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Bree watched as her Shadow Ball flew at Giratina, squinting and willing it to hit. She seemed to have aimed it properly, but a split second before it could actually hit Giratina, the giant dragon shattered and disappeared, as if it had never been there at all. Bree pulled back and blinked. Red congratulated her from below, but she wasn't sure she'd actually done anything. Was Giratina just an illusion of some sort? Before she could ponder it, though, she was blasted back by a burst of ghostly wind.


She lost her concentration and tumbled to the ground, landing on her face. She propped herself up and squinted through the wind. That Spiritomb had gotten to use its combo after all - and with two Gourgeists, this time. A few of the ghostly flames were heading towards Requiem and -


Bree wasn't actually sure what happened next. She felt herself moving, pushing off the ground and floating a little unsteadily toward the flame. She was quite well acquainted with Will-o-Wisp. It was one of her dad's favourite moves, and he'd even used it to make little flickering fire puppets to put on shows for her. There had never been a risk - their house was fireproofed, of course, and with Magic Guard it didn't matter even if she'd bumped into one of them by accident. And now she could put it to use.


The flames crashed into Bree with a woosh and she felt nothing but a faint warmth spreading across her body. The Ominous Wind had stung quite a bit, though, and she fell to the ground again, staring up at (and maybe a little past) Requiem with a small smile.

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Agatha rolled her eyes at Tiramisu's naiveté. "Hel-LO! Earth to kitty! You're walking along, and Giratina just pops outa nowhere? Then ya goth these two, hiding outa sight, NOT helping ya out?" Agatha began pacing, her own shadow writhing in agitation. "It was a trap moron, Wake up and smell the Roserades! Giratina was a fake, an illusion created by those two, or do ya have a better explanation for why it vanished right after I hit them?"


Agatha stopped her pacing, and turned to face Tirimisu once more, "As for why I'm even bothering to tell you this; One, you're thicker than old molasses and should have figured this out yourself as soon as you recognized us, and two, I made a deal with Picasso to find Allen before you lot, and he's right over there." Agatha pointed to where Leo was. The shadows obscured most of the other Pokémon from view, but Agatha knew that there could be no doubt who it was. She then turned back to Fenris and Pell.


"As you can clearly see, I don't need Your boss Reed's help anymore, so I decided to end your show early." Agatha cackled. She then rounded on Cass. "I'm a bit curious as to how you know these two, grimy," she inquired, "Don't tell me you lead them here knowing it was a trap?"


An ominous wind blew through the clearing, stinging Agatha with it's ferocity. she glared over at the Spiritomb that had cast it, clearly censorkip.gif 'd off. "Who taught you to aim, dingwad?" She growled, before summoning an ominous wind of her own. The wind parted around everyone who had been traveling with Team Shadow Tag, only attacking the Pokémon who had participated in the ambush.


((ominous wind does not attack allies in the PMD games (although Agatha could have ignored that.) ))


Agatha shook her head. "Eh, whatever, it doesn't matter," she sighed, "Just get outta here, all of ya. Whatever's controlling my dear Allen does not share his sense of restraint, and the more Pokémon there are, the stronger Allen is. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta get my boyfriend back."




"You're Reed, aren't you," Leo guessed. It made sense, in a way. The cocky attitude, the inflated ego, everything matched up. However...


"I find it hard to believe that a Smeargle would have that kind of power," Leo said, "Are you really the one behind this? Or are you just another puppet ?" 


Leo felt an Ominous Wind attack blow through him, followed by another, more familiar one from close by. Using Agatha's wind as cover, Leo vanished, landing in a tree behind Allen. 


"I don't care what sort of crusade against the legendaries you're on," Leo declared, "Your actions have put innocent Pokemon in danger, and that must be stopped!"



[ Agatha attacked all hostile Pokemon with ominous wind]

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Ruphus was already thinking up things at random, already bored from all the waiting. He was already thinking that those two have left, but then he noticed something quickly approaching him. Instinctively, he jumped out of the way, but then he noticed that it was just Atto. "Holy Arceus, I had no idea that Scolipedes could run that fast!" - he thought, amazed. Still, he withheld a giggle when he saw a look on Atto's face, but the contents of the bag boosted his optimism even more, and he replied energetically, not noticing Atto's injury: "So! You and Zagan are going to use the combo of Toxic and... Veno... shock, right?"

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Zagan ran after Atto, some distance behind; by the time he arrived at the place where the tunnel's newest exit was, the Bug-type was already there, standing up, his bag on the ground and open, showing the spoils of their little hunt.


Luckily, Ruphus the Vibrava Evolution was still there, so at least there hadn't been a need for Atto to sit on the Ground-type. Even thought he had only meant it as a joke, it would have been fun to see.


"Yep! Toxic and Venoshock! It's gonna be awesome," he said, rubbing his paws together. "Let's divide the berries and... hold on, Atto, you okay?" he commented, noticing the newest crack near one of the hind legs and crouching next to it to examine it.




