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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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"Yes. Yes, I suppose a bit of rest would do us all good."


Cas glanced at a few of their travel-mates. Red appeared to be near-dead on her feet, Tiramisu was moping about like a cat in water, and Bree was - despite his feeble efforts - still visibly not alright. Agatha seemed to be in quite high spirits, however. He could only guess why that was... The gloominess was positively (negatively?) infectious.


He figured that if the group didn't want to worry about some sort of Mega Mismagius threat in the near future, his efforts might need to become notably less feeble. Those empowered positive-energy-providing endeavors would of course start with Bree, because she was a fantastic Pokemon. A fantastic Pokemon, to Cas' experience so far, who had self-esteem problems that wrecked her more thoroughly than amnesia and the voices of the dead. Yes, he would most certainly break the awkward silence and tell her she was a wonderful little Reuniclus who may or may not be the most level-headed Pokemon in their current company.


Convoluted wretch, your futile suspense bores us.


And perhaps that gentle nudge from the spirits of the damned and disinterested was exactly what Cas needed in that moment. Perhaps their intercession made his voice and his resolve stronger. In any case, he sounded about as confident as a child maintaining that a tree was blue.


"Bree, you, ah - you can talk to me. If you'd like. I wouldn't want to force you. It just seems as if no one particularly cares about you-"


In the depths of Cas' soul, a resounding thunk - not dissimilar to the sound of a person banging his head against a tree trunk - issued and permeated through his being. He quickly corrected himself,


"Ah, I mean - I mean about what happened to you back at the clearing - after Giratina, and-"


Perhaps he could also just close his mouth and let the silence say better words than he could think of. He could follow Bree's example. She was quiet a bit more often than he thought she really should be, but then again Cas felt confident in the fact that he needed to shut up a great deal more often than he'd previously suspected. He crossed his arms and stared decidedly at the ground.


In gratitude, the silence offered him the correct words.


"Bree, what I mean to say is..." He sighed, feeling at once both sure of his words and completely uncomfortable saying them. "What you said was anything but stupid. All you said was that we should get going, and you were one hundred percent correct. In fact, I believe you said exactly what was on everyone's minds. There were - what? - three or four Pokemon simply waiting for Leo and the lot to finish their prattle- going on and on while you were hurt - " Was he going a bit far now? "Like nothing else mattered, and when you mentioned that we ought to stop standing around hardly anyone - including myself - bothered themselves with going to help you. If anyone owes anyone an apology, it's all of us to you."


The silence hadn't given him the last part, but he figured it was honest and heartfelt and should be said, just as what he said next was.


"You are a fantastic Pokemon, Bree, and I believe that if you would just realize that - if someone would make an effort to let you know you are important - you will not die forgotten."


And Cas really meant it. Nonetheless, in a few moments time he realized that he'd managed to say all that he'd thought about the charming Reuniclus aloud, and he quickly turned away in embarrassment.


"I-I'm sorry, I didn't meant to go on a diatribe. Ah, and I mentioned death as well... Still. I- You should place more confidence in yourself, Bree. I'll just -"


Back that rear extremity up, Cassandra.


The Dusknoir remained firmly in his place next to Bree, rather than floating eagerly over to Requiem or Tiramisu.


(( If you guys are ready to head into the dungeon, the conversation between Bree and Cas can be in the past. That is, if Pi wants to continue it at all. ^w^ ))




Tiramisu blinked herself awake and stretched out in the more-than-slightly damp corner she'd laid down in. Nap time was over. The rain had passed; the sky remained a threatening grey, but she could hardly care about that. The far more exciting grey of the Seaside Bluffs called to her in subtle crashing tones. The others had begun to wake. Surely she could sneak in first and play the scout? The absence of misery can prove to be as enthralling as excitement itself, and it made the small Meowth bold. She slipped in the rocky entrance and promptly slipped down a shallow gulley in the smooth rock that awaited Team Shadow Tag in the cave. Her enthusiasm, needless to say, was sharply curbed by this fantastic falling experience, but on the plus side it revealed to her that the cave consisted of several - several - floors of winding caverns, pits, and hallways, all naturally carved by the ferocity of the sea and never quite the same whenever she looked at them. The echoed cries of monsters she'd never met, despite her travels, played eerily against the twisting walls.


It had begun. The first mystery dungeon.




The lead Carbink huffed,


"Yes, well the other 'passers-through' had the decency to ruin our roof in a less-used cavern."


He seemed to be the most grumpy of the group (which would in human terms resemble a crowd of excited tourists brandishing cameras and one very unamused dwarf). The other fae crowded around the newcomers, helping them to their feet and gently nudging (see: acting as a living wave to force) them towards the other end of the cavernous hallway. Everywhere one looked, there was more evidence of the comforts of Carbink society: the walls were carved into fanciful portraits in some places, and acted as flowerbeds for saline or otherwise inclined crystals to grow and bloom; every magnificent, winding hall was adorned by crystal lanterns of countless colours and shapes, and some intersections were marked with shimmering chandeliers that appeared to be made of diamonds and some of the Carbinks' own crystals; though there were no rugs covering the dirt floors, worn-down gems and rainbow-stained gravel coloured the ground and formed organic patterns, images of flowers and vines left inaccessible by not only several hundred feet of rock and dirt but by the chains of time; and, most surprising of all, a comfortable breeze seemed to flow through what would have otherwise been a quite miserable, quite damp hole in the ground, forsaken and forgotten by all of the world. Ah, yes, of course it was damp - small trickles of water formed tiny pools by the budding crystals. The rains of hundreds of years ago had finally found their way through the solid rock to touch air once more, and to refresh the visitors of the Crystal Hoard.


The lead Carbink stopped in front of a hole that would be humungous for a Carbink, but would have appeared rather anti-climactic to our fair adventurers. It was hardly wide enough for Haldor to fit the third-smallest ball of his tail through. The mass of Carbinks stopped several feet from the door, backing away solemnly from the opening; beyond that door was a sacred place, reserved only for their leaders, the gods, and the gods' visitors.


What lyricist, what Meloettian poet could describe that room's radiant splendor? Only three in all of history could detail even the beginnings of its centerpiece's curves and edges, glinting in the rose-tinged light. Your storyteller, unfortunately, is none of those three; you will have to put up with her shortcomings.


The cavern was shaped like a tear; in older days it held bubbling magma of the finest kind, the kind that melted citrine into into shimmers and rock into golden streams. Along the caverns as Atto, Ruphus, Haldor, and Zagan saw them, ancient remnants of these riches were strewn; veins of carnelian, like frozen magma, formed speckled images like stained glass with the dark sunset purples of amaranthine, and the cherry quartz, and the incandescent alexandrite, and - most of all - unique pink gems whose dancing reflections reached every corner of the cavern. The dancing rose spirits played among the thin, crystal streams of groundwater that drifted in graceful columns from the ceiling and fell into carved diamond bowl to form pure, ever so slightly blue pools. The largest column, in the shape of an "O", fell so that it would veil the effeminate shaped of the figure in the center of the room - but we will get to her. She floated just above the most grand display of crystal-work in the the entire underground city (though one may contend that the crystal "stained glass" is more interesting and unique for the scenes it depicts). Flowering in the center of the room was a lotus of living crystal. At times, it seemed to be fluid, twisting and gentling waving in some unseen breeze. At times it seemed to be as smooth as a real lotus' petals. At times it seemed to be still, and its edges were as clear as a box-cut diamond's. But at all times, it cast a thick magenta hue upon the walls, and - it seemed - upon the air itself.


