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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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Zagan had cheered when he was the first to arrive, and hadn't waited a single second before dashing off from store to store to stare at the items. The market was much bigger than the one at his village, and had a lot of shiny things that he hadn't seen before. "Oh man, this place is awesome," he thought, looking at a red ruby that looked like the one on a Sableye's chest.


Then he saw the assortment of colorful stones laid in front of a store and couldn't go fast enough to take a proper look.


The stones were laid on top of a counter meant for other Carbink customers, so the display was low enough that Zagan had to bend down, even walking on all fours (he was starting to feel like a giant, and loved it). There were at least four Leaf Stones side by side, framed by Fire Stones on the left and Water Stones on the right. And behind them, looking like the main pieces of the display, were two carefully placed Sun Stones.


Zagan was looking at the rest of the counter when he felt a nudge on his arm.


"Caught ya. What're you looking for?"


"Thunder Stones," he answered, batting at Atto's hard face with the little strength one'd expect from a Zorua pretending to be a Riolu. "A friend of mine needs one to evolve, and we just can't find one anywhere," he complained, Riolu illusion crossing his arms and puffing his cheeks.


"You don't have any, do you? Lemme see your bag," he said, trying to reach for Atto's brown satchel.




A quintet of slimy-looking Pokemon - 'Gastrodon', did the Mismagius call them? All right. They didn't look dangerous. They could escape, and-


"Sure, leave without the ones that aren't here yet."

...They couldn't.




Three of the others - the Zigzagoon, the male Meowth, the Mismagius - were already attacking, even though the male Meowth had said to avoid fights. Did that mean it couldn't be helped? He... wasn't sure... Did he, or...?


(([[Requiem is just looking confused at the Gastrodons without doing anything]]


And used RNG for the stones

Fun fact: when I tried to compare Pokemon sizes, I typed 'Agatha' instead of 'Mismagius' and just stared for at least 5 seconds wondering why it didn't have any results *facepalm*))

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Atto was not used to constantly feeling gigantic. He'd always been the smallest in his family(except his father, even though he was huge for a Drapion - that was always something they'd laughed about), and his outpost hometown was frequented by adventurers. Some were small and not to be underestimated, but there were also Gyarados, Steelix, and Tyranitars abound. Here, though, surrounded by little thirty-centimetre-tall Carbink, he was absolutely a giant. And it was just a little unsettling.


Zagan dove for his bag, and Atto let him, rolling his eyes. "Nope, no rare evolutionary stones here. My dad runs a shop, though. He got a lot of stones from travellers passing through. Maybe after we save the world we can go buy you one." A little crowd was gathering again to look and nudge at the visitors - Atto had to shuffle his legs a little closer together to make way, but at least the shopkeeper seemed happy about the attention. "And I don't have any money with me either, so sorry, can't buy you any shiny trinkets."


((Waiting for Cas before I post as Bree again, 'cuz she did offer him to stick together.))

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Even though Atto said he didn't have evolutionary stones and Zagan believed him, he still checked the contents of the bag, more out of curiosity than anything. Two seeds, a scale and three berries, one of which was a Pecha. No Chestos though.


"Sounds good. Think I can get a saved-the-world-with-your-son discount?" he asked, closing the bag again and leaving it be. "We'd need to pass through my village first though, to get my savings. Ark, but if we do that, mom's going to skin me alive for disappearing like I did," he complained, leaning on Atto and dramatically sliding to the ground, being careful so his limbs didn't smack any of the gathering Rocky Bunnies on the face. "This one time me and my friends almost got eaten and she forbid me from leaving the burrow for two weeks and nearly murdered dad- hey what's that?" he suddenly interrupted himself, leaning over the counter. He was too big to properly jump into the store, so he kept his hind legs on the outer side of the counter, Riolu illusion being the right size to show itself leaping over it and nearly landing on top of the shopkeeper, as Zagan's left paw almost did.


Behind the counter were other not-so-eye-catching objects; that particular store seemed to specialize in things made of stone, and besides the evolution items, there were statues and jewelery made of multicolored shards. Usually Zagan wouldn't have paid attention to that, but the design on one of the thick bracelets had seemed familiar enough - black like the color of his chest fur, with two red dots on the side that reminded him of the ones in a Zorua's forehead. The item itself was too big for the Rocky Bunnies, being the width of their white collars.


"Please don't break anything!" the shopkeeper fretted as Zagan took the item in his paws for a closer inspection.

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Cas smiled a little half-smile - the obvious after-effect of an intensely awkward conversation - and nodded.


"I, ah - That would be rather nice. If we could stick together for a bit."


The Dusknoir shifted around a bit, casting one last yellowed glance at the pleasant forest trail. He supposed "pleasant" wasn't really the word, given that a shadowy doppelganger of the Cursed One had risen out of the gravel and some even more odd doppelganger had come from the trees, but the air out here was very... Breathable? The fact that it was daytime was quite visible, even with the passing clouds casting a grey twilight over the world. The forest trail was an unimaginably average place, quite unlike a cave.


He'd never been in a cave, not to his knowledge, yet he felt some uncontrollable aversion to their cavernous, pitch black, choking interiors. The idea of willingly going into one was about as palatable as wrapping a cape around his neck and swallowing it. Cas had always just shrugged those terribly dank holes in the ground off as having something to do with his imminent death, but that simply wouldn't cut it this time. No, he had to meet Uxie, and that would mean standing tall with a potential several hundred meters of rock over his head.




