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9052885673e37caf01f29ec52994e93d.pngI am Marsi, otherwise known as Raistardragon. I've moved most of my Sprites to Tales. Come find my dragons there! http://taleofdragons.net/profile.php?user=raistardragonCompleted: brusslesproutsFEMALE.gif

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    California, USA
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    My Interests include drawing, illustrating, pixeling, and roleplaying. I roleplay on at DragonClanLands.com which I am also an art moderator.

    I enjoy the dragon cave, the forum and raising, breeding and naming dragons.

    Other goals/wishlist:

    Collections Completed: All Extremely, Very Common Dragons, and Moderately Common dragons.

    Uncommon: Red/Blue/Green/Stripes

    (Will accept any Striped, inbred or not to finish my collection)

    Rare: Cheese, All Dinos, Silver, Neglected, Zombie, Tinsels

    Time Based: Holly, Rosebud