"Guys? Guys! It, we, hey!"


Another voice, the one back- back where? He couldn't remember, just knew the voice was good. Requiem shook his head, but the mist wouldn't recede yet, clinging to his mind like the tangible tentacles from earlier. One of the dark shapes knelt over - fainted? - and Requiem was hit by something. It was a wind, a dark wind, and didn't hurt much - weak attack or not effective? He couldn't tell, and...


A ring of blue flames, spiraling towards him. He only noticed it too late, and it would have hit him if one of the other dark forms hadn't jumped in front of him, shielding him from the fire. The flames engulfed the form and disappeared, and the form, floating before, fell to the ground.


He flew back a bit, gaze glued to the fallen form. He couldn't see it it had fainted or not, the effects of his confusion still preventing him from recognizing anyone, but...


It had protected him. Of all Pokemon.


That he could tell.


Requiem growled, blue electricity coming from his wings. The haze receded; the dark form that launched the attack switched to the one of a Spiritomb, the form on the ground morphing into the Reuniclus from earlier. Now he could think. The attack from before, it was most likely Ghost or Dark, Reuniclus were Psychic; it would have affected her.


A second wind blew through the terrain, this one evading both him and the Reuniclus. He didn't notice it.



He always listened to that voice.


He fired Thunder Wave, aimed directly at the Spiritomb, flying to place himself between it and the fallen Psychic-type. He wasn't letting it get near. Not letting it hurt someone else instead of him again.


A turquoise light was already escaping from his middle mouth, the energy for Dragon Pulse gathering inside it.



((Just remembered Confusion wears off after a while, and did a RNG to choose after how many attacking moves it should. Used 1-4, and it chose 2. Surf+Dragon Pulse, so I guess I was lucky ^^

His HP now is 143/306))


[[Requiem used Thunder Wave on Spiritomb]]

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"Eh?" Atto started to turn, but caught himself and craned his neck toward his back leg instead. The crack almost blended in with all the other ones, with only a hint of liquid around the edges to indicate that it was made more recently. "Oh, no, it's fine. 'M surprised you noticed, actually. I, ah, this happens a lot." He nosed at one of his older injuries. "When we get back, I guess I'll have fun explaining that I got hurt falling out of a tree." He stopped for a second, then burst into laughter. What had he been thinking? Well, of course, he knew he hadn't thought it through enough even before he'd decided to do it, but that was just how he was sometimes. Life was better with a little silliness.


He shook his head to stop himself, then straightened. "Yeah, let's get started. So...how good are you with Toxic, exactly? We might have to try that a few times before we can get a combo going."

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Zagan laughed with Atto - that tree-hugging-falling moment was gonna stay with him for a long while. It was real good that the Bug-type had a sense of humor, too.


"Alright," he said, putting some space between him and the bag of berries just in case and going into a 'ready' position; slightly crouched, muscles tensed, ears down and pointing back, and eyes narrowed and glued to Ruphus. His Riolu illusion raised his clenched paws to chest level, left one a little closer than the right one, tail parallel to the ground. "I can aim Toxic well enough, but if I use it a lot it leaves some of the stuff in my mouth," he clarified, sticking his tongue out a bit while frowning to indicate it wasn't exactly a taste he was eager to try again. He had mentioned he tended to poison himself when using that move back at the tunnel. "And by a lot I mean more than once. But practice makes perfect, right? So be sure to tell me if I'm doing something wrong, Mr. Poison-Type," he added with a playful grin and a glance to Atto before focusing on Ruphus again.


"Ruphus, ya ready?"

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Because she was so busy thinking about what had happened to the Giratina, when she saw a Ominous Wind hit some hostile Pokemon, she started and subconsciously used the first move that came to mind. Which, unluckily for her, happened to be Outrage. Even more unluckily, the Curse damage hit as she used outrage. Which happened to make her use more energy and aim in some random direction. You think this can't get any worse right? Well guess again, she happened to be aiming at Red. She had never put this much power into an Outrage before, so she wasn't expecting the amount of energy that she lost. Slamming into Red with all the force in the attack, she fainted. The energy loss and the damage were too much for her.

[[Altaria used Outrage with damage multiplied by x1.5 at Red and consequently fainted]]

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Haldor yawned and reared up, he spun his boulders to ease the stiffness.

"To think a large metal/ rock snake is complaining about stiff joints." Haldor said to himself. He then looked out and noticed Atto and Zagan with a flygon.

"Oh? Who is this?" Haldor asked, curiously.

" And shouldn't we be pushing on? We do have a schedule. You young ones can play later," Haldor said, condescendingly.

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Ruphus took a glance at Scolipede's leg too. Upon hearing that these injuries weren't a rarity, he frowned. But the frown washed away from his face when Atto burst into laughing. "That's good of you to have a sense of humor!" - he laughed along with others. "But seriously, you'll probably want to patch that up. Just saying." Then he glanced at Zagan and listened to Riolu's move's description. When he was done and asked whether he was ready or not, he nodded: "Ready as always!"


