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Always seeking 2G/3G SAltkin!  

My Scroll | IOU and PM Friendly! | Wishlist 

Europe Passport  | Z Collector 🌸

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    I finally reached Platinum Trophy in September 2020, whee!

    Slowly returning to forums? The below still applies just in case

    ***On a slight hiatus as I cannot reliable take care of eggs atm. Please message me directly if needed as I will not be able to frequently check for updates. For anyone with an IOU, please rest assured that I will continue it. Thanks!***

    Made an account a couple years back but then forgot about it oops. "Rejoined" Feb 2018

    To anyone I owe dragons, especially for tinsels, feel free to PM me regarding trade status. I'm always happy to give updates!

    Prize: 2/3 slots taken | Prizekin: 1/2
    *will eventually make a nice spreadsheet

    Completed 2G IOUs:
    Irabane - 2g tinsel (x green gemshard) for 2 cb silvers. Completed 5/2/18
    Sinion Kabe - 2g tinsel (x purple floret) for neglected. Completed 10/21/18
    The Dragoness - 2g tinsel (x silver) for 6 Arcana. Completed 11/16/18
    Angelicdragonpuppy- 2g tinsel for gold. Guardian. Completed 1/15/19
    Alasse - 2g tinsel for 2x 3G Thuwed. Complete
    Dranic - 2g prizekin for 3GSAs