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 I do accept IOU's I'm breeding on request (except metallics they are not co-operative)


ND count: too much to keep up with. Neglected army on my scroll.

Willing to trade ND's for large number of pygmies.

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    Too Lazy to update LOL, but kept some info on.

    I support IOU's

    ~~~ Tinsels I own ~~~
    2gen bronze x red (Galletian Victory)
    3-5gen bronze x red spiral (Galletian Victory)*
    3gen bronze x red nebula (Cayvyn)
    3gen bronze x neotropical (Anzu)*
    3gen bronze x autumn (Darkrose)
    3gen bronze x magma spiral (Alcoholic)
    3gen bronze x holidays (San Victorus)
    4gen bronze x green nebula (Cielatal)
    4gen bronze x sunset (Galetian Victory)
    4gen bronze x purple nebula (Hypnotizing)
    4gen bronze x ember (Bronze Ivy)
    4gen bronze x white (Antihypertensive)
    4gen bronze x green (f*ck)
    4gen bronze x harvest x ribbon ( Bronze Ivy)
    4-5gen bronze x moonstone (Cielatal)
    4-5gen bronze x black (Cayvyn)
    4-5gen bronze x stripe (Alcoholic)

    3gen silver x ribbon (Dawn's Silver Medal)
    4gen silver x nocturne (Inextrica)
    4gen silver x ribbon (Inextrica)
    4gen silver x hellfire (Penk)
    4gen silver x stripe x ice (Erno)
    5gen silver x nocturne (TREE)

    3gen gold x terrae (Living In Sin) *
    4gen gold x black (Living In Sin)
    4gen gold x marrow (Epica)
    4gen gold x stripe (Apollo)
    4-5gen gold x ribbon (Apollo)
    5gen gold x sunsong (Living In Sin)

    * have list

    ~~~~~~have many other lines of higher gens~~~~~~~