But then Steelix emerged from the ground. Ruphus restrained himself from jumping when he asked about him. He sensed that the Steelix was a lot older than him, and he already figured that he was looking at the veteran. So he decided to be polite here and let Atto and Zagan explain.

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"He's Ruphus! He's helping us train!" Zagan answered Haldor's question, grinning up at him.


And then the Steelix said they should continue.


"Awwww, come on! We already got the berries and everything," he whined, pointing at the full bag. "Just one, real quick! Come on, Atto, Ruphus!"


With that exclamation, he swiftly got into his previous stance and shot his Toxic attack at Ruphus without anymore warnings (he had said he was ready, after all), the thick, purple liquid shooting out of his mouth like a Water Gun, aiming at the other Pokemon's chest area.

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"You're right, Sheriff, an ordinary Smeargle wouldn't have this power. A Smeargle wouldn't have this power at all. Have you considered that perhaps you have the name right and the species wrong?"


The shadowed figure spoke quietly now that Leo was at the same level as himself. Up close, his posture didn't seem as imposing. Perhaps it had been the light? (Of which there was little, in between the tangible tendrils of shade.) His shoulders slumped so slightly forward, though not enough to impede his proud image - only enough to remove the illusion of cockiness. The silhouette might seem like that of a more elderly Pokemon to some - one resigned and growing comfortable with the unsettling feeling of helplessness. Ice and snow are made of the same water, and both can, cold and relentless, freeze one to death. Snow at times, though, can be a welcome comfort with the moon shining high above. The figure's eyes from this even footing, then, felt more like snow (though their color had not changed). He felt a detached pain as the foul wind struck through Allen harshly. He shrugged it off, and turned towards where he expected Leo would be now that he'd disappeared with the wind, a level gaze turning with him.


"My actions have been an attempt to keep ordinary Pokemon out of this conflict. I don't want a single life of collateral damage where it isn't necessary, Leo."


He leaned his head back slightly, glancing at the sky a bit contemplatively.


"My mistake with Palkia interfered with that. Because I failed to take the proper precautions, you and your colleagues were dragged into this conflict. And my failure with Latios has likely brought the entire world into it as well."


Offhandedly he added,


"I won't fight you, Leo. Any moves you make will only hurt Allen."




Cas blinked and twisted around to face Agatha.


"That's absolute nonsense! I couldn't have - "


He looked from Agatha, to Tiramisu, over to the clearing, back to Tiramisu. Tiramisu was staring blankly ahead, head tilted. That was a bit worrying, but at the very least she didn't seem to be incriminating him. Frustrated, he stammered,


"I would never have done that - I don't even know this area!"


Fenris glared through Agatha towards the Dusknoir,


"Don't kid yourself, girlie, 'at stumbling excuse f'r a ghost ain't with us."


Pell craned his neck around to try to find Cas, but that was hard to do while keeping one eye on the boss, another on Fenris, and another on that Meowth right near the boss. Suddenly he only needed to keep one eye on anything because he found himself aching on the ground. Arceus, he hated Ghost-type moves... His one open eye saw Fenris gritting his teeth against the Ominous Wind, still dead-set on maiming (or, well, killing) that Mismagius.


This... was no time for hesitation. The Kirlia called out, "Cas, I'll explain later!", rushed forward to grab his seething and sparking partner, and let out the strongest Psychic Lens Combo he could. To any observer, they and two feet around them would be a riotous mess of colors and lines. A strong telepathic order cut through to the silhouette on the tree - Boss, we need to leave, now! - as the entire ball of confusion began to flicker.


This was also a horrible mess.



"Giratina... what?"


Stage One: Denial.


Fenris was a nice Pokemon. He'd helped Tiramisu back at the Square, and just because he had an accent and spoke kind of bluntly, it didn't mean that he was some sort of villain. So what if he looked like he was going to kill Agatha? She deserved it.


Stage Two: Anger.


Who was Agatha to say that those two Pokemon were the cause of everything? She was doing the same thing: standing around back here, not helping, while a Giratina suddenly appeared! She had a motive! She wanted Leo not to find Allen first, so she must have planned it all, and here she was blaming two completely innocent Pokemon -


Stage Three: bull****.


You're just trying to incriminate her however you can.


Take a moment, then work it out.








Tiramisu leveled her gaze towards Agatha, looking her over carefully and cautiously.


"You sure want us out of here quickly, Agatha. Giving us a Mobile Scarf to get out of here is pretty selfless for you."


Padding a few steps closer, the Meowth peered at the Mismagius, slit-eyed.


"You're right, they're probably guilty. But - correct me if I'm wrong - you're hiding out of sight, not helping, as well. And you sure seem to be pointing a lot of fingers."


Somewhere deep inside, Tiramisu was grinning madly, holding a five-block block party for her sudden bout of righteous confidence. Outwardly she felt a bit malicious.


"If you're working with Reed, and Reed's the one who organized this whole ambush, then I'm afraid you're guilty too, Agatha."


