was still sitting in the exact same position as he had been earlier, he would have seen a purple-black speck racing very quickly towards him, yelling something incoherent all the way.


Atto plowed into the ground, sliding to a stop in front of the Flygon, grinning stupidly despite the new crack that had opened near his left hind leg. "We're back," he announced, nosing his bag open. Out spilled a collection of berries, mostly Pecha with three Oran berries at the top of the pile. He stood up again, his injured leg wobbling a bit but finding its balance after a few seconds. "Well then! Time to train."


((Atto now has more berries than his bag can hold but hopefully that'll be fine for now 'o'))

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As a shadowy fist knocked against his side, Fenris growled,


"Knew we couldn't trust a face like yours, girlie. Think that'll be enough - "


"Fenris, we gotta get out of here. I f***ed up."


Pellinore winced as he struggled to shrug off the Shadow Sneak's effect on him. Curse his girlish frame, curse his terrible concentration... But there was no time for that now. Fenris was glaring at him as the emulated shadows behind them fell, flickering, apart like dark sparks. The Electrike looked almost murderous. Pell could read his face's curses: Everything was perfect, Pell and 'ou went 'n' busted it up after ONE HIT -


"Fenris. Chill. We have bigger problems now."


The beast who almost certainly would devour the earth whole for ruining a single performance let the rage pass from his partner... to the one who really deserved his wrath. That Agatha Pokemon, witch that she was, who had dared to disturb his partner and himself - that wretched wisp of a shadow she was... He would break her, if he could. A wicked crocodilian grin cracked his face as he stalked toward the ghost.


"Nah, Pell, we got one thin, raggedy probl'm. One right here."


This particular Kirlia knew when trouble was coming. One, said raggedy problem didn't seem all the way together to begin with (though that was just his first impression); two, his own bristling, murderous problem was getting too close to cold-blooded murder for his liking. (A third nagging voice also mentioned that, as a gentleman, allowing a lady to be mauled to death was a huge no-no.) The boss was up in the trees, masquerading as that Lampent again and putting on quite the show for whoever that Meowth was. (The leader of Team Shadow Tag, right?) The time for a Teleport had to be soon, considering the loss of the illusion...



"Allen" remained silent. His gaze traced Bree's Shadow Ball as it spiraled towards the Giratina's menacing figure. He watched coolly as the Giratina's eyes flickered out of existence; the shadows on its wings, its sharp edges fell away as it became a blur of deadened color. Then, the Giratina shattered into bright purple sparks and sheets, like the rest of the artificial shadows shrouding the surrendering portion of the road. Then he turned his forever frozen gaze to Leo again.


"A more cruel Pokemon would ask you how you still maintain that you know what is real - how you know that this is in fact your Allen, or if it is a trick of the light."


The shadow-wrapped figure's voice seemed somehow changed now. Where previously it held a confident - even cocky - fullness, it now sounded like a hollow wind, a rasping ancient whisper, and even... lost. The creature held up a cimmerian claw and stared at it.


"I will tell you that this is in fact your Allen. I will also tell you that you know who I am, and in fact have spoken to me."


Have I fallen so far as to resort to that sort of cowardice? Equivocating like a Mankey's fool?


A small, malicious smile formed on his shaded face. It didn't fit how he felt.


If I must ask, then I certainly have. And I will go further. Allen, find some solace in knowing that it is not only you I have slighted.


With a small flick of his wisp-like claw, the trees' shadows, the Pokemon's shadows, the earth's shadow, perhaps, lengthened and blackened to appear as pits would. He (hesitated, just for a moment)... grinned.


"It's fantastic to look down on you, my dear Sheriff. I can only imagine this is how the lamppost was for you - only, perhaps it is more like in the caverns beneath Groudon's cave? I hope you don't think I've forgotten."


A murderous flame grew in those glacial eyes as a superior smirk grew on that face. It still didn't fit how he felt.


"Oh, don't mistake what I mean. I don't want an apology from you - " His raspy voice now sounded smooth, like the blade of a killer's knife, "I've already forgiven you. I just needed to see your face when you saw I had someone you loved. That's not why I took your Allen, of course - that would be petty. He has a bigger part in my plan... But you'll find that out later. Then you'll have your Allen back, and won't that be a joyous day?"


A malicious glee rang in the air from that nightmarish voice,


"A joyous day, when your partner finds out that he himself is responsible for the elimination of the last of the Legendaries, and that you could have kept his name from the pits of infamy by just turning back and saying that it all was a myth? A joyous day, yes indeed."