He closed his eye, took as deep a breath as would hardly be noticeable to Bree (he didn't want her to be frightened; it was a silly, unfounded fear, his fear of caves and their unknown inhabitants and unimaginable traps), and ducked into the cave alongside Bree.


His first thought was that the cave was surprisingly bright. It was cave lighting, but rather bright cave lighting, most likely from some holes that opened out to the seaside. His second thought was that the architecture of the cave was like that of some curious bubble, all rounded and whimsical. His third was that Bree had indeed heard gurgling sounds; their mutual acquaintances were being attacked by three Gastrodon. And as he turned to motion Bree onward into the fray (see: suggest they should help), his fourth thought was that he felt like he had a cape tied around his neck, and that he may or may not have been choking on it.


Are you trying to kill me?


His surprise and mild fear was only apparent in his eyes; he'd honestly become so resigned to constant, overhanging death as a way of life that the sudden threat hardly phased him. Rather that than see another Pokemon's death. Still the Generally All Too Talkative Spirits of the Dead remained silent.


And then the imagined noose was gone, like a phantom memory. Cas coughed. Red's figure, streaking haphazardly through the battle, and Requiem's distant image grew clear again. The stars faded from his vision.


"I... I can see them. I believe we have company."


And company they did have, in the form of a small hoard of Krabby.


[More battle!


Ability: Sheer Force


- Flail

- Crabhammer

- Metal Claw

Notes: These Krabby seem smaller than usual... They should be easier to take down than normal Krabby.





Tiramisu briefly wondered how exactly a ghost could lean against her shoulder before annoyedly shrugging it (both Agatha and the ponderance) away. Did Agatha seriously believe that the two of them could be buddy-buddy just like that? Regardless of any stupid gems, she refused to befriend a criminal like her.


"Agatha, would you just stick your nosy little face -"


Temper. Temper. No need to displace frustration onto her.


The Meowth grumbled, face like a patch of lemons,


"Just leave me alone, Agatha."


That was about the time Red rushed in, Seed Bombs blazing in a furious display of adventuring aptitude. Her Gastrodon fell at the first hit. WHAM! Leo's Feint Attack slammed another as Agatha's Shadow Sneak traumatized some poor soul. It was an action scene at its finest, perhaps, with two outsiders: Requiem and Tiramisu. The Meowth reared up, Pay Day at the ready...


And the coins clanged to the ground with a lonely sound. The Gastrodon were gone.


Tiramisu looked left, right, and down the corridor, slightly disappointed that she hadn't gotten the chance to blow off some steam but more concerned with the fact that the Pokemon had simply disappeared. Was that a thing that happened in Mystery Dungeons? Was that a thing that could happen to her if she fainted in a Mystery Dungeon? The scuttling sound coming from above frightened her quite a bit more than before.




She looked down at her feet, only to see a metallic tile had appeared beneath her. It had a nice little Clefairy smilie face on it, which she hated.


[ The GASTRODON were defeated! (Don't worry, things will get harder as we go deeper into the dungeon~)


TIRAMISU stepped on a TRAP. A good deal of scuttling can be heard above.


...This may be a problem.]


(( For the sake of posting this today, Reed is next post / whenever I get to him. xd.png I know you're all very disappointed. Although, ah, this post is rather short for me...


Also, SHADOW TAG, I've rethought a few points and I believe that I can work out the timing issues regardless of how long you take in this dungeon. ^w^ It can last as long as you want; more plot awaits if you want a quick run, but a few goodies (including a small bit of lore I need to prepare related to some of the special items here) and experience for your charries' moves lie within.


AMAZINGTRAIN CAVESPLORATION TRAVELMASTERS, I'll see if I can't get a certain stuffy jewel-bun over there to ruin your fun soon. xd.png ))

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Bree managed to remain blissfully oblivious of Cas's discomfort. It was probably because she had stopped looking at him and was now trying to bore holes into the rocky floor of the tunnel with her eyes. Then she realized that she should probably be watching out for whatever had made that gurgling sound earlier, and looked back up - just in time to see the three Gastrodon disappear.


She blinked. Was that supposed to happen? Were they more illusions? She had decided she didn't particularly like those after the whole Giratina ordeal. Before she could think on it much, more enemies appeared in the form of four Krabby with small but very pinchy-looking claws.


Bree perked up. This was something she knew how to deal with. They were water-types, so no type matchup issues...alright. She raised her arms and, concentrating, flung a psychic pulse at one of them. "Tiramisu! Guys, over here!"




Atto chuckled. "Maybe. But for the love of Arceus, don't ask him if he doesn't offer you one. Most adventurers who pass through have saved someone or something, and a lot of them expect discounts for that. He's always like, 'yeah, but what have you done for me?' He'll never shut up about it. I worked in the shop for a year, I'd know."


As he was speaking, Zagan had moved on to staring at the shiny jewelry. "Oh, some of these are very nice! Those are your colours, eh?" He nudged the little fox again. The shopkeeper's patience seemed to be wearing a little thin - Atto had said out loud that he didn't have any money on him just a few minutes ago. "Maybe we could arrange a trade."