Diancie turned, a gentle smile on its face.


"Good day, Tamberlain. Have more visitors come?"


The pink crown upon its head ran down in long crystals to just below its arms. It gave off an air of innocence, yet its presence was undoubtedly firm enough to secure its position as that of royalty, or perhaps something greater. The Queen of the World Under the Ground, Groudon's Lady (she didn't particularly care either way for this epithet), The Good Witch of Riches, and the Miner of Spirits she had been called, yet never had she allowed these petty names to draw her above ground to seek her fame or meet her suitors. She was as radiant as the room she resided in, and her voice chimed and flowed like the fresh flow of the water among the lotus' ever-changing petals.


Tamberlain - the larger, gruff Carbink from before - bowed stiffly.


"Yes, my lady. More visitors."


It didn't take a lifespan of a thousand years to notice the bitterness in his voice, but the patience learned in over a thousand years did help. Diancie's ruby eyes turned to investigate its visitors from behind the veil of water.


"What brings you fair visitors into my mountains? These hills bring only visitors with purpose to me - and I fear they do so in too aggressive a way."


The adorned head of Diancie poked out from behind the veil; it looked rather like a small girl playing hide and seek.


"So what, then, is your purpose? What do you seek to find, passing through these mountains whose names have been lost to the sands?"


(( Reed's going to have to wait. xd.png I promise it's nothing very important to the story. Thank you guys so much for your patience. ^^; ))

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I'm gonna wait for someone else in Atto's group to say something...))


Bree slumped, hands gripping the rock she was sitting on. She had never figured out how to deal with compliments. People were supposed to do good things, weren't they? It was only notable when they didn't, or if they did a particularly good thing like...save the world from Darkrai. She'd feel okay being showered in compliments if they managed to finish this quest, but just for calling the team out for not moving forward? Still, she could sense that this was A Very Important Thing, maybe for Cas even more than herself. So floating out into the ocean forever was even less of an option now.


"...Thanks," she settled with, after a few moments' pause. "Well...um...I guess you're right, you know? But...isn't that, true, for everyone, really?" She twisted herself around and stared up into Cas's single eye, managing a full second of eye contact before turning again and looking at the ground. "Everyone's important. It's just, sometimes I f-feel bad for myself, because" - because I'm afraid and everything is too fast and I won't be able to do it do anything - "t-things don't go my way, sometimes, but, really that's kind of silly because what am I trying to prove!" Bree closed her mouth, opened it, then closed it again. She'd lost her train of thought. "Well, what I - what I mean is, it's really alright." She stood and waved her arms around as if to prove that point. (Little bits of lichen from the rock were still stuck to her hands and flew everywhere as she did so, but she barely noticed.) "We're going into a mystery dungeon, now, right? That'll be fun! And probably better for me. I - I made a mistake, and, that's fine, I'm fine." She smiled at Cas, then at several other travellers quite accidentally, then resolutely at the ground.

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Nothing puts a quicker stop to some harmless fun than the ground suddenly deciding it didn't want to hold you up anymore. Well, maybe an angry mother with the aura of a demon asking where have you been the whole day but that wasn't the point.


Zagan fell with a yelp, landing unceremoniously on his behind, and getting covered by thankfully small- and medium- sized rocks. The damage hadn't been enough to shatter his illusion (he was pretty sure nothing short of an actual attack could force him to revert), but if he didn't move someone would notice the space between the rocks was too big for a normal Riolu.




"What? What happened!?" he squealed in response to Ruphus' voice, shaking and pushing the rocks away in a seemingly random manner that was meant to conceal how they'd actually fallen. The first thing he noticed was a group of Pokemon he had never seen before, each looking like a rabbit peeking from a rocky shelter with white stones embed on it. Some of them immediately approached him, pushing him gently; Zagan didn't see any of the others resisting too much so he also went with the flow, making a point to shoot confused glances at everything and everyone.


He was about to ask what exactly was that all about when they reached their apparent destination, and all the words Zagan had died in his throat upon looking at the inside. It looked ripped straight out of a fairytale, lit by the reflected light of the abundant minerals, and the Zoroark just knew that if he was ever asked to describe it he wouldn't do it the slightest shred of justice, even with a year to think his words.


And if the cavern they had ended up in was a fairytale indeed, the Princess was elegantly floating right before their eyes, soft voice addressing the leader of the Rocky Rabbit Pokemon.


"Arceus, I don't know if you're listening. But if you are, thank you so, so much for making sure Static is NOT here," he thought.


"So what, then, is your purpose? What do you seek to find, passing through these mountains whose names have been lost to the sands?"


"Mesprit?" Zagan half-said half-asked, sounding as if he had forgotten for a moment how his voice was supposed to work. He coughed into his paw, before trying again in a tone that was closer to the usual, sure and direct one he was using for his Riolu impersonation. "Er, Latios told us to find Mesprit and we kinda fell here we don't know why," he managed, glancing at Haldor for confirmation and maybe a bit of more detailed explaining.



((Illusion is only broken by a direct attack; indirect damage doesn't break it))




Requiem had been trailing at the very end of the group, with a bit of distance between them. Luckily for him, Rhapsody had been quiet, but for some reason the other had been there since the battle in the forest, speaking up more times than normal. It had also been the one that prevented him from talking to the Zigzagoon or female Meowth, for reasons unknown.


But if it said not to, Requiem would listen. It was good.


"We should take a few moments rest here before moving on," He explained, "We're about to the Seaside bluffs, a known Mystery Dungeon. It's a low challenge dungeon, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be careful."


"Rest, then," came the confirmation, and he landed under a tree to prevent too much of the heavy rain from drenching him even more. He couldn't sleep because of the Insomniscope, but for the comfort of the group, he had just been laying down with his eyes closed until morning woke them up. Could do the same now, he decided as he curled his tail around his body with his three heads resting on the ground.


Usually he'd be scared to stay in one place for a whole night, but it was okay. They were there. All of them. And it hadn't said anything. Had it helped? He thought so; he couldn't remember calmer nights since he was a Zweilous. The light... was that the answer? Still didn't know. And he wouldn't ask, until instructed otherwise. He just knew... it looked all right now. A definite improvement.


Maybe he should put his Insomniscope in a more obvious place, rather than behind the petals of his main head? Wouldn't that inform everyone, not just the group, that he had an item? Maybe...


He didn't notice Tiramisu wandering into the cave, eyes closed and looking like he was still asleep as he thought.




The day was dark. It was one of those days where seemingly endless clouds covered the sky, lazily riding the wind to their unchosen destination as they dropped their precious watery cargo into the world below. “Just as if they were apologizing for stealing the light,” a voice chuckled, its owner placing both paws over his big mouth to stop the oncoming laugh.


“Don’t tell me you’re getting poetic,” a second voice remarked, a hint of amusement in it. “Or are you blaming me for calling them?”