She felt the urge to spit a Shadow Ball growing in her throat.


"Get out of here before I make you."


...That wasn't exactly how I meant to work it out, but that works.




Back on the road, things had finally fallen quiet. The Spiritomb and Gourgeist had fallen victim to the onslaught of attacks; all of the attackers laid unconscious on the ground, breathing shallowly (minus the Gastlies, who'd fallen through the ground and were approximately twenty-five feet into the earth at this point in time).


Congratulations, you've won.


[boss Battle success!


You get all of the praise. All of it.


+π experience points!]

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((Wait what Silver why meeeee))


Red was ready to celebrate. The battle was ending. Giratina was gone, and the minions were quickly falling. Everything was going great. She had survived her first real battle.




Red spotted the charging Altaria out of the corner of her eye just in time. Adrenaline surged through her, urging her away, away, fast as she could run, but she was too slow.


The attack just grazed her side, sending her flying across the path, smacking into a tree and sliding down, rolling to a stop in the mud.


"Owowowow.... Alteria? What in Arceus' name was that??"


She was conscious, but just barely. Everything hurt. She rooted around in her bag and discovered that, though rather bruised, her Oran berry was now usable again! She quickly devoured it, feeling energy return with each bite. With the end of the battle, both Embargo and Curse had worn off, leaving her feeling much, much better.


Red cautiously stood. "Alteria, what was that about? That hurt..." she whined, confused as to why her friend had attacked her. Had Alteria been confused? Was she mistaken as to what had happened? What was going on?


[[Red used one oran berry]]


((How does evolution work? Do they need to be in a special place, or does it just happen?))

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Agatha glared right back at Tirimisu, "Listen you, I was planning on dumping that Egomaniac as soon as we found Allen. This started out as a lovely side show, and I probably would have indeed sat back and watched. But then Allen shows up here, and I can tell that he's not in control of his actions at the moment."


Agatha's face twisted into a malicious grin. "You ever hear of a move called Pain split? It sucks the life right out of whoever it's used on, and restores the user's health by an equal amount. Allen's quite proficient with it. Add to that his kind's natural capacity for draining life from others, and you get a very potent attack. Against large groups, Allen is unstoppable. The only way to beat him is in one on one combat. So, Unless you think you're better off being used as an oran berry, get out of here."


She turned to where Leo and Allen were. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get my boyfriend back." She said.




Leo cringed. While it was true that he didn't want to hurt Allen, there was another reason that he didn't want to fight.


He wasn't sure if he could win.


Allen's natural abilities made him a fearsome opponent in battle. The more opponents he took on at once, the stronger he was. He could even use an enemy's attacks against them by deliberately taking hits, then countering with pain split, sending the damage right back, and healing himself in the process.


However, in the end, the decision wasn't his to make.


A shadowy fist shot out at Allen, with Agatha right behind.



[Agatha used shadow sneak on Allen]

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Allen made no move to dodge the fist. The figure shuddered again, turning slowly, like someone half asleep, as the ghostly attack ran through him. He sighed, and took one last glance at Leo.


"Consider whether or not you want to involve any more lives in the Legends' struggle. Their blood will be on both your hands and mine." The silhouette shifted slightly, as if hesitant to leave, and added, "Your partner was at the wrong place at the wrong time, Leo. He is in no way responsible for what I make him do; when I return him to you, let him know that. Farewell."


Old man, you're too soft.


With that, the dark image of Allen dropped swiftly into the chaos below, and disappeared.




Pellinore was absolutely terrified. One wrong move, and they were back where they were, and captured. A different wrong move, and they were on the moon. A right move, and they were safe in that rather drab and rather eerie cave, far from here. Teleportation was a tricky business, complicated by the seizure of light all around him and his sparking Fenris.


A shadow dropped down through the bright, flashing lights, and suddenly he'd done it. Though he knew from experience the others couldn't feel the warping of spacetime it took to move from one place to the next, Pellinore could feel it far too clearly. Today it felt like confusing, warping spaghetti noodles of striated light. Focus, he thought, One strand, one in all... He stared all around him, feeling smaller and more insignificant by the moment. of... The "room" began to spiral. It looked like a kaleidoscope. them...!


Pellinore crashed against the cave floor violently, hearing a few other "thumps" follow only a few feet away. The blue light filtering gently through the room, flashing against the beautiful crystals that littered the cave floor fell comfortingly against his eyes...


This wasn't the right cave.




(( There's a possibility of Pokemon in the area jumping in with them, but if anyone goes in they'll have to wait until a certain point in the near-ish future to continue this bit. ^w^ Gotta wait for a certain point in one of the paths. ))




Tiramisu watched the Mismagius charge at what was supposedly Allen, actually mildly amused in some twisted way. She mumbled to herself, still slightly smiling,


"It's not Allen I was planning on fighting."


Cas shook his head and floated to her side, his eye betraying a nervous concern.


"Tiramisu? Are you alright?"