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The pattern was unmistakable. Whatever that bracelet was, it had been done with a Zorua in mind. It reminded him of that Team Leader Mamoswine that had passed through town before his evolution; the Ground-type had been wearing a brown cape that he claimed worked only for his specific evolutionary line. Zagan didn't remember the name of the item or how the group was called, but he did recall that he and the other kids had been playing around with it (under strict vigilance of course), and it wouldn't seem to work for any of them. It could be just decorative, but...


Atto nudged him again. Zagan nodded and straightened up, Riolu illusion jumping back over the counter to Atto's side. He held the bracelet on one paw to search through his mane with the other one, his illusion looking instead under the band tied around his neck. "Here," he said, turning to face the Rocky Bunny shopkeeper and putting the object he pulled out on the counter.


The shopkeeper had looked weird at Atto when he mentioned the colors matched (maybe he was talking about the face mask?), and at Zagan's words it turned to look at the yellow item on the counter. "...A Sitrus Berry." There was a hint of disbelief in its voice.


"Then I'll add this."


A Quick Seed was placed next to the berry.


The shopkeeper still did not look amused, though.


"Psst, I think it wants another berry," Zagan whispered at Atto, paw half-covering his mouth.



((Okay, so the Carbink can either accept because no one knows what the item is for and for Carbinks it's a glorified paper-weight anyway (and at least it scored a free lunch out of it), or we can get send to look for / fetch something more valuable, like trying to reach the highest points of some ore veins which would be easier for us because those rocky bunnies are tiny

Pi, you decide ^^))

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The shopkeeper looked down at the items again, not sure if he should be offended or amused. He was leaning toward the former, but the Riolu was just a little kid. He probably didn't understand what any of these things were worth (then again, neither did he; A lot of them came straight out of treasure boxes in the caves). Still, he wasn't about to just give something away practically for free.


"Look... these things are pretty hard to find, and I need to earn some money, okay? Bracelets don't just spring out of the rockface. If you want to trade, maybe we can make a better deal instead of giving me your lunch." He looked around, trying to figure something out. "Your friend's pretty big. How about you guys go get me some raw materials? If I recall, there's a gorgeous fire opal deposit on the cave ceiling to the south - turn right at the edge of the market and keep going. We're building some ramps up, but no one's gotten up there yet the last I checked. I'll save this for you until you get back, alright?" He nudged the bracelet away from the display and looked at Atto expectantly.


"Yeah, sure!" Atto chirped. It would be a little adventure, and they could go and see more of these caves. "Zagan, how about it?"

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"What was wrong with the berries," Zagan muttered, going for a slightly pouting tone while putting his two items back in his mane and doing a pretty good job at holding back his laughter. He still remembered that time when he seriously tried switching some berries for a TM and threw a tantrum when they weren't accepted, and since both the Riolu he was pretending to be and the Zorua Atto believed him to be were supposedly pretty young, it had fitted.


He perked up at the mention of a plausible alternative. "You mean like a side-quest!?" The exclamation was punctuated by him jumping in place. "Atto, it's like those games we play with Antranig!" He coughed on his paws and smirked, speaking with the deepest tone he could manage and clenching his fists in front of his chest. "Fear not, fair merchant, for us the brave heroes will go get your stolen treasure back!" Some of the Rocky Bunnies started cheering, playing along with the kid's game while others were trying (and some failing) not to laugh. Hey, at least him and Atto were doing a good publicity stunt.


"Come on, faithful friend, onwards!!!" he yelled, climbing up Atto's back and pointing at the direction the Rocky Bunny had indicated, Riolu illusion small enough to pretend to be standing on the Bug-type's head like when he had been disguised as a Pichu.

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Atto rolled his eyes. "Alright, alright." He cleared his throat, then with an exaggerated yell of "make way for the heroes!", trotted off in the direction they'd been pointed, head held high. The Carbink scattered to make a path for them, some of them trailing behind, excited to see what would happen next. As they neared the edges of the market, though, most of their entourage had wandered off, presumably to finish their shopping. They were left alone to enjoy the sights, in as much silence as there could be with Zagan present.


"I wonder why there are so many ores and stuff around this area," Atto mused. "Maybe it's because of Diancie. I've heard that legendary Pokemon often live in amazing places like these, and the Carbink are certainly treating her like one. It's such a shame so few outsiders get to see this, huh? Although I guess that kind of adds to its magic." He remembered the inn back home, the fireplace, adventurers gathered around the table telling stories, and himself and his sisters trying to squeeze in to hear their latest exploits. He'd have plenty of stories himself once they returned home.

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Zagan kept sprouting off heroic-sounding cliched phrases until the edge of the market, where the Rocky Bunnies that had been following had finished wandering off to do whatever it was they had set off to do that day and it was only him and Atto again. At least he got another ride, even if it hadn't been a gallop like that first time. Thinking about it, he was still owned a race with an Agility-boosted Atto; he needed to remind the Scolipede of that once they were back above ground.


"Diancie is a legendary?" he asked, jumping to lean on Atto's head, Riolu illusion sitting between the horns. Either Antranig hadn't mentioned her or Zagan had been spacing out when it happened. He decided both were equally possible. "Well, she sure looked like one," he commented, remembering his first impression.


He then remembered that, while his Illusion ability masked his real weight, it would do nothing to ease the real strain Atto's neck muscles were going through supporting 80 additional kilos, and jumped back to the Bug-type's back, Riolu illusion doing the same. Damn, that had been close. He'd need to pay more attention to the limits of pretending to be a small Pokemon.