“No, just wanted to break the silence,” the first Pokemon said, looking up to continue gazing at the falling white snow. This gained him a snort from his companion, the two falling into a comfortable silence after the short exchange.


“Isn’t it nice?” the first voice spoke again, as the clouds parted to reveal the night sky. The stars were countless, the full moon shining directly in front of the pair and giving the snow-covered forest the air of a classic painting. The Glaceon hmm’d, large ears tilting down in contentment as he bathed in the moonlight, the still-falling flakes of snow landing around but not on top of him.


The Kecleon at his side looked at him with a slightly worried expression, tail uncurling and curling again. He didn’t say anything at first, choosing instead to stand up. The snow around him now barely reached the zigzag pattern on his belly as he cleared his throat, crossing his arms behind his head before speaking again. “Nice, but not the most important, am I right?”


“And now what’s that supposed to mean?” the Glaceon questioned, a bit confused at his friend’s abnormal behavior.


“It means what it means,” the Kecleon shrugged, turning and starting to head into the grove of trees behind them, where there wasn’t any snow at all.


“Merkas, you’re not making sense.”


The Normal-type didn’t stop or turn, just half raising his arms with the palms up. “Why do I have to?” he asked before using his breed’s ability to disappear instantly, leaving nothing behind.


The Glaceon frowned, standing up with the intention to follow the Kecleon. He hadn’t taken two steps when a penetrant smell suddenly filled the air, forcing him to step back as he coughed.


“What?” he questioned, eyes struggling to stay open as black smoke appeared out of nowhere and dominated the landscape in less than a second. The snow disappeared, replaced by growing flames that started to consume everything in their path, giving birth to black clouds that covered the sky once again.



He made the connection almost immediately.



Ignoring the sting in his eyes and nose, Abel started running, hot panic coursing through his veins as he raced as fast as his paws could carry him. “Cane! Kyandi!” he yelled, running towards what he was sure was the source of the fire as he cursed his short Eevee legs that wouldn’t give him more speed. “Where are you!? CANE! KYANDI! ANSWER!!!”


But as much as he shouted, no other voice came, just the crackle of fire and the loud snap of a branch that had broken due to the heat-


Abel abruptly woke up, eyes immediately focusing on the source of the strong noise.


The Pidgey looked back at him quizzically, flapping its short wings and flying away from the branch where it had just landed two seconds ago.


With a groan, Abel flipped to his other side, limbs not smacking one of his other siblings on the face by some miracle. He wasn’t a morning Pokemon and did not appreciate being awakened before Cane or Kyandi forced him to acknowledge the fact that neither of them was nocturnal, and as such their waking hours corresponded to something that was called 'daytime'. Thinking about it, had he been dreaming? He got distracted by the Pidgey and now couldn’t remember a thing. Oh well, if he couldn’t remember, it wasn’t that important. Dreams didn’t mean anything anyway.


"One more hour," he complained to no one in particular, curling up even more to make the offending morning rays go away or at least not shine on his eyes.



((Sorry for another dream sequence, I had this written for a long time already))

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((Whoa I just looked it up and Mesprit is super tiny. Very small emotion lord.))


Atto was still a little dazed as the little gem Pokemon swarmed and pushed them along. He stumbled forward with the flow. Had he heard of this place in any ballads? No, surely he'd have remembered it if he did. He tore his gaze away from the intricate patterns on the walls and looked for Zagan again, but as a Riolu (er, currently Riolu-shaped being, at least), he wasn't easy to locate in a sea of small gray and blue rabbity things.


He spotted the smaller Pokemon at last once their entourage had stopped. "Oh, there you - " he looked up and his words died in his throat.


Was that Mesprit? No, Mesprit had tails - at least the scroll in Bec's library had depicted it with them. And none of the lore mentioned gemstones or anything underground. "Um, yes, basically," Atto replied, glancing at Tamberlain briefly. "We...um." He'd missed Latios's speech, actually, and "something bad involving legendary Pokemon is happening and I sort of jumped at the chance for an adventure" didn't exactly have a nice ring to it. He glanced at Haldor as well, a sheepish expression on his face.




"Sooooo...you coming out anytime soon?"


Rue leaned forward and swished his hands in the stream. His fur was probably a mess again, but the water was too shallow for him to check. If he'd been cleaner earlier, maybe he wouldn't have attracted so many suspicious looks from the villagers down the road. Or maybe it was the giant jaws attached to the baack of his head. He shrugged and blamed it on the latter. He was too lazy to wash up anyway and both of them were kind of paranoid he'd lose the keystone if he hopped into a stream for five minutes. That was probably a silly thing to be afraid of, but that happens when you don't have a whole lot of possessions or friends.


The keystone in question shook. A purple wisp flicked out of it and swatted halfheartedly toward (not quite "at" since it made it less than halfway there) Rue's face. "I was sleeping," Anise said, their voice garbled for a second or so before settling into a gruff and vaguely feminine tone.


Rue grinned. "You sleep way too much. It's probably bad for you. Not to mention, like, super boring."


"I'm made of a hundred and eight dead people. I don't think anything can be bad for me. And it's probably less boring than listening to you all the time."


"Aw, shut it! I'm very charismatic and you know it. Anyway, yeah, we got kicked out of that town. Was probably time to move on anyway."


Anise snorted, which was totally unnecessary since they were a ghost. Many ghosts. Whatever. Rue had no idea where they'd picked that up - it definitely wasn't him. "Figures. What now?"


Rue shrugged. "Go down this road into the forest and live off berries for a while? I've always liked forests. Way fewer people."


"Way more Pidgeys."


"Wow, 'Nise. Rude. Whatever, that's settled then. Let's go!" He jumped to his feet and set off, his jaws swinging.

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Cane woke not long after his brother had drifted back to dreamland. The Flareon was not one for sleeping in; if Cane was awake, he was awake. It was hardly of his own choice... sleep regularly eluded him since that one day he... he shook his head. No reason to dwell on his nightmares. Working himself up over a past he couldn't change was pointless - his energy was better spent changing the present for himself and his siblings. And that present wasn't going to wait for his little family to sleep the day away...


The Flareon got up and stretched, careful not to disturb his siblings. He slowly paced around their campsite, taking stock of everything, making sure their bags and supplies were all still there. Kyandi and Abel were still snoozing away. Cane sighed. As much as he wanted to get going, he knew they wouldn't appreciate being woken up just yet; as much as he appreciated basking in the warmth of the sun as it just barely crested the treetops, he'd learned from past experiences (yes, experiences, it took multiple tries to learn this lesson) that waking his siblings to watch the sunrise earned him a pounding - he may have been equal in skill to either of them, but two against one was just not fair! So Cane spent the next few minutes preparing breakfast for them from their packs.


Unfortunately, there's only so much one can do with berries without a fire, so Cane decided gather some firewood and try cooking them once his brother woke. If he was careful, he should be able to control a small fire... but just to be safe, he figured he should wait for Abel, so he could douse the flames in snow if things got out of hand.


Cane had now managed to waste a bit of time getting berries out to eat, and a bit more time getting firewood. And his siblings were still not up. His patience, already in its usual state of being rather fragile, was wearing even thinner. Screw waiting for Abel - if he waited for his siblings, they wouldn't get on the road til noon. Cane was taking things into his own paws. As quietly as he could, Cane crept around near his brother's head.


