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2011-10-25 - Halloween 2011 Schedule.

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So, this year, we've got things happening every day of this mid-week, and then you've got some time to catch up before the "grand finale" release on Halloween.

Tuesday, October 25 - Leetle Trees

As you have probably already seen, Leetle Trees are joining in the festivities with a special design.

Wednesday, October 26 - Holiday Breeding

Past halloween dragons will be breedable beginning at 0:00 and ending at 0:00 on November 1 (a full six days). They will produce multiclutches. Remember that there are no limits on Holiday dragons, but "held egg" rules still apply.

Thursday, October 27 - Halloween Event

There will be a special event beginning at 0:00 on October 27 and running until 0:00 on November 1 (five days). It will not interfere with your egg raising in any way, so don't worry about keeping egg spots free. (HALLOWEEN EVENT ANNOUNCED AND BEING DISCUSSED HERE)

Halloween - October 31

A special event dragon will be available for 24 hours only starting at 0:00 on October 31 and ending at 0:00 on November 1. Grab as many eggs as you can within that time period; as with past years, there will be no Holiday limits.

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I so can't wait!

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Wow thanks TJ!


2nd post and 1st page.


I love the leetle trees, so very cute.


Cant wait for the Halloween event.

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YAY! Thanks TJ!


I was just looking for when the dragons would be breedable. :3

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Can't wait! Thanks Tee Jay biggrin.gif



Wow, first page O.o

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Great news!!!

Any info about pumpkin/marrows bred this season be able to breed eggs of their own?

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