"Say," he commented, sitting backwards so he could lean on Atto's neck. "Do you know what she meant when she said 'cut the grass beneath the lotus flower'? I got lost on that part," he admitted, crossing his arms behind his head.

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"No, not really," Atto replied absently, still looking up. "From what I've heard, legendary Pokemon often give riddles like that. Sometimes they're prophecies. And no one understands what they mean, but then it happens and it all makes sense. I mean, a lot of them were probably just made up, since no one's seen a real legendary Pokemon for hundreds of years. I mean, before the whole... saving-the-world business that we started on. But maybe that does happen. It's probably a metaphor for something - dunno what, but that's the fun part, right?"


There was a commotion in the tunnel in front, and Atto stopped. When they had been walking earlier, the tunnels were almost empty except for the occasional passerby, but there was a huge group of Carbink up ahead. Some of them were towing slabs of stone, while others were tying together a frame, rising toward the ceiling. Atto blinked, looked up, then forward again. If it wasn't just a weird optical illusion, the ramp wasn't even as tall as him yet. He smiled - Carbink must have a really hard time in excavating projects like these. Or maybe it was good since they could fit into smaller spaces when they scout? Anyway. "I think that's it. Let's go say hi."

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Zagan pouted. "Why aren't they direct though. Thinking a lot isn't fun, it's hard." A though occurred to him and he snickered "Maybe it's because they can't see the future at all so they say vague stuff so when something happens they can say 'oh yes, that's what I meant'," he added, paws over his mouth to contain his chuckles.


Atto stopped, and Zagan peeked to see what was going on. A group of the Rocky Bunnies were making ramps that looked more like toys than actual constructions. The ramps were already four stories high for the Carbinks, but they didn't even reach Atto's eye level.


So. Tiny.


Zagan cleared his throat and jumped down, walking in front of Atto with arms extended to the sides. "Make way for the heroes!" he preached, making all the Carbinks turn to see who was yelling.


It was fun to see how they all looked up simultaneously to actually see Atto's head, even the ones on the ramps, and Zagan would have laughed if he wasn't in the middle of an act.


"He's strong! He's smart! But above all, he's oh so very tall! Reaching more than two meters high and coming today to answer all your 'need to reach high stuff' necessities, ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to Atto the Scolipede!" he yelled, doing his best impression of a salesman, including the exaggerated arm movements to punctuate every other word. "And for a limited time only, this giant of a Pokemon will act as the latest in crane technology! Need to go up and down? Just take a ride on his head! It literally could not be more simple! Need to go through a tough part of the wall? He can do demolition too! Accept right now, and he will only take a few materials as a reward, and you lucky workers can keep the rest at no extra cost! Well, isn't he the best deal you've heard in a while?"


He was having way too much fun with that.

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((Well mid semester break, I should probably start posting again, also I'm not sure if I'm talking about the right place))


Haldor looked up, after the meeting with Diancie he had decided to take another nap. He groaned slightly as he felt something brush against him. He opened his eyes and looked around, in his curled up state he was a lot lower to the ground but he still had to look down to see the small Carbinks. There were about a dozen of them all looking at him, the closest seem to have brown flakes on his head... clearly the feeling he felt was the carbink brushing against his rusted jaw.


"Hello, may I enquire as to what you're doing?" He asked politely.

The Carbink, looked around, hoping that another member would speak, obviously frightened by the giant snake.

"Umm... if you don't mind could you come with us, we were trying to excavate some fire ores and the scollipede and the riolu are saying that they can help... but they're talking really weird." The carbink stopped talking, looking down again.

Haldor looked down, slightly amused. He then let out a loud groan, which seemed to shake the ground, he uncoiled himself straightening his body up.

"Lead the way," He said smiling.


He followed the small swarm of carbinks to the area where they had first arrived. He could already see Attos body poking up through the crowd, and Zagan appeared to be waving his arms around in an very exaggerated performance.

"I don't think Atto would be very effective at tunnelling through a wall Zagan. And you shouldn't be charging these people, it's their property and we are guests," Haldors voice, although quiet, seemed to cut through all the noise, leaving silence in it's wake.

The nine meter steel snake lowered its head, reaching Zagan without having to move any further forward. He tilted his head slightly as his eyes bored into Zagan. He knew that Zagan was a Zororak but even without his illusion Haldor could chomp him whole.

With movements much faster than anyone could expect from the rusty old snake, Haldor opened his mouth as wide as it would go and chomped down an inch from Zagans nose.


((Let me know if i've done something wrong, and I've changed it now so hopefully its okay))

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Leo watched the three Gastrodon collapse from the team's attacks and vanish, a satisfied look on his face. The remaining two had also disappeared, just as Leo knew they would once everyone else caught up.


"One of these days I'll find out where Dungeon natives go when knocked out," Agatha said, slightly disappointed that the Gastrodon hadn't put up more of a fight.


"That's just one of the things mystery dungeons do," Leo replied, also noting the looks of confusion on some of his companions, "Try not to think to hard about it."


"I sense more enemies incoming," Agatha warned, "Keep an eye out."

"Tiramisu! Guys, over here!"