"Psst... hey Abel..." he whispered, before taking the Glaceon's ear in his mouth and tugging, raising his voice as he did so. "Rise and shine, you precious little snowflake!!"


((Cane does not appreciate his brother sleeping so late xd.png also, I have decided that "precious little snowflake" is what he calls Abel when he's feeling obnoxious.))

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Abel felt the yank on his ear and groaned, one of his paws moving to try to push the offending something away.


"Rise and shine, you precious little snowflake!!"


"Go. Away, Cane," he muttered, managing to open an eye to give his younger brother his 'please-leave-me-alone-I-hate-mornings' look. Was it too much to ask to be left to wake up by himself? Sure, one time not long ago they tried it and Cane and Kii-chan only resisted until one in the afternoon before the Sylveon decided to jump on his stomach, but what was so special about traveling in the mornings anyway.


Maybe he should stop staying up until so late.


A stronger tug got another annoyed sound out of him, and he closed his eyes again and tried to push Cane's face away with both his front paws. Which, considering Abel's poor physical abilities and the fact he was still half-asleep, probably felt to Cane like a Joltik was doing the pushing but at least it got the point across.

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Leo had taken the time to check over his supplies. There weren't any new tears in the mobile scarf, that was good, and the Scope lens still functioned just fine, that just left...


A dried brown hunk of something that was once a half eaten apple.

Leo dropped the spoiled fruit quickly and dashed over to the nearest puddle to soak his paws.

Note to self, Check consumables more often he sighed.


[[After spending several days half eaten and improperly stored, Leo's Big Apple has become Grimy Food]]

[[Grimy Food discarded]]


"All right," he said, turning to the group, "Let's move on. Try to stick together, and watch each other's backs. Try to avoid fights if possible, but keep your guard up. Large groups can attract a lot of attention in a Mystery Dungeon, so be ready for anything."


"Oh relax!" Agatha chided gleefully, "It's not like anything can sneak up on us with me around! The Pokémon who live in dungeons are all off their rockers, easy for me to sense."

"And you most likely won't warn anyone else because you find that funny," Leo commented.

Agatha's smirk was replaced by a mocking pout. "Killjoy."

She then sunk into the ground, and out of sight.


Leo just shook his head and sighed. Why was Agatha always so childish? He'd probably never really understand what motivated her, but at least she wasn't kidnapping young Pokémon at the moment (probably) so that was, at least, a small improvement.



Sliding down after Tiramisu, Leo Tried to gauge how far down the dungeon was taking him. The decent almost seemed longer than it should have been, But who could ever tell with mystery dungeons. Some were in the middle of oceans and had rooms that were little more than air bubbles suspended beneath the waves, so a long slide at the entrance was normal by that standard.


Nearing the bottom, he dismounted the slide and landed next to Tiramisu, seeming to appear out of thin air. Agatha was also waiting, somehow having managed to arrive before both of them.

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Kyandi cracked open an eyelid and watched the scene, stifling her giggles. She had pretended to be asleep just to see what Cane would do, and it seemed like she had him fooled. Slowly inching away to not get her brothers's (not really sure how to place the apostrophe) attention, she crept up behind Cane and screamed the scariest thing she could think of which was...




right in his ear...

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"Augh!" Cane released Abel's ear in surprise, falling back. "Kyandi, come on, don't scare me like that! I'm just trying to make some breakfast, you guys!" The Flareon growled quietly and straightened up, shaking himself off. "I was thinking of trying to roast some berries this morning, but if you two are going to be butts, then I guess we'll just have cold breakfast again."


Cane turned on his heel and stalked back to the pile of tinder he'd assembled, smirking a bit to himself. Abel may not care for hot food, but he knew Kyandi loved that sugary crunch on the outside of roasted berries, when they were cooked just right and got nice and caramelized...




Red followed closely behind Leo, anxiously watching the shadows. Her recent nightmare and lack of sleep continued to plague her - at this point, she was almost hoping for another pokemon to attack them just so she could have something to fight instead of flinching at nothing.

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"All right," he said, turning to the group, "Let's move on. Try to stick together, and watch each other's backs. Try to avoid fights if possible, but keep your guard up. Large groups can attract a lot of attention in a Mystery Dungeon, so be ready for anything."


Watch each other. Protect each other. Avoid fights. Alright, he could do that.


"Where's the fun in that?"


Requiem ignored the newcomer and carefully reached for his Insomniscope with his left head.


"Show it. It's better."

"You'll lose the element of surprise."

"They can't distinguish it from normal glasses."

"Are you gonna risk it?"

"Yes, I am," he thought, placing the Insomniscope over his eyes. He trusted the other one more. This one had just started talking after the battle with Giratina, and Requiem didn't like it. But he knew that sometimes it spoke the truth. Sometimes.


The view from behind glass wasn't significantly different. It just added some sort of oval frame on the edges of his main peripheral vision, but compared to seeing through three pair of eyes, it was nothing.


"You'll regret this." He didn't think so. The other was good.

"The offering."


Wordlessly, Requiem headed towards the Pokemon-like rock just outside the opening the two Meowths had disappeared into and left the Pecha Berry he had picked before arriving in Anareise's town. He didn't know why, but he knew he wouldn't get an explanation. While talking more frequently, he knew he still wasn't going to get straight answers.


"Set now."


"Then get going."

"Make sure the dark doesn't get my body."


He flinched a bit at that, but shook his head and quickly flew through the dungeon's opening to join the group, before he could change his mind. It was okay. Alright. The group was there. The Meowth and Zigzagoon were there. He had promised Bardhylor and Anareise he'd meet them again someday, and... things had gotten better. He didn't know why, but with this group, he could not worry about Them all the time. He could enjoy the periods of silence without wondering all the time when was something going to attack them. He could actually consider maybe he'd get to see his cousins and find out who was the Hydreigon.


Watch each other. Protect each other. Avoid fights.


He could do that.




-Pecha Berry stored in the Storage Box.

-Insomniscope finally worn the right way (still a held item)]]




Abel's fur stood on end when Kyandi yelled, close enough to receive at least half of the 'attack'. Making a noise that sounded like a weird mix of a Goldeen out of water and a Murkrow's call, he unceremoniously flopped to his side and massaged his eyes with his front paws.


"Come on. You prefer cold food but Cane is a Fire-type and Kii-chan likes the roast. Be a decent brother and make sure no one causes forest fires," he admonished himself.


"Fine, fine, I'm up. Hope the two of you are happy," he said with a yawn, stretching while digging his claws on the earth a bit. "Kii-chan, no shouting this early. Cane, start the fire, I'm right behind you," he said, standing up and groggily following the ball of fluff that was his brother.

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"Some of these trees are really tall. Like, seriously. Hey, do you think trees are kind of like...a sort of Pokemon? I mean, they're alive. And probably grass-types. But they don't really do anything."


Anise let out a long-suffering sigh. This was Rue's approximately thirtieth attempt at conversation, and all they wanted to do was sleep. "Maybe grass-types are a type of tree," they commented dryly.


"...You know, you could be right."