The Meowth lashed her tail once or twice, stretching out her back with a sigh. She glanced coyly at the Dusknoir.


"She pisses me off."


Then she turned her attention back to where Agatha had gone. Firstly, the annoying ball of light had disappeared. Secondly, the odd, shadowy figure had also disappeared. Thirdly, perhaps she shouldn't have stopped watching to begin with. She eyed Leo and Agatha carefully. She wouldn't miss another thing - although a nap would be nice, this was serious, and she hadn't been taking it that way... Another mess up? Had she allowed something dangerous to get away in favor of venting at Agatha for something she herself had allowed to happen? Arceus, was she tired...

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Agatha wheeled around in confusion. One moment, Allen had been there, the next, he was simply gone. That was Leo's MO, not Allen's, so how could he just have simply disappeared?


The Kirla.


Of course! The Kirla had used teleport. It didn't count as running away if you took the Shadow Tagger with you.


Agatha gritted her teeth, seething with barely contained rage. I should have finished off those two when I had the chance, she thought to herself.


Turning skyward, Agatha did the only thing she could to vent her fury. She let out an unearthly scream of anguish forceful enough to blast a hole in the canopy of leaves above her.


Leo walked up behind Agatha and gently placed a paw on her back, then forcefully shoved her to the ground. Agatha sprang back up, annoyed.

"What was the deal with that?" She snarled.

"Are you going to solve anything by screaming at the sky, Agatha?" Leo asked. His expression was firm, The same as it was when he confronted her at Laos.

"What do you care," Agatha snapped, "You're the one whose been hunting me down across half the continent."

"Remind me who wanted to start an exploration team in the first place, Agatha. It was your idea. I even thought you could actually pull it off instead of just playing a game."

"And then I meet Real Exploration teams," Agatha retorted, "Egotistical thieving scumbags and mercenaries, only interested in money. Who would want to be anything like that?"

"So you go around kidnaping and stealing? Does that make you any better?"

"I don't delude other Pokémon saying I'm something that I'm not!"

"That's not my point!"


Leo was shouting now. It was clear that he was just as agitated as Tiramisu, but he was still controlling himself. Taking a deep breath to calm down, Leo continued.


"Why couldn't you try and prove yourself better than them, Agatha?" he asked "Beat them at their own game instead of stooping to their level."

"What would that prove?," she replied glumly.

"For starters, you wouldn't be branded an outlaw." Leo said. "You could even have been part of the team, and been with Allen when Palkia was under attack."

"You trying to blame this on me?" Agatha grunted.

"No, I'm not. I'm saying that you don't have to do everything alone."

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Well now, he supposed it was time to play with the kitten. Perhaps it would be best to hold a further distance from the Sheriff after his recent antics... But he couldn't resist. Leo's pathetic face was just so tempting, and he'd never turned down a tasty morsel.


With a flick to adjust his "beret", Reed sauntered out from deep in the forest. Deep in these woods, the darkness made the brambles and overgrown grasses threatening Ekans; he hadn't particularly noticed. The blue glow faded from his eyes as he stepped into view.


"Hey, Agatha!" Reed smiled and waved, "I thought we were going to get ahead of those losers - oh." His voice had picked up some of those Ekans' venom, and it positively dripped as he turned his gaze to Leo. "Too bad, it looks like the losers are a bit early. Hi Sheriff - I thought you wouldn't get here" - he paused - "in time."


He was enjoying every moment of this. Maybe, when Leo had been forced to see Allen stolen away from him, he would forgive the new scratches on his back. He could have the danged ghost when he was done toying with the two of them - or maybe he couldn't. It was entirely his decision, after all.




Oh, and there was the other kitten, Kitty herself! He glanced condescendingly her way - Kyogre, he was on top of the world now, wasn't he? A legend to be told, and never forgotten, even if it would go down in infamy. Though she looked... different. He hadn't noticed her scooting closer to Agatha, some other odd ghost following in her shadow, but he could see some sort of slow-burning fury in her eyes - like she'd eaten the Magmaworld and come to life in its fires.


But Groudon is taken care of~ He smiled inwardly, suppressing a small, nagging bit of himself at the back of his mind. He had no reason to fear the slumbering leviathan, not anymore. The sad thing was probably dreaming of rainstorms.


"Say, Reed? Where were you when Tyndall appeared?"






She would have some strong thinking to do when they got back to their usual scheduled travels, but for the moment, a few words had won her over to Agatha's side. At least to the point of neutrality. Tiramisu couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt at "Real exploration teams"; now, hadn't she said something similar? (She had to admit, even now she couldn't help but feel disappointment towards those she'd completely idolized.) It was why she'd taken Agatha's side so suddenly in the Square, wasn't it? (Though should she be empathizing with a criminal? And besides, most of that was just... murderous... rage? And here she was replaying Reed's words again. She had to stop, she had to stop... The Legendaries were kind, from the fairy tales - and yet Landorus -


Shut up. Reed's the enemy right now.