"Thank-You," Agatha said, swinging around to where Bree had pointed. A blast of ominous wind swept through the Krabbys, blowing them away.


"We should start moving," Leo warned, "We're starting to attract attention."

He heard it already, a faint rumbling of... something. Far off, but growing nearer. It sounded like it was somewhere below them, so...

"We need to get to higher ground, find a way back up. Try to stick together everyone."

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Kyandi stared intently at the berries, as if her willpower would cook them faster all by itself. She was so absorbed at looking at the berries she didn't notice the newcomer. However, it seemed that the fire had other plans for her as a small spark leaped out and hit her on the nose. "Ow!" she cried and stumbled backwards, rubbing her nose. Looking at her surroundings, she finally noticed the stranger. "What's he doing here?" she asked. She was still trying to register the fact that a stranger had somehow appeared. Looking at the Pokemon, she thought it looked like it was at least part fairy type. It also had a pretty big mouth...attached to its head? The mouth was pretty scary, so she edged behind Abel gradually. "You're not going to eat me right?" She asked from behind Abel who admittedly did not make a great shield considering he was at least six inches shorter than her. It was a weird fact, but a fact all the same.

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((And now it's official, I've taken the reins for this RP, I'll be posting for talon's characters, as well as my own, and relaying the plot as talon sends it to me))


Two of the Krabbys disappeared before they even hit the floor. The remaining three scrambled to their feet, and charged at Agatha, intent on punishing the offending ghost. Just as quickly the three skidded to a halt, tripping over each other once they got a good look at her.


Agatha was glowing a deep violet, the ominous wind having charged her. Her eyes glowed red, and she had a grin so terrifying that it would send a Machoke running home to his mama.


The rear two Krabbys turned tail and ran back to the hole they had come from as fast as their skittering legs could carry them, while the third scrambled in place trying to get a grip on the wet floor. Once he did, he ran off after his comrades, screaming, "Retreat! Retreat!! Protect the treasure!"



Tiramisu's ear twitched at the mention of Treasure. What could it be that they wanted to protect? Piles of gold and jewels? Rare TMs? A random Gumi? She looked over to the hole the Krabbys had retreated into. She could probably fit into it, but should she? Of course, they had attacked her party first, but could she finish them off? Agatha had weakened them, but what if they had reinforcements? What if there was some hideous monster waiting in the hole that ate Naïve Meouths that came looking for treasure?




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Atto flinched. "Whoa! Haldor, hey, let me explain, alright?" He shuffled forward, trying to shove himself in between the two other members of his party. "Zagan found a cool trinket in the marketplace, but neither of us have any money. The shopkeep sent us up here to help out with the construction, and he said we can use one of these gems as payment. I guess it'd be bad form to just ask for payment like that, but... well, that guy thought it was okay. And it's kinda the stuff you'd expect adventurers to do, huh?" He looked away, a little embarrassed. He'd laughed when Zagan mentioned sidequests, but that was what he'd been thinking too. "But, um, anyway, I won't be tunnelling. The gems are on the roof over there and I can help build the platform upwards. Or just help reach up there in general." Most of the Carbink were now watching from a safe distance, after Haldor's attack, and Atto turned to face one of the closer ones. "So, um, yeah! Do you guys need any help?"


"I suppose so," one of them mumbled, peeking out from behind a pile of stone slabs on the platform. "Traffic's awful near staircase constructions anyway." There was a murmur of agreement. "Yeah, alright. Here, just...hmm, just stand around here for a bit," that Carbink, apparently the leader, continued, dropping off the platform and indicating the area with a swish. Atto glanced at Haldor, then followed, feet clacking on the stone floor.




Bree breathed a sigh of relief - then frowned. That had been too easy, hadn't it? Krabby were fairly weak Pokemon, but these had been KOed with a single shot. "Um, thanks," she squeaked at Agatha. She should be polite in any case. "Um, what about those ones? They got away... but if there's, if there's something down there, we should hurry up, right? S-sorry, that wasn't really very useful." She glanced up at Cas. He hadn't attacked at all during that last wave - but didn't he say that he was bad at battling? She sent him what she hoped was a reassuring glance.




"What?" Rue blinked owlishly at the Sylveon. "No! Nonono, no, I wouldn't. It's not like I can! You're bigger than me. And these are actually horns. Well, kinda. I can move them around." He demonstrated, opening and shutting his giant jaws slowly. "That's kinda cool, huh? I mean, I think it is." He shrugged, relaxing a little. The Glaceon and the Flareon were a little wary, but it seemed they'd be willing to share. "But yeah, s'nice to meet you guys. For what it's worth...I think there's an exit," he paused - did he want to point them toward the town he'd just left? He'd probably be recognized there, but he didn't want to be stuck in this forest forever either - "kind of that-way-ish." He pointed slightly off course. With any luck they would come out in a nice clearing, or a village he hadn't visited yet. Anise shifted again, but he ignored it. That goody two-shoes. "I mean, I'm kind of lost, but I kind of know some stuff about this forest. I think."

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"Hey Haldor!" Zagan greeted, waving an arm. It was impossible to not see the golden snake even at a distance, though he was mildly surprise the Steel-type was awake so soon. Did something wake him? Probably.


"Buuuut-" he started whining, when Haldor suddenly bent down and bit.