Anise's collection of consciousnesses sometimes disagreed with each other. Sometimes it seemed that none of them were particularly moral (which was disturbing, since Anise tried not to do bad things, but if they were just the collection of these souls, then what did that mean, really?), but they all insisted on being immoral in different ways. And it felt really weird when that happened. But right now, every single one of them mentally rolled their eyes at the same time.


"No, but this is the kind of thing that scientists think about, isn't it? I mean, even the type is named after a plant. There's definitely some sort of connection between, I don't know, the biology of plants and grass-type Pokemon, we just don't know what - "




Rue stopped walking. A Starly that had been chirping fell silent and stared incredulously at his Pidgey friend, who shrugged. There were twenty whole seconds of stunned silence before Rue couldn't stand it anymore and made another dry comment.


"Whoa. Scary."


"I suppose now you'll want us to check it out."


"Ch'yeah, duh! Keep yourself hidden." Anise obeyed, fading back into their keystone, as Rue broke into a run. They knew he was hoping for some excitement (food wouldn't be bad either), but Anise just hoped that it would be quiet enough for them to catch another nap.

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(Okay its been... at least a month, I have finally read through Talons post (my god you write more than my lectures) I will now proceed to post, sorry if it isn't good its nearing midnight.

And everyone's tiny compared to Haldor biggrin.gif )


Haldor snorted his eyes opening at the sound of voices. The last he'd remembered was feeling uncertain tremors beneath him as he'd dug, the next he was lying on a large jewelled cavern. When the ground had broken his body had done the thing he knew would protect him the most, gone limp and in doing so he had fallen asleep.


Now he heard the sound of his companions. Mespirit? He thought, confused. Looking up he could see the reflections from the ceiling. Groaning, Haldor begun to raise himself. The carbink gathered around quickly moved away. Haldor raised himself and looked around, momentarily stunned by the place they were in. Looking down he saw his companions, Zagan and Atto were both looking uncertainly at him. Haldors lowered himself slightly as he brought his tail up to scratch the rust on his chin. He looked over towards the centre and saw a small pink body. He sighed, he had seen many ruins in his time and knew what Mespirit was supposed to look like, and she most certainly wasn't made of rock.


"I'm afraid this is not Mespirit Zagan," He said politely down to his companion. His gaze turned to the pink figure in front of them.

"I believe you are a Diancie, am I correct? As my friends have told you we are on the search for the legend known as Mespirit. The documented images of her are rather similar to you, so I hope you will understand why these two have mistaken you. If there is any way you can assist us I would appreciate it," He finished gazing around at the carbink, somewhat amused.

"Also... terribly sorry about your roof," He mused.

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(( Hey guys! Just putting this here to warn you that (1) this post, at 2,836 words, is the length of a one-shot fic, and (2) the Reed portion (I couldn't put it off any longer) is kind of really trippy, and you have my full permission to skip it if you want. For those that delve into it, you'll find some potentially useful information and explanation. Oh, and more questions. Always more questions.


EDIT: My apologies about the unfortunate spacing on this; I had to keep it in Word after the first time that half of the Reed part got erased in here.))


The nervous laughter wouldn't stop. It wouldn't stop, no matter how hard he tried to stop it, because his hands were dark claws and he couldn't hear the Smeargle's breathing.


"Not again," He whispered to himself, "No - No, not again."


Now he could only hear his own breathing - was it his? - in the endless void that had choked the lake and every struggling photon that dared to look upon him. He could see nothing. He had the feeling that he was something, and that something wasn't as entirely good as he'd liked to convince himself.


"Kyogre - "

"Arceus, no - I didn't -"


"Not again-"


His voice broke off; he fell to the cold, wet stone, shaking. Someone struck a match. Reed lifted a hand to protect himself, then recoiled at the previously-numbed pain of the stick that Lily - Lily, there on the ground, but why couldn't he see her any more? - Lily had stabbed through his shoulder.


From behind needle-like claws, he saw Reed.


Time seemed to replay itself.


"Not again-"


His voice broke off; he fell to the cold, wet stone, shaking. Reed struck a match. Reed lifted a hand to protect himself, then recoiled at the previously-numbed pain of the stick that Lily - Lily, there on the ground -


No, Reed, there on the ground, staring at him patiently. He was sitting criss-crossed, waiting patiently for something. Reed didn't know what.


"Are you going to say something, or are you just going to stare at me like an idiot?"


Reed mostly wanted to get rid of the stick in his shoulder. Reed laughed in a good-natured sort of way, the way you'd laugh at a child who's gotten themselves into a silly - yet difficult - situation.


"You're not going to get the stick out by rubbing it in a wet rock."


Reed was beginning to get the feeling that this Smeargle was only here to mock him again- that here was another Smeargle ready to stab him, ready to disregard every futile 'sorry' he could pass their way. He didn't trust him. Reed frowned; it was obvious Reed had some reason to be afraid, but it wasn't as if he wasn't going to help. He stood up and walked over to Reed, calmly, slowly, so that he wouldn't get frightened. Nonetheless, Reed flinched as the Smeargle stood up and came near him.


"I suppose you want a third arm then? A nice, splintery, third wooden arm?"


Reed was quickly growing impatient. He couldn't help Reed if he didn't help him. Reed finally relented and relaxed as best he could. Reed planted his feet firmly on the stone - a boon of years of living by this Kyogre-forsaken lake with its fake zealots and its slippery rocks - and gripped the stake.


"Alright then. Wait a sec. This will hurt a lot."


Reed readied his other arm with Wood Hammer and smashed off a medium-sized splinted from the stake, trying to keep the rest of it steady by leaning against Reed. Reed couldn't help but let a tiny, pitiful sob escape him, but nothing more. Reed handed Reed the splinter and nodded,

“Bite on that. This will hurt a lot more.”

Reed tore the stake from him and burned it. Reed cried; Reed tried to ignore the cries for the hour they went on, painting purple cattails on the wet rock and watching them melt into the lake with the dark purple and maroon blood, spiraling down into smoke-like wisps. He heard the agonized, tearful cries turn to just agonized cries, then to sobs and yells, then to whimpering, then to sniffles, and finally to a labored breathing that stuck in his throat like knives. Reed fished in the lake with his tail, watching the moonlit silhouettes of Basculin snub their noses at his poor excuse for bait.

“I cannot stay.”

Do you honestly think that exile is a punishment for me?

Reed glanced up from his fishing.

“Yes you can. You can do anything you want.”

“Stop it. Stop telling me what I want to hear.”

Do you think, Giratina, that such a monster will not strike again?

Reed turned seriously towards Reed, a firm determination in his eyes that shone like the moon on the lake.

“I’m not telling you what you want to hear. I’m telling you the truth. You can do anything you want; whatever you want to do is yours.”

“Do you think that I’d be here if I could do everything I wanted?”

Why will you not just let me die, Cr-

Reed held his tail up against Reed’s words. He smiled sadly,

“I’m not her. You killed her years ago.”

He looked up at the crescent moon; he hadn’t done that for a long, long time.

“Do you remember your nightmare?”

Reed began to feel lightheaded. The stars flickered and spun; three eyes – carved into the sky – bored into him. A fourth – a fourth scratched in – and the world was all dead, dark, decaying, lost like he was and farther broken than a torn and bloodied leg. The stars went out. Everything was dark again and three – four – his? – eyes tore through him and turned his flesh to fire and his eyes to holes.