If he wasn't on her side, then he had to be, right? After all, he hadn't stayed with them in Groudon's caves; he'd run like a coward, and left them with that horrible Landorus. (But wait, hadn't she run off first? Who was she to talk?) If he hadn't created that crack in the earth, they never would have fallen down, never would have run into that stupid Mankey of a Legend, she never would have had to see her fantastical little illusions poisoned like stupid, poisonous lava fumes. (And hadn't she encouraged him? Trying to stand up for a rightly-cursed, cocky Smeargle who maintained that it was absolutely his power that had gotten them there...)


...But if what Agatha said was true, and that figure on the branch was Reed as well, and that Reed had disappeared in that odd chaos, maybe he'd been telling the truth? Maybe he'd teleported the group of complete strangers, against their will... into a random cave? Just to leave them there, trapped - with him - in the cave? That would be stupid - to leave them there for no reason, and just disappear! And how on earth would he be able to use Spacial Rend as a Smeargle (much less in Palkia's supposed specialty manner), unless he'd met Palkia?


Unless he'd met Palkia? How did they get out - who had said they'd seen Allen fighting on Palkia's behalf? At a mile a minute, perhaps she'd uncovered something... It was a stretch, but it worked well enough for an establishment of some sort of guilty. Somehow. A mental shrug.


"Say, Reed? Where were you when Tyndall appeared?"


The burning, incriminating voice she'd used with Agatha now turned its fire-filled fangs towards Reed. Reed didn't seem to care. Offhand, smooth as a flayed bone, he returned,


"Why don't you take a guess, Kitty? I don't have time to tell you a story tonight; once we adults are done talking, Aggie and I gotta fly."




Having seen and felt for others what being in the wrong place at the wrong time felt like, Cas knew that he was in fact in the wrong place, at the wrong time. These were Pokemon he didn't know, speaking of events and people he hadn't heard of, and he was rather stuck on what to say or do.


Surely the battle had died down by now? He heard no ominous sounds from the battlefield, so either the remaining warriors of their team had won or all of them had died a grisly, painful death due to curses. If the later were the case, an ambush was imminent. However, his luck said otherwise; if any one of the team's members were due for a slow, painful death any time soon, his luck would have him see it. So in all likelihood, they'd won.


Would it be rude to leave his charge in Leo's competent hands/paws? There was hardly anything he could do here; his battling ability had already been pushed beyond its normal limit. Perhaps if there were any wounded, he could tend to them? Or maybe he could find a friend to chat with - maybe that kind Bree girl - to feel useful. Just a bit of time away couldn't hurt anyone, especially if it were spent providing the rest of the team with moral support... He could even call the team to attention to assist their fine Meowth leader. Yes, yes he could.


He would just slip out of the forest, just for a bit, right back to the main path, quietly.

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The turquoise energy dimmed and disappeared as Requiem called off the now unnecessary attack. His target, the Spiritomb, had fallen to the ground, clearly unconscious. It couldn't hurt anyone else now.


"You could crunch the rock with your teeth. That would end it forever."


He ignored Rhapsody, and turned to check on the fallen Reuniclus. He himself was fine; he felt weak, and was probably at half his health, but he could rest later. He couldn't use Surf anymore, and the Dragon Pulse and Thunder Wave he had aimed at the Spiritomb had consumed more energy than normal, but those would recover in time too. And the confusion had ended. But, the Psychic Pokemon...


Requiem landed next to her, his wings folding and his tail curling between his legs, giving him a smaller appearance. The petals of his three flower-like collars were drooped, his black fur sticking to his skin because of the water from the Surf he had hit himself with.


"A- are you alright?" he asked, low at first but a bit louder at the end, in a concerned tone.


His attention had been focused in the Spiritomb and the Reuniclus, and he didn't notice the ball of light that flickered in and out of existence, taking some Pokemon with it. What he did notice was the scream that followed it, an anguished cry that made him flinch and gaze worryingly at the direction it had come from, half expecting something to attack again.

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Agatha stared blankly at reed for a few seconds, bewildered, shocked, but mostly just confused. The thing that had been controlling Allen was reed, yet here was Reed seemingly ignorant of what had just happened. Could he really be that deluded to fool even himself?


Agatha began to shake uncontrollably. Her shadow writhed and boiled like a black cauldron, while she herself was cloaked in a private windstorm. Her expression changed from one of confusion, to pure rage directed at the Smeargle.


"What kind of DUNCE do you THINK I AM!!" She shouted, a small shockwave blasting out from her at the same time. Agatha winced, then doubled over, coughing horrifically. That was the first time she'd ever used her Hypervoice more than once, and it had not gone off well.


Regaining herself, Agatha advanced on Reed. "Listen you," she rasped, "That was no ditto I saw, or even a chandalure like you said it would be. That was the REAL Allen, and don't you dare try to say it wasn't. Something was controlling him, and that something said it was you. I hope you've got some explanation about that or I'll make sure you won't need around Darkrai to have nightmares."