Riolus, like the one Zagan pretended to be, were less than a meter tall. To Zagan's surprise, Haldor's bite had been aimed at something at twice that height - where a Zoroark's head should have been, in fact. It had been done swiftly, too, and Zagan wouldn't have been able to dodge it had his head been in that position from the start. The only reason no part of him ended up inside the massive jaws when they closed was Zagan's preferred four-legged stance, which put his actual head just a bit higher than a Riolu's.


He wasted no time scampering behind Atto just in case.


"What was that for???" he squealed, peeking out from under Atto's tails as the Bug-type explained their intentions.


What he really wanted to know though was how in heavens Haldor knew where to bite. Didn't they think he was a Zorua? He had been careful to not change in obvious places too, so what had been the problem?


Atto started walking towards where the Rocky Bunny pointed and Zagan followed suit, still below the poisonous tails, doing his best pouting face at Haldor.




Kyandi's cry startled Abel, who quickly turned to see if anything was wrong. His sister was rubbing her snout with her front paws, backtracking to put some distance between her and the fire.


Oh. He could guess what had happened.


She then hid behind him - or tried to, since Abel was the shortest of the trio -, as Rue started defending his not-gonna-eat-you-guys position. "It's okay, Kii-chan," he reassured her, paw rubbing one of her feelers to make her relax. "Rue is just lost, he's not going to eat anyone." The newcomer had a point, too, in that it wouldn't be very smart to get into a solo fight against three fully evolved Pokemon. Abel didn't know Rue's type, but it didn't look like Fire, the only one that resisted the three of them.


"And Rue, there's no reason for you to leave. You've done nothing wrong," Abel added, since Rue had mentioned it before Kyandi got startled. He was a bit curious of why would Rue consider himself lost when he had said himself he didn't have a set destination, but it wasn't the time to ask that. Besides, Rue knew the direction of the nearest settlement, and maybe they could get some supplies and training there.


"Now, how about we all have breakfast together? The berries must be almost done by now," he suggested. Rue looked like he could use some food, and Cane still looked wary, so maybe a meal would help in getting him and Kyandi to relax. Besides, it would give them some time to get to know each other a bit, and they could decide what to do afterwards.




The slimy Pokemon and the Krabbys were gone, and the others had entered the cave too. The male Meowth had mentioned high ground...


"Remember, stick together."

He didn't need to be reminded.

"Why let them escape? Why not show them what happens when you mess with us?"


Requiem shook his head slightly, eyes closed. No. The male Meowth said to avoid fights, and he wasn't going to attack unless necessary. But...


"I-I can carry you," he offered, almost a whisper, secondary heads close to his body and main head avoiding eye contact. The only Pokemon in the group that couldn't fly or float were the two Meowths and the Zigzagoon, and they were light enough for him to fly with. They could go faster, like the Reuniclus had suggested, so... it would help, right?

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((summer classes have started, so many I can channel my procrastination powers into making posts))


Cases blinked at Bree's suggestion. "I wouldn't say we have to chase down every foe that decides to run." He replied.

Why DENy your DUty? send them to us.

He shook his head in an effort to distract himself from the voices and continued, "In any case, the decision should go to Leo, a as he has more experience with dungeons than I."


Leo smiled awkwardly.

"Thanks for the complement, I guess, but if I'm going to be completely honest, there really is not that much technique to dungeon exploring."


There was an awkward pause.


Is he serious! Tiramisu thought to herself, mortified, he doesn't have some strategy or plan? What if we're lost in here forever!


Catching on to the growing tension in the air, Leo quickly recomposed himself.

"Hear me out here, Dungeons change every time you enter, right? So combing over the entire floor can take a lot of energy, which is basically wasted once you move on to the next floor. The best strategy is simply to keep moving until you find a way forward, and if you see something valuable or useful along the way, take it with you. Chances are that you could need it sooner than you think."


Leo walked over to the hole, and peered inside, it looked like a fairly short tunnel, but Bree, Requiem, and Alteria would most likely not be able to fit. Still he could see the room on the other side of just a foot of rock.

"If there is treasure in there, and those Krabbys also came from this hole, it could be what explorers refer to as a Monster House; a room that dungeon dwelling Pokémon use as their home, and where they keep valuable items."

He then turned to look at the only other way out of the current chamber.

"On the other hand, that path is most likely clear of hazards, and useful items. Also both paths can lead to the way forward, or be dead ends."



((so which path will you take, The risk and reward of the small hole in a thin wall, or the pong safe path?))

((I did this instead of homework unsure.gif YEY the procrastination is working FOR the RP now!!))

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Haldor lifted himself up, gazing back down at his companions, he suspected that Zagan had noticed where the bite had been aimed and he hoped that it would cause some stress for the Zororak.

Haldor shook his head, Zoruas and Zororaks failed to realise that a name like Zagan would be unusual for any other species than their own. If he were disguising as another pokemon he'd use a fake name.


"Well as long as you do a good job I suppose I can let you off for now," Haldor said briefly.

"Although consider helping people out by your own decency as opposed to just helping them because they have something you want," Haldor paused and assumed a proud pose, if he had a chest he would be sticking it out.

"It is one of the many traits that people expect of an official rescuer, now," He begun to coil down in a neat conical pile.

"Wake me when you stuff up," He then shut his eyes and began snoring.