Reed struck a match.

“You don’t remember, do you?”

Reed’s voice failed him. He slid to cold, wet stone and wished to join Lily, Cresselia, that Smeargle from so, so long ago – her leg broken and bleeding - oh he wished – The darkness closed in on him again, and he was left alone.

Reed struck a match and struck him with it.

“You’re making me lose my patience.”

Reed stood over him with a childish anger. Reed decided that he would listen. Reed sat down next to him and roughly pushed him into a sitting position on the rock, even at the cost of a little blood on his paws. The two watched the stars; Reed almost feared them.

“Do you remember your nightmare?”


I’m sorry.

“Do you remember her face?”


I am so, so sorry.

“You don’t have to be.”

Reed stood up to leave,

“You can always try again tomorrow. Anyway, this sappy party’s over.”

He hesitated at the top of the pile of rocks, holding his tail in his paws thoughtfully.

“I just thought that you’d forgotten about me for too long. Good night, Reed.”

Reed grinned and disappeared, leaving Reed with the company of the moon and the less commanding darkness of night.

There was a reason that Reed tried not to sleep, and it wasn’t entirely because of the nightmares.

Reed woke up.


Tyndall woke up. More specifically, he woke up in a warm, sunken bed, in a cavernous room lit by the soft light of citrine and quartz lamps, to Fenris’ low growling.

“’Ever slept ‘n a pile’v rocks before ‘n I don’t plan ‘n doing ‘t again. Danged lights’re too bright ‘n I got dirt between my pads-“

“Honestly, Fenris, could you please shut the everliving f- “ The Kirlia cringed visibly. “F-Furret…” He gathered himself together as a true gentleman would after a flub, and began again, politely inquiring, “Would you get the Furret out of your censorkip.gif and show some censorkip.gif appreciation? This room is fit for a f-fanciful king, and here you are complaining about it.” One word at a time, Pellinore, the Kirlia sighed to himself.

It certainly was a room fit for a king, at least to Tyndall’s standards; he hadn’t had the privilege of staying in another Pokemon’s home for years, much less the luxury of decorative lights. He particularly liked the moonstone stars on the ceiling – a dark basalt, it seemed to be. It was a place that was far too good for him, and floating about in it made him uncomfortable. He would rather the stars go out and leave him in the dark, alone. At the very least then he could feel somewhat justified in existing – but at the moment he had the pleasant company of his two associates and the rather quiet company of his unwilling and most likely unreciprocated friend Allen. And perhaps some Carbink, soon.

“- ask t’ be teleported to some dang cave with some dang’d rubble-rabbits.”

“Some ‘danged rubble-rabbits’ who were perfectly willing to feed us and house us.”

“Things didn’t even know what ‘n Electrike was!”

“They even gave you hugs when they found out you were static-y. Come on now.”

Fenris glared at his partner, grumbling,

“Saying that like ‘t’s a good thing. Don’t want anymore t’ do with this place than we’ve already got.”

Pell ran a hand through his green hair and looked somewhat expectantly at Tyndall. When the Kirlia got nothing from his boss, he hesitantly mentioned,

“What about that Queen?”

“What about your being a drag queen?” Fenris chuckled. Pellinore was decidedly not amused.

“That room the chamberlain wouldn’t let us into, the empty one. He said only the Queen can invite Pokemon in.”

“Th’t Tamberlain guy?”

“Chamberlain. The chamberlain – that’s his position.”

“’is name was Tam – aah, nevermind. You’re thinking th’t the Queen might be someone we’re after?”


Pellinore again looked to Tyndall for confirmation, to no avail. The ghost of a ghost was distant as always, off staring at the lights in the wall as if he could eat them. The room was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. They brought a respectful silence to the Kirlia, the smooth grey walls and the way the peach light traced the little flaws in the stone like vanes on feathers.

“This is a… A nice place.” He said simply.

Fenris huffed,

“Be any more’ve a pansy and you’ll be a Bellossom. What’s your game plan, then?”


Diancie smiled serenely, stepping out fully from her watery veil. She inclined her head, and thereby earned her title of ‘Queen.’ Her voice, undisturbed by the flow of the crystal-clear water, chimed like the clean, shimmering sound of coins sliding across each other, and flowed like mercury.

“I apologize if I’ve caused any confusion; I just very much like the water, you see?” She stroked the thin waterfall lightly with her palm. “It is like liquid crystal, only cool to the touch.”

She drew back her hand to herself and her attention to her guests, particularly Haldor. She smiled widely, looking far up to meet the metallic snake’s eyes. She clasped her hands together and exclaimed,

“Oh, I can’t contain it any longer! We haven’t seen a Steelix in years; certainly, not another Steelix alive can tunnel as you do, to make it through our protections.” Girlish delight and nostalgia overcame her as she reminisced, “Two Steelix guarded this room, centuries ago… I doubt I’ll ever see tunnels as perfect as those they built – Tamberlain!”

The chamberlain’s ears perked up, “Yes, my lady?”

“Do the halls of Chalcedony and Seline still stand?”

Tamberlain glanced at each of the guests in turn and pointedly replied,

“The hall of Seline is in need of repair, my lady.”

“Ah, ‘tis a shame. Oh, curse the metal, there I go with yesteryear’s slang. Would you see to it that it is repaired as true to the original form as possible? None of these- ” She waved her arm about in an un-queenly manner, motioning towards the beautiful carvings and inset stones, “None of these elaborate vagaries. Seline would have none of it.”

“At once, my lady.”

Thankfully, the oppressing presence of Tamberlain left the room just as swiftly as the words left his mouth. Diancie relaxed noticeably, letting out a huge yawn as her stuffy friend and ambassador floated off.

“Ah, I’d been holding that one in for about half a decade. Honestly, he’s a fantastic guard and all, but he’s terribly uptight at times. And I can’t break my Carbink’s illusion that I’m some sort of flawless little crystal –“

She bowed to her guests, low and graceful, and stood up entirely straight again. The Carbon Carbuncle (the age of geology was a rather dry one for epithets) took on the full focus of the room yet again.

“I’ve deliberated enough; your time means much to you, so I will not waste it. Again, I am Diancie – the fortunate Queen of this underground palace.”

She paced around the edge of the lotus as she spoke.

“You’re searching for Mesprit, you say? At the request of Latios? You must understand, there are only two options as to who you are, then.”

She paused, squinting as if picking the wrong words would kill one of her esteemed guests. No Pokemon would want to feel the silent, solid tension in that sacred room. It echoed off the walls and spit static into the quiet air around them. Diancie, Caementum Sacro Sanctus, fixed the group with a leveled attention.

“You could be our protectors –“ She held out a slim, slate hand.

“Or you could be our deceivers.” She raised her other arm from her side and smiled serenely. She was Justice, guardian of her people, and she had already made her decision.

“You will not find Mesprit here. Latios I have not seen for several thousand years.” She paused here and looked away, still smiling as if she had something to hide – and to one who’d known her, such as the one she’d sent out of the room, the smile would have reminded them that she riddled like a dragon. “Deep within these halls are treasures you may find, if determination sees you through. If you are who you no doubt will say you are – those who gather the clouds of heaven and protect them with a mighty sword – then you will have no qualms about cutting the grass beneath the lotus flower.”

