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1 hour ago, kanya146715 said:

offered. Though he isn't a CB(´・ω・`)

no problem, enjoy!

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5 hours ago, TempestSea said:

ROFL found in the cave - from z's and from the future? https://dragcave.net/lineage/MMXLY - 2040y

XD one of mine that I abandoned. Glad it found a good home.

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5 hours ago, purplehaze said:

Z'Nocturne checker from the AP wall.



And another.



These will be abandoned in a few hours if no one wants them. They are locking  me!


So, instead they are back as hatchies. :)  I do hope someone wants them. They were too nice to just toss back. Both properly influenced to continue the lineages.

Checker with female Harvest

Checker with male Nebula

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