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"Oh. Alright!" Rue chirped. He leaned to the side, glancing at the berries. Pretty standard forest fare, but roasted things always tasted better - he hoped he'd get a chance at some of those Chestos. "Thanks for having me. A lot of people kind of get creeped out, because, y'know, the jaws." He grinned sheepishly, plunking himself down on the grass and shifting into a cross-legged position. At this rate, he might even be able to introduce Anise soon. Y'hear that, you big lug? He thought at the keystone (a habit he never broke, even after countless assurances that no, Anise could not in fact read his mind, that was a psychic thing and Anise was definitely not psychic). "Are you guys, like...adventurers? I mean, I'm just lost, but most people who travel around and camp in forests and stuff are, right?" He bounced a little. He never got to meet a lot of adventurers, but he always found them exciting. It was kind of like a cooler version of what he did - and people didn't care where they went or what they did as long as they did their job. "I mean, I don't mean to pry or anything. I just think it's pretty cool."


((Nyeh sorry for short post, I've gotta sleep, will post for everyone else tomorrow))

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Reed woke up.


It wasn't pleasant. He felt like he'd had the life sucked out of him.


Oh, wait. Agatha.


He groaned loudly. That Mismagius was frustrating, psychotic, and so, so beautiful. He could've said from the beginning that she'd leave the moment that it was convenient for her to, but the time they'd spent was worth it. It wasn't like he'd lied about getting Allen back to her. He was perhaps the only Pokemon who could in the circumstances. In any case, the dull pain bothering him wasn't her fault. He could remember darkness – he paused to stare at his clawless, tan paw – and the lake. He remembered getting stabbed, and his sloppy pawprint burned just a little bit. Reed had the feeling that he'd forgotten something, but gained something slightly more useful.


[Reed forgot Earthquake!

Reed learned Nightmare. Crap.

The Snow Wish was used.]


He couldn't really imagine what useful thing he would have gained from being stabbed in a dream, but whatever. A few hours had passed, the meddlesome tagalong band of Shadow Tag had run off, and he was alone in the forest. He could smell rain on the breeze, which, if he remembered correctly, meant that he definitely wanted to stay out of that cavern.


Thanks Kyogre. The gods loved to smile on that little Smeargle, didn't they? He pondered a change of religion, then thought better of it. They would all soon be gone. ...When had he visited this area? He mentally shrugged.


He wouldn't have been quite so angry if that cavern weren't the only way through to Fogbound Lake. Shadow Tag would be there by morning. Or they'd drown in the caverns, but he reminded himself that protagonists don't just die like that. If he had to play the villain to save them from themselves, at least he'd play to the genre. He had to be crafty, yes, he would keep to the shadows and


Maybe he'd use Fissure on the cavern? That worked pretty well before.




The Nidoran had a bemused look plastered across her face, though she secretly worried for the Pokemon's health. Perhaps he'd been a little too caught up in his plans to split rocks in half, or perhaps the small spiny rabbit was frightened by the fact that (as she so aptly put it) he “looked like he'd been run over by a Scolipede.”

Tyndall had nearly been run over by both a Scolipede and a Riolu. A flustered Carbink rushed past, pausing to bow to the Ditto (currently fitting in with a striking coal body and sapphire eyes).


“My deepest apologies, sir, our other guests are...” Tamberlain grimaced, and glanced with no hidden malice towards where the duo had run, “More than a bit rowdy. I was just on my way to discuss this with them.”


Tyndall smiled. “It is no problem at all, friend,” he reassured the chamberlain, though the Carbink had already set off at a threateningly brisk float. He began to wonder where his own young acquaintances had gone off to.


Perhaps I'll join the troublemakers? He hadn't made innocent mischief in years. The prospect tempted him viciously. Just a few moments, he allowed himself.



Flatten your fur, Tiramisu, we're going in!


A quick breath and one forward push and Tiramisu had stuck her face entirely into the small hole. Her whiskers stuck to her face, bent flat by the rocky walls. Scuttles echoed around her and several – SEVERAL – pairs of eyes glittered in the light from behind her.


“Leo?” She whimpered in a moment of fear, “Y-you're coming in after me, right?”


A tiny Krabby pinched her cheek. It was kind of cute. Then approximately five hundred tiny Krabbies pinched her cheek and it wasn't really that cute anymore. She yelled and lashed out at five or twenty crabs with a hastily-freed claw; they fell where they stood and disappeared.


”Tiramisu?” Cas' muffled voice carried worriedly into the cavern, ”Are you alright?”


With a bright flash, she scrabbled to her paws. Secret Power came in handy sometimes. She lashed her tail at a mob of Krabbies, who then bit into it like some sort of candy. She hissed, but they didn't really care.


”Pardon me, Leo, but I'm going in after her.”


A glowing red eye popped through the wall, glancing around nervously. A few Krabbies prodded it curiously.


“Ah there you – ow!”


A grey hand nudged the Krabbies, but they bit in there. Unfortunately for them, the hand drew back very quickly, dashing them against the wall. They vanished immediately. Cas frowned,


“That really was an accident, I-”


Tiramisu slammed her tail against the ground and fired off her Hidden Power. A bright flash cleared the room – for now. She glared indignantly at Cas,


“You could've just phased through the wall?”


He seemed confused, “Why, yes, all ghost types can. To my knowledge, they can.”


“And you let me squeeze in here?”


