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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Found this lovely today biggrin.gif Probably dropped because it wasn't a red one, but still pretty darn lovely. Just in time too, hope *he* likes my girl next week xd.png

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Got one too!




This is the type of lineage I was looking for. biggrin.gif


Thanks to the breeder. It is absolutely beautiful!


Edit; Also found this earlier this night.




I'm not really that fond of striped, but I don't have many nice lineaged ones so I thought I'd keep it.

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Just caught a gorgeous nebula 3rd gen stair with an alt ribbon dancer at the base. I was completely stunned when I looked at its lineage. I'm so used to the only nebs I grab from there being terrible. dry.gif


I have no clue what to use as a mate; I have no shadow walkers. xd.png I'll probably use my CB silver or a moonstone or something else that'd at least continue the pale silvery color. laugh.gif

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it's going to be my first deep sea that i have actually kept! and it's a third generation stairstep


in which i will make a spiral out of due to the fact that she was APd only because she gendered incorrectly. Or so i guess, either way. I salute my reflexes! there are 60 people in the AP!

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