"Agatha, calm down!" Leo pleaded, "We can figure this out without tearing each other apart."


"Still," Leo then turned to face Reed, "Things are not looking good for you, Reed. You set up this ambush, and someone claiming to be you uses Allen to deliver an ultimatum for us to abandon our search for the legends. Not to mention how Landorus didn't try to kill us until after you put him to sleep. I'd say you're either behind everything, or you're just another puppet like Allen. Either way, I can no longer let you out of my sight, do you understand?"


((You could knock Agatha out with a thrown stone right about now. The recoil damage from using hyper voice twice (both times involuntarily I might add) left her with not much health left))

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Reed winced and clamped his hands over his ears after the fact. The girl could yell. Maybe a few minutes ago - before the ambush - he would have felt bad for making the Mismagius so visibly upset. He'd probably have felt a pang in the depths of his stomach, even. Now, though? He almost enjoyed it; his laughter made that very apparent.


"Aw, Agatha!" The Smeargle crooned, "I don't think you're stupid at all!


A smug smirk filled his face, making him look like a Cheshire Cat.


"I knew you'd get it soon enough, I just didn't count on you being so mean to me - after I said I'd take you to your precious Allen before Sheriff could get to him!"


His emphatic sarcasm was rather painful to listen to; even he almost winced at it. Almost. His eyes slitted (he wasn't quite sure they could), he laughed darkly,


"I won't need Darkrai to give me nightmares? Please, I've never needed anything but myself for that. Although..." Reed shrugged, walking away from Agatha to get a bit closer to Leo. "I suppose the deal's off, considering how you're treating me. Maybe I'll have Allen killed once he's served his purpose so he'll never see you again?"


Maybe that would get some reaction out of the Sheriff. He felt absolutely positive that he didn't know when to stop, and was absolutely loving it. There was the world, there was a huge part of these two Pokemon's lives, and he could just twist it to his liking. He felt more alive than he'd felt in years. He took on a contemplative stance, tilting his head to the right while still keeping his eye on Leo.


"Or maybe lock him up somewhere so he can steep in guilt? Come on, Sheriff, do I look like a tool to you? You know who's running the show, and you know I could be out of here faster than you could say 'Detective McMeow' if I wanted to be."


Suddenly, the grin dropped and a deathly serious face replaced it.


"Whenever you're going to see Allen again, it will be on my terms. Remember that if you want to try anything."




Well Reed was being pleasant. Each word he said meant a small step forward for Tiramisu, until she found herself by Agatha's side. She noticed the purple, cloth-like extensions only when she nearly knocked into them. (She reasoned that it was due to the light daze she was left in from that ear-splitting screech of a yell Agatha'd given Reed.) And Agatha... didn't look so good.


Did she have an Oran Berry in her bag? A mental inventory said no. Agatha was on her team, there had to be something she could do... A Gabite Scale? Agatha could use Perish Song, couldn't she? They needed Reed taken down, and he was sure to keep blabbering on for a while yet if only one of them could keep him busy... She whispered urgently,


"Agatha! I-If you use Perish Song we can take him down while he's talking - here."


Tiramisu nosed her way through her bag and laid the Gabite Scale at Agatha's feet.


"Give Leo and I some warning if you do; that Gabite Scale will erase the Perish Song from you so you don't faint if you use it."




Oh my, that loud yelling sounded serious. Cas mentally clubbed himself for taking so long getting back to the path. Some of these Berry trees were simply fascinating... And wasn't the dappled sunlight nice? No, no... He had to go up and tell the others what was happening. Curse his wretched distractibility!


As he poked out of the forest, his eyes met with those of a Hydreigon's... He couldn't recall the Pokemon's name. More concerned was he with the Pokemon the Hydreigon was standing over - Bree. He hurried over, showing as much concern as a cyclops ghost can show for an appreciated acquaintance.


"Bree! Bree, were you hurt?"


Perhaps he shouldn't have spent so much time awkwardly floating among the quarreling Pokemon in the forest. It wasn't as if he'd done anything of use there; he could have been helping here (though has battling skills suggested otherwise). In some small way, this was his fault. He glanced up at the Hydreigon, worry and no small bit of regret in his eye,


"Is she alright? I- ah, there's a problem down in the forest -"


He waved vaguely in the direction of Leo and the others with his huge grey hands,


"Maybe an ambush - but is Bree okay?"

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A Ghost Pokemon drifted out from the trees, single red eye meeting with Requiem's gaze before lowering to the Psychic Pokemon next to him. Requiem tensed - was he with the Spiritomb's group? -, but the ghost's eyes didn't seem hostile. The emotion swimming in them was too soft.


"Bree! Bree, were you hurt?"


Requiem's wings opened again, getting him off the ground, and he retreated a few steps to give the concerned Pokemon some space. Problem? At the forest? The group had separated a bit at the battle, so maybe it wasn't over yet?