Diancie gathered her sleeves around herself and nodded.

“Yes, I believe that will do well for you.”

The tension dissipated as Diancie let loose another smaller yawn.

“I think it’s about time for a nice, warm bath. I’m sorry our business took so long; I would have shared more stories with you.”

She craned her neck to look over at the door.

“Your rooms should be ready by now – I hope it’s okay that I took the liberty of arranging them beforehand? You may arrange yourselves however you’d like in them. They’re a bit last-minute, I’ll admit.”

The pink queen turned to retreat into her veil of water again, then quickly added,

“Oh! I almost forgot – dinner is at the time when the crystals in the halls turn orange. We generally only eat once a day, so if you are hungry at any time besides then feel free to grab something from the market. There are also some fine stone and jewel works in the market, but my Carbink may want something in exchange for them.”

She smiled one last time as she waved goodbye,

“Good luck, and good afternoon, my friends!”


Oh Arceus what foul flesh-eating creatures were next to her they popped out of thin air – they were just Leo and Agatha. So only one carnivorous creature was beside her, and that one generally only ate emotions. She supposed that was the best she could get after falling down a cavern in a cave. Tiramisu licked her paw furiously, trying to explain that,

“I was, uh –“


“Trying to, uh –“


“Scout out the –“


“Terrain, I guess?”

So much for the traditional Meowth way of preserving dignity. She huffed,

“I didn’t look where I was going and I fell down a hole. I’m stupid. Sorry Leo.”

Tiramisu padded a few paces away from Agatha nervously, and peered around the twisting and turning curves of the cavern. Were those shadows moving around back there? Pokemon here could be as twisted as the path they’d need to navigate through here alive, she’d heard. The Meowth shivered. She could smell the dank, salty smell of seawater and hear the eerie echoes of sloshing waves and slithering Gastrodons.





Gastrodon x5:

Ability: Storm Drain


Sludge Wave


Muddy Water


Notes: They don't look like they want to discuss morality at the moment... ]


Cas nodded slowly as Bree went on, trying to keep eye contact – but not too much eye contact because she might get intimidated, he told himself.

“Yes, I suppose that’s true. Everyone is important.”

But I honestly can’t see how you would believe that was a mistake.

But he didn’t want to draw out a conversation neither of them particularly wanted to keep having, so he held his tongue.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever been into a Mystery Dungeon,” Cas said, but something felt oddly wrong about saying that. Perhaps, before…? The nagging feeling made him add, “Not that I can remember, at least.”

He sat around in silence for a few moments, looking around at his temporary teammates and at the trees for with no particular intention. It was quiet for a few minutes. He squirmed in the most reserved manner possible that could still convey discomfort.

“Ah, I- I believe the others are going into the Mystery Dungeon. Perhaps we should…?”

He motioned towards the cavern’s entrance.

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((Talon, give me some of your writing talent))



Zagan needed to suppress the urge to elbow Haldor and whisper 'Nice doing, Dig King' when the tunnels were mentioned. He made a mental note to do it later, though.


He tried to pay attention to what Diancie was saying, but when she reached the 'cut the grass beneath the lotus' part he got lost. Was that supposed to be a metaphor? Was there a giant lotus somewhere where they were expected to do some impromptu gardening? There was a crystal lotus right there in that cavern, but Zagan didn't saw any grass under it. "Damn, Milo would've gotten that," he thought, glancing at his three companions to try to see if any had gotten the hint.


Wait what was she saying again.


Zagan snapped back to attention when Diancie was mentioning rooms and dinner. Of course they'd be last-minute, considering they had just dropped out of nowhere unannounced. But hey, better than nothing, and Zagan himself was half-wild so even a handful of grass was enough for him to snore away. "And this time I won't have to sneak away to not pay rent," he chuckled inwardly, remembering that time at Laos.


There are also some fine stone and jewel works in the market, but my Carbink may want something in exchange for them.”


His ears perked at that. Stones, huh? He'd need to check those out. Judging by the rich minerals that decorated the walls, maybe they'd have a spare or two...


"Bye-bye!" he waved back at Diancie when she retreated, paw frantically moving through the air as if trying to swat a Butterfree. "Guys, don't know about you but I need to check the market," he told his three companions when the Queen of the Rocky Bunnies was out of sight. "See ya in the rooms if you're not coming!!" he exclaimed, immediately rushing off as fast as his paws could carry him in the direction he thought the market was at.

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"I...we understand," Atto said, a few seconds after Zagan left. Was Diancie a legendary Pokemon? He felt like that would be rude to ask. He tried to choose his words carefully. "We mean no harm, but I suppose that's...difficult to prove. Thank you for your hospitality." He bowed, then turned to face Haldor. "Are we moving on? Getting to the Eaves of Hiraeth might be easier from inside the tunnels, I think. Not that I have much experience on the matter, but." He shrugged. "In any case I'm going to check out the market. Keep Zagan out of trouble and all." And to check out what these Carbink could do with the gorgeous stones dotting the halls. He trotted off after Zagan, slow enough to dodge around any Carbink in his way.




"Yes!" Bree scrambled off her rock (nearly slipping off it and into the ocean) and took a few "steps" toward the entrance. "Yes. Yes we should. I, uh...I've been to a few mystery dungeons. Not, not particularly dangerous ones. Many. I mean, yeah." She smiled - she was grateful for the shift in topic. Mystery dungeons were something she could talk about, at least. "I had this friend who..." No. Sylvester was not a safe topic. "Um, yeah. We can stick together if you want!" A faint gurgling sound floated up from within the cave. "Oh, I don't know if that's good. L-let's go."




There was more conversation up ahead. Anise stayed quiet, but Rue could tell they were grumbling on the inside. He could practically feel it, in fact, and he batted at the keystone in annoyance. Anise didn't stop. He pouted. Well, whatever. They needed to practice being alert more anyway.


He slipped behind a tree close to the source of the sounds and peeked around it. There were three Pokemon, one of which was - a Flareon. He winced. Things were going to be unpleasant if they decided he was suspicious. Were all three of them evolutions of Eevee, actually? He "hmm"ed. That was interesting. Maybe they were starting a themed band or something. They just needed five more members for a complete set. What to do now? He looked down at himself. Yup, still incredibly scruffy and probably suspicious-looking. Well, if this didn't go well, there were plenty of berries in the forest. "Alright!" He muttered, straightened his back, then strolled toward the merry band.


"Oh! Hello. Didn't see you guys there."

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((Gonna wait for Cane or Kyandi for the other scene))



Zagan skidded to a stop in front of a crossing and looked alternatively at both paths. Hm, the rocks should be...


"Hey!" he asked a pair of Rocky Bunnies that were floating towards the direction Zagan had come from. "Where do they sell evolutionary stones?"


One of the Rocky Bunnies frowned at his rudeness, but the other, probably thinking that 'kids be kids' due to Zagan's Riolu disguise, decided to overlook the familiarity in his tone. "Go right here and straight for the next three intersections. Turn left on the next one and you should arrive there without further trouble," it said in a patient voice. Zagan guessed that one had dealt with kids before, and shot the pair a grin.


"Thanks!" he gave them the thumbs up and was about to dash off again when he saw the immense bulk that was Atto catching up, skillfully dodging Rocky Bunnies left and right.


