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I recently lost my husband, I may not be around much...

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Holiday mates needed PM for trades







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    Wish list https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/137455-the-complete-your-scroll-wish-list-thread/?do=findComment&comment=9621879
    2nd and 3rd gen Shimmers and Tinsels (2nd and 3rd gen trades available)
    CB or low EG Silver
    CB or low EG Gold

    More realistic :)
    CB Zyu
    Cb Coast Baikala
    CB Gems
    CB Xenowyrms
    Low gen Alt Black
    CB Vine
    Low gen Alt Vine
    CB Blusangs
    CB Nebula
    CB or low EG stripes (prefer 1 color per gen)
    CB Red Dorsal
    CB Tan Ridgewing
    Trio (no higher than 3rd gen)
    CB - 2 gen Brimstone
    CB Coppers

    *is priority wants for plots and plans :)

    EG and Purebred is preferred but I won't refuse pretty 2 breed lines.

    To Freeze - lineage doesn't matter
    Gold Shim 1M 1F
    Silver Shim 1M 1F
    Bronze Shim 1M 1F
    Gold Tin 1F
    Silver Tin 1F
    Bronze Tin 1F
    Holly 1F
    Snow Angel 9 1F
    Ribbon Dancer 10 1F
    Winter Magi 11 1M
    Wrapping-Wings 12 1M
    Solstice 13 1F
    Mistletoe 14 1M 1F
    Aegis 15 1M
    Valentine 1F
    Sweetlings 1M
    Rosebud 1F
    Heartseeker 1M
    Arsani 1F
    Radiant Angel 1M
    Heartstealing 1F
    Mutamore 1M
    Pumpkin 1M 1F
    Black Marrow 1M
    Shadow Walker 1M 1F
    Cavern Lurker 1M 1F
    Grave 1M 1F
    Desipis 1M 1F
    Caligene 1M 1F
    Duotone 1M 1F
    Gilded Bloodscale 1M 1F
    Hooktalon 1M 1F
    Two-headed Lindwurms Blue green 1M 1F
    Anagallis 1M 1F
    Black Alt sitting 1M
    Black Alt curled 1F
    Black Capped Teimarr 1M 1F
    Black Tea 1M 1F
    Blacktip 1M 1F
    Bleeding Moon 1M 1F
    Blue-Banded 1M 1F
    Blusang 1M 1F
    Brimstone 1M 1F
    Brute M
    Carmine 1M
    Cassare 1M 1F
    Copper 1M 1F of each breed (3)
    Vine Alt 1M 1F
    Dark Myst 1M 1F
    Dorsal Red 1M
    Falconiform 1M
    Fever 1M 1F
    Frostbite 1M 1F
    Gemshard 1M 1F of each breed (3)
    Glaucus 1M 1F
    Gold Horned Tanagers 1M 1F
    Greater Spotted Drakes 1M 1F
    Hellhorse 1M 1F
    Howler Drakes 1M 1F
    Ice 1M 1F
    Imperial Fleshcrownes 1M 1F
    Lunar Heralds 1M 1F of each breed (3)
    Lumina 1M 1F
    Magelight Pygmy 1M 1F
    Magma 1M 1F
    Nebula Red 1F
    Nhiostrife 1M 1F
    Olive 1M
    Paper 1F
    Pillow 1M 1F
    Plated Colossus 1M 1F
    Pyralspite 1M 1F of each breed
    Red-finned Tidal 1M 1F
    Royal Blue 1M 1F
    Royal Crimson 1M
    Seragamma 1M 1F
    Soulpeace 1M 1F
    Speckle-Throated 1M
    Spirit Ward 1M 1F
    Striped Black 1M 1F
    Striped Blue 1M 1F
    Striped Green 1M 1F
    Striped Red 1M 1F
    Striped White 1F
    Striped River 1M 1F
    Thunder 1M 1F
    Tri-Horn 1M 1F
    Tsunami 1M 1F
    Turpentine 1M 1F
    Ultraviolet 1M 1F
    Undine 1M 1F
    Undine Yellow 1M 1F
    Xenowyrms 1M 1F of each breed (6)
    Yellow-Crowned 1M 1F
    Dino Purple 1
    Dino Red 1

    Higher gen EG's of anything pretty are always loved and cuddled... :)

    Offering anything I can breed :)

    from Fush want baby from http://dragcave.net/lineage/WMeAd lol