"There... there was a... a, ghost attack, and..." he said, referring to the dark winds that had swept through the area. His secondary heads pressed a bit against his chest, both looking slightly down as the main head's eyes went back to Bree. "She shielded me from the fire..." His tone was softer, though this time there weren't any pauses before the end. He still didn't know-


"Giratina. The leader."


Requiem's eyes widened and he frantically looked around, trying to locate the mass of darkness that the Zigzagoon had named. "Giratina! Whe- where did it go?" he asked, six eyes failing to find what had been behind the Ghost Pokemons when the battle started.

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Bree lay there, sprawled out on the ground, and listened to the fight. In all honesty she wasn't too badly hurt - if she had to, she could probably get back up and fight for quite a while longer. But the minions were taken care of and Agatha was still yelling and she didn't think it was a great idea to interfere. Requiem leaned over her and said something, but then Agatha let out a screech from behind him and she couldn't quite hear the words. Then, a second later, Cas was there too. It was odd, people who had just met her a few days ago caring this much about what happened to her. Would she have done the same for them? It was an uncomfortable thought. "Um," she started, propping herself up into a more upright position. "I'm, I'm alright. I think." Strictly speaking, she had been injured, but saying that wouldn't exactly help. "The...um...I'm immune to fire, actually. Being burned. Um, kind of. So I'm okay." Her eyes flicked from side to side, trying to catch a glimpse of whatever was going on with Reed and Agatha past Requiem. "We - what's happening, actually, right now? Maybe we..." She stopped. Maybe we should do what? She had no idea.

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Agatha simply rolled her eyes at Tirimisu's suggestion. "Does it sound like I can sing right now?" she croaked. She then shook her head. "It was good idea anyway. Means you're starting to think for yourself."


Agatha Picked up the Gabite scale, and handed it back to Tiramisu. "Keep a hold 'a that, they're really useful," she said, "No sense wasting them on someone else."




Reed's threats cut a raw nerve in Leo. One thing Allen feared above anything else was his own vampiric nature. He has no other choice but to feed off the life force of everything around him. Allen constantly worried about what might happen if he ever went to far, and accidently drained someone completely. In fights, Allen's life draining abilities made him a formidable opponent, but he feared that somewhere, some part of him had actually begun to enjoy the act of draining life from his foes. Because of this, Allen swore to never evolve any further, lest he begin to hunger for more power. For Allen to be used as a weapon like that, aware of his actions and unable to stop, was unforgivable.


Leo's eyes burned with cold fury. He took a step foreword, and promptly vanished. Reappearing to the left of Reed, Leo lashed out with his claws, and disappeared once more. He then reappeared to the right, slashing again, and disappearing. From Behind came two more swipes, both aimed at the painted paw print, before Leo vanished again. For the final strike, Leo reappeared directly in front of reed, and put all of his strength into a fierce uppercut.



[Leo used Fury swipes on Reed. Die rolled 6 for 5 hits with one crit]

((goodbye to my chances of ever going to Vegas))

[Although Faint Attack was used, Leo did not actually use it to hit reed. I'll leave it up to you of you want to include it in damage calculations or not]

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((Finally I decided that I'd better post myself and force to get a 3-line ._.))


Ruphus turned in time to meet the stream of toxic liquid in his chest. It caught him off guard, knocking him onto the ground. Of course he was poisoned, as he was already feeling dizzy, but not to the point of fainting, as his Ground type was reducing the effects of poisoning, for which he was very glad for. Ruphus stood up and gave a thumbs up to Atto, indicating that it's his turn to use his move, and braced for what's to come, because he got a feeling that he really won't like it. He knew that he promised to help Zagan and Atto with the combo, so he stayed put and forced himself to not move.

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Atto frowned at Haldor. He hadn't caught most of Latios's speech, but the situation couldn't be that dire, could it? And he'd finally found a partner to practice that combo with. He opened his mouth to protest, but Zagan beat him to it - and promptly launched his part of the combo at Ruphus.


"Hey!" Atto turned to see the attack knock Ruphus to the ground. He shot a look at Zagan. He hadn't even got a chance to examine the smaller Pokemon's form, not to mention how rude that had been. Still, no point to just waste a berry now, and Ruphus seemed to agree. "Sorry!" With that last comment Atto shifted into a battle stance. Spitting poison in a potential friend's face wouldn't be very polite, and a Flygon's eyes seemed to be protected anyway. He shot the second stream of poison at the dragon, aiming at one of his wings.

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In the few minutes it took to recover, Red managed to completely lose track of what was happening around her.


She was sniffing out another Oran berry to replace the one she had used when a Hyper Voice almost knocked her back over. She looked up, startled, clutching the new berry tightly, then put it away as she took stock of the situation.


Though the battle was over, it looked like they had a new foe; the Meowths and a Mismagius were facing down a Smeargle, and it looked like the Hyper Voice had come from over there. She was getting a weird vibe from the Smeargle, though; something about his scent made her shudder. She crept over to Requiem; he looked like he was doing better, and the Reuniclus and Dusknoir with him seemed gentle.


"What's going on? Who's that Smeargle?"

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