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7 minutes ago, Lagie said:

Not really, thanks! Glad it made its way to family! :D Feel free to pass it on here if you don't want it. @Fuzzbucket might like it. XD

Oh, I'll happily keep it. I just wanted to make sure you didn't want it. XD 

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Just picked up a z'Pink from Volcano, if anyone wants one.

Still haven't seen a single z'new two-headed ... (actually, haven't seen many new-release 2-heads at all yet ...)

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9 minutes ago, dragonpuck said:


I have seen the new 2 heads , but  catching is another matter entirely --- a new rare?

Yeah, I've seen one or two at most of the 5 minute drops, but miss every time. Don't really seem rare -- just in high demand?

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2 head swap in trade hub




and the drab is  back



this guy offers junk on trades but  is super picky on his own 🤔

but someone may be lucky-------

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ER CB Flamingo egg with Z-code from the AP:

Claim my egg!


Now a hatchie, uninfluenced: Claim my hatchling!

You're welcome dragonpuck! Thanks for giving it a new home. Enjoy :D 

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14 hours ago, JaneMcAsh said:

I have a pair of  'Z' drab eggs ... would like one 'speckle' egg from Forest. Make an offer on my eggs!




@JaneMcAsh - Offered :)

Edited by Fuzzbucket

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