How much of what he'd just said was a lie was a mystery even to him. He felt cold.


I truly hope you understand, Allen. I am just as bound as you.




Tiramisu stared blankly at Agatha, then her targets... Was that the Electrike from earlier? She ducked under the Mobile Scarf and stumbled to stand between Agatha and the Electrike as the latter stalked up menacingly (my, what large teeth you have). The Meowth trembled slightly as she strained,


"Escaping? Stupid? Who said anything about stupiding - escaping?"


The nervous shuffle was back, and her front paws did it. She felt slightly angry. After all, what reason did Agatha have to attack that friendly Electrike? She'd gotten her into that horrible mess back in Laos, and he'd put her back together in a way (less so than Leo and co had, but still). He'd told her she could do whatever she wanted. Whatever she wanted. Tiramisu growled,


"I don't want your crap, and I want you to keep your nasty shadow-hands away from my Electrike friend."


Only two minutes ago, I was freaking happy. And you ruined it. You dare to play the good guy, but after what you pulled at the Square? Never again.

I can't believe I felt bad for you.


Cas stood awkwardly to the side until he noticed a concerned-looking Pellinore mentally planning ways to drag Fenris away from the fight. He blinked, confused. Did this have something to do with that mission Pell had vaguely mentioned? The Dusknoir gave a completely unnecessary wave to the Kirlia, as he coughed,


"Ah, hello Pellinore! Fancy meeting you here."




Meanwhile, the minions seemed completely unfazed that their supposed leader had just shattered into a million pieces. Though the second Gourgeist had fallen, fainted, to the soggy ground, the other two Gourgeist remained. It was time for a Will-o-Wisp Wind; the Spiritomb agreed that this time there would be no waiting. That Zigzagoon had knocked out one of the sisters, so something wicked would that way come... and that Hydreigon had been a pain all along. The Spiritomb, with an unholy cackle, charged up his sinful wind... and the poor Houndoom among their ranks laid himself down carefully and submitted in preparation for his consequent fainting. The Ominous Wind blew, with two Will-o-Wisps dancing along it, and the Houndoom fell.


[[battle Status:

Gourgeist 1: 3/4 health remaining

Gourgeist 3: 2/3 health remaining

Spiritomb 1: 2/5 health remaining


Gourgeist 1 used Will-o-Wisp on Red!

Gourgeist 3 used Will-o-Wisp on Requiem!

Spiritomb used Ominous Wind! (Combo with Gourgeist 1 and 3)

Houndoom fainted because of the damage from Ominous Wind! ]]

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Alteria saw the wave of attacks coming towards the Hydriegon and Red, and thought it was a perfect time to strike. She was behind the Pokemon when they were attacking, so it was easy to attack them. She used Sky Attack at the Spiritomb, and landed a perfect accuracy hit. Flying up, she used a Dragon Pulse directed at a Gourgeist just before Curse damage hit. Landing to recover a bit, she looked for the Giratina. It was somehow...gone? She sat there for a few seconds in complete puzzlement, forgetting that there was a battle happening and that the pokemon could very likely attack her


[umm Alteria used Sky Attack at Spiritomb and Dragon Pulse at Gougeist 1]

Edited by Silverphoenixx

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Red's jaw fell open as Giratina scattered into a million pieces, as if the single attack had burst a big, shadowy bubble. "Wow, Bree! That was amazing!!" But before she could congratulate her any further, the Ghost-types they were facing started a counterattack.


The Will o' Wisp was bad news. Red was still taking damage from the Curse, and Embargo kept her from finding or using any healing items. Red scampered away from the Will o' Wisp, her zigzag path getting her out of the way of the sinister, unearthly fire.


Red turned back to face her opponents and saw a wave of rolling, murky shadows fan out from the Spiritomb. The Zigzagoon shivered with dread, but when the first wave hit her, she blinked in surprise.


She felt totally fine.


Of course! It was a Ghost-type move! Red grinned and dove straight in, tracking their opponents with her nose. A cry emanated from one Gourgeist; it was being taken care of. She followed the scent of the other Gourgeist to where it was facing the Hydreigon.


She was right behind it. It didn't even know she was there.


Dredging up every last bit of power she had stored, Red loosed a Shadow Ball right into the Gourgeist at point-blank range.


[[Red used Shadow Ball on Gourgeist 3]]

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