“I-I simply assumed that you had it under control -”


Tiramisu sighed.


“Just stand in front of me and do this - “ She balance precariously on two legs and flailed her front legs as if she were in a sissy fight. “It'll get rid of some of the Krabbies for me.”


“Yes, I may as well help - “ Cas coughed and was silent for a moment. “Tiramisu, I am very afraid of caves.”


She paused.




“Never mind it, I won't – I won't hold us up. Let's go.”


With the Dusknoir's huge hands slapping babies like it was Christmas Day, the two of them slunk down a short path to a very wet, very blue stone.


“Avast ye!” A tiny, tiny voice cried, “Begone! The Sea Stone be ours!”


Tiramisu's eyes lit up. The “Sea Stone” shone brightly and quite frankly she liked that a lot. Her bag itched for another pretty stone.


“Cas,” She whispered, awed, “That's a Water Stone.”


“Take ye not another step lest we chop yer paws off!”


“Yes, and you heard it was their Water Stone, Tiramisu. We should leave it be.”


She grumbled incoherently. There had to be some good reason for her to take it. It was right there, after all, and the Krabbies had attacked them first.


“LEO!” She called out, blowing the tiny pirate Krabby – in fact the last Krabby standing, though others were hatching as they spoke – off of his feet, “WE FOUND A WATER STONE! SHOULD WE TAKE IT?”

Despite his leisurely pace, Tyndall appeared to have arrived at the site of the youngsters' mischief even before Tamberlain. (In truth, Tamberlain had knocked into another Carbink, knocking the poor thing out. The two were currently at the hospital, Tamberlain pacing impatiently.) The Ditto peeked his derpy Carbink eyes around the area, listening in. Apparently the two were just helping out with construction.


“Excuse me,” He murmured politely, “May I also assist with the construction? A Ditto would doubtless prove helpful as well.”


He also took the time to address the Riolu and Scolipede in turn.


“You must be the other visitors; I don't believe we've met. My name is Tyndall - “ He stopped to bow as well as derpy faux-Carbink could, “At your service.”


(( Good afternoon, friends, it's been a while. Far too long. ^w^ ))

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((Hello! Nothing has changed in your absence!))


"Um, yeah." Atto blinked at Haldor. That had been odd - why would he assume a teammate was doing anything other than helping people out? Although admittedly he hadn't known him Pokemon for very long, but...well. He made a mental note to be careful around the veteran later. But then there was someone new on the scene, so he set it aside for later.


A Ditto, apparently - but currently Carbink-shaped. Interesting. "Oh, hello. Atto, and this is Zagan." He motioned toward the not-Riolu. They probably had some things in common, there. "Um, I suppose so! Honestly I'm not too sure what we're trying to do here either." One of the actual Carbink (she'd climbed onto his back a few minutes ago) stopped trying to scale his neck and was now staring at the newcomer as well. This was all just a little bit awkward, he realized, and if anything happened he wasn't going to be able to move out of the way unless he wanted to knock several of them over like tiny bowling pins.


"Yeah, that, um - that might be a good idea."




"That doesn't sound like a Water Stone," Bree muttered, a little horrified (and now Cas was gone too who was she supposed to cling to now) - then realized what she said and had to hold back a laugh. She was feeling - she felt a little like how she imagined people who breathed would feel when there wasn't much air left. She wasn't going to fit inside that gap anytime soon and there was absolutely nothing she could do from out here unless she tried to blow the whole thing up? But no there was no way Leo was going to approve of that and there was, there was that thing down there they had to be worried about and


She realized she was projecting a faint psychic noise again and stopped herself, shaking her head and trying to focus on imagining a clump of berries (something that had always seemed to work for her mom - but she wasn't in the habit of psychically communicating all the time, Bree had always been that silly one). She still had no idea what she wanted to accomplish at this very moment but whatever it was, she was not contributing to it by panicking into the brains of everyone else. "Leo?" She squeaked. "What now?"

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Leo leapt through the hole after Cases, landing suddenly (and appearing out of thin air to anyone watching) next to the captain.


"Well, I was right," he said, observing Tiramisu's handiwork, "This definitely was a monster house, not by much, but still."


He then turned to the remaining Krabby. "Shouldn't you be a little more concerned about finding your crew?" he scolded, "They must follow you for some reason, and I'm pretty sure it's not your training regimen. If you're the captain, then it's your job to lead them, not sit on a treasure that amounts to a single rock."


"Good job by the way," He said to Tiramisu, "I wouldn't have been able to handle this as quickly as you, even with my speed. I'm more suited to taking out single targets, I can't do crowd control."


Leo leapt back to the hole. Turning back, called out to Tiramisu, "Let me know if the path continues along this direction, I'll tell the others that everything's fine."



Back on the other side, Leo noticed Bree's Anxious expression. "It's all right," he said reassuringly, "Tiramisu took care of the Monster House singlehandedly. If there's a way forward, I can help everyone get through with my mobile scarf. That way we won't have to bust down the wall. It's also ask Agatha to help but she's.. uh"


Leo looked around, noticing that the Mismagius in question had vanished, again.

"Well, I was going to say that she's rather unhelpful, but now she's just gone."





Agatha, In fact, was mooning over the 'treasure', which she had picked up while now one was looking. "Nice quality I must say, no chips or cracks, It would be worth a pretty Poke on the market," she commented.

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