"Atto! Decided to come?" he confirmed, grinning at the Bug-type. "Market's over there. Can I ride?" He wasted no time in asking the important question, making his eyes as big and shiny as he could.

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A gastrodon. Okay. Red could do this. As unsettling as her dream had been last night, it was still just a dream. Gastrodons were easy - water/ground types. No problem.


The normal-type zigzagged around her comrades, working at something in her mouth. As she reached the front of the party, she spit out a seed bomb at the nearest Gastrodon, before scampering back into the group so she wouldn't get hit.


[[Red used Seed Bomb on Gastrodon]]




Satisfied that his siblings were awake and that he had their attention, Cane marched back to the kindling he'd gathered. Crouching in front of it, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself, then another to ready his fire. He carefully blew a few embers into the sticks, most of them hitting their target, and the Flareon tamping out any stray ones before they could start a forest fire.

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Abel yawned as Cane lit the few sticks that were going to help cook their food, sleepily watching his brother put out the stray embers with his wide paws. "You did fine, Cane," he complimented, glad this was one of the times he didn't need to intervene with his ice powers. Cane just needed confidence and time to learn to use his powers, and small uses like this one, when it didn't matter if he failed or not, were helpful in the long run. At least, that's what Abel thought.


"Oh! Hello. Didn't see you guys there."


He quickly turned to the direction the voice had come from, and saw a small yellow Pokemon with huge gray jaws coming from its hair. "...Hi?" For a moment he couldn't think of anything else to say to the dirty-looking Pokemon, but then he shook his head slightly, reminding himself of his manners. "Is there anything we can help you with?" he asked with a tranquil tone, wondering why were they approached at that hour in the morning.



((EDIT: corrected the green for gray (sorry)))

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Rue giggled and shifted on his feet. He was a little Fairy Pokemon, albeit one with a giant pair of jaws attached to his head, and the nervous-little-kid angle usually worked pretty well for him. "Oh, uh, sorry, nothing in particular. It's - I've been travelling around in this forest for a while" - technically not true, but they'd probably expect someone who just left civilization last night to be better groomed - "and it's always nice to find people to talk to, you know?" He made a show of glancing to either side, then blinking nervously at the Flareon. "Maybe I can, ah, stick with you guys for a while? Truth is...I think I might be a little bit lost." He chuckled again, rubbing his head sheepishly. "I'm Rue." He extended one hand, then pulled it back and tried to blush as if he'd just realized none of their company had hands.

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"Cane..." the Flareon muttered by way of introduction. He wasn't too sure about this Mawile - he was never too sure about other pokemon, in general - but if they were going to be a rescue team, then the least they could do would be to help this pokemon find his way. Cautiously, he glanced aside at his siblings. Though they generally decided things by whatever at least two of them could agree on, Cane wasn't feeling terribly comfortable about this, and deferred to his older brother for judgement.


"What do you think, Abel?"

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"Well, I don't see why we can't all talk at least about it during breakfast," Abel answered, smiling reassuringly at Cane. It was just one Pokemon; what damage could he do? Beside, Cane had picked more than enough berries, his bag being very useful to carry the food around. And if Cane or Kyandi didn't get along with the new arrival, they could always part ways after finishing the meal.


"My name's Abel. Anywhere in particular you're going, Rue?" he asked at Rue's mention of him being lost, circling the fire and sitting down next to it to help with the berry-cooking in case something caught fire.

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Rue's expression wavered for a second. Where was he going? He never thought much about that - he was always getting away from something. On, he supposed. Forward. Until...until something happens. Or just on, forever, until the colour fades out of his fur and he can't go anywhere anymore. But right now he was trying to talk his way to getting an escort and thinking about that too much was going to blow his cover. Unless the Eevee Squad would buy that he gets panic attacks or flashbacks occasionally.


"Nowhere in particular," he muttered, hoping that he could work his little lapse in judgement into the persona he was creating. "There's not really anywhere that...uh, never mind. 'S nothing. Sorry, I'm not very helpful, am I?" He chuckled again, with a bit more genuine nervousness than he'd intended. "Sorry I bothered you guys. I can...I can just leave." Anise was probably disappointed in him again for the manipulation, but he pushed the thought aside. They didn't understand. He stared down at the ground and bit his lip.




"I dunno, Zagan. It's a little cramped in here." He glanced down at the Carbink (a few of them had gathered around the pair as if they were the tourists and the visitors were some exciting new attraction). "And you probably don't want to go slow. Maybe when we move on, alright?"

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"Awwwwww, no faaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiir," Zagan whined, stomping the ground. He considered throwing himself to the ground and making a scene, but there were Rocky Bunnies around who thought he was half his real size and he'd smack at least one of them if he threw a tantrum. Damn it, it was Atto's victory.


"Race ya then," he quickly added and took off, laughing maniacally. It was kind of cheating since he didn't think Atto knew the way to the market, but who cared about the details.


((Feel free to make them reach the market in you post ^^))

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Agatha gave a sarcastic round of applause at Tiramisu's less than graceful entrance. "Nice landing," she snickered, "You been practicing?"




"Oh, that reminds me of what I was going to say," Agatha continued, leaning on Tiramisu's shoulder as she talked. "I was going to say' watch out, there's a pod of Gastrodon snoozing down here, don't make any loud noises,' but I guess we can't all have a sixth sense about these things, can we?"


"Not helping, Agatha," Leo groaned. He took a step back from the approaching slugs to give himself more room, and survey the situation. Five enemies, vs. the four currently in the dungeon, with more on the way. Chances were that once everyone caught up, the Gastrodons would leave. Hopefully. They just had to hold out till then.


Leo vanished for a split second, reappearing in a flying kick to the lead Gastrodon. He then leapt away, and vanished once more.


"Don't hog all the fun!" Agatha snickered. Her shadow shot out towards the nearest Gastrodon, slamming into the unfortunate slug and lifting it up into the air.



[[Leo used Feint Attack (GameFreak finally corrected the name in gen VI tongue.gif ) on Gastrodon]]

[[Agatha used Shadow sneak on Gastrodon]]

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"Zagan! Oh, geez..." The Carbink were still swarming around Atto, and now a fair amount of them were looking at Zagan's rapidly shrinking figure, seeming impressed. Normally he would have jumped at the offer for a race, but there were just too many of them here. "Um,excuse me...sorry...anyone happen to know where the market is?" A chorus of voices answered, and he barely managed to pick out the answer. "Right, yeah. Straight...alright! Thanks!" He bowed quickly (one of the onlookers giggled) and sped off, going as fast as he could without tripping over a resident.


The market was unexpectedly huge. Little trinkets and stones were laid out on tables in long rows, and Carbink milled about, shopping for something or nothing in particular. Atto slowed down to look at them. Not only were there practical items, there were intricately cut statuettes of Pokemon (quite a few were of Diancie, he noticed), jewels, and other little treasures. They looked like the things travellers would find in treasure chests at the end of a dungeon. He smiled - the whole place was like a fairytale. Eventually, after a few minutes of wandering, he spotted Zagan staring at a collection of evolutionary stones. He trotted up and nudged him with his nose. "Caught ya. What're you looking for?"

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