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Dragon Tamer Akira

What's your favorite food?

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What are your favorite foods? Do you like spicy foods? What foods from what cultures do you like?

I like Chinese and Japanese food. I love wonton soup, seaweed salad and sushi. I also like seafood like shrimp, crab and lobster. Steak is also another one of my favorites. Pasta is good too. There are a lot of foods that I love, yet I am very finicky about what I eat. >w<;

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macaroni and cheese, non-pork sausauge, ribs, skillet, steak, mashed potatoes, chuck roast.

and various meditteranean/iranian grilled onions

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well my favorite food list is;


Seafood- shrimp, clam, salmon, cod, mussels, crab, lobster, but other yet tried to.


Chinese- noodle with mix meats in no veggies, curry chicken, gene tso chicken, sesame beef, thai noodle, crab rangoon, egg roll, egg soup, rice


Steak- filet


BBQ- Ribs, Polish sausage


Sandwich- some from Subway, SChz deli,


Popeye's- crispy fried chicken and cajun rice


cold noodle salad deli


pizza- spinach with white cheese and sometime I add with ham and sausage on and three kind meats on pizza with less red sauce(easy sauce)


chicken wings- pram cheese with garlic on flavor.


ilatian noodle- feduccine with alfredo sauce, and seafood with noodle with special different kind sauce like alfredo or white wine or garlic butter sauce


baked potatoes


taco- chili burrito, beef with rice burrito and breakfast burrito


few others I like to try yet like spain or others foods yet. I love to.


thanks smile.gif

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Favorite Foods:

My mom's spaghetti

Publix's fried chicken

Publix's sub sandwiches

My mom's cooking in general- she is a great, great cook <3


I like some Mexican foods (I love tacos, the rest is okay) and I love love LOVE all things spicy. I like pretty much all seafood (though shrimp makes my stomach queasy sometimes).I like some Chinese food, and a LOT of Italian food. My mom cooks a nice variety of dishes, so we always have something new to enjoy. Since my mom grew up in South Carolina, she cooks a lot of southern dishes for us. I have a major sweet tooth- my diet consists of cake, brownies, cookies, candy, doughnuts, ice cream...the works! I am a food lover- if I grow up to be obese, it is worth it!

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I'm tied between Shrimp Tempura or Salmon with mashed potatoes and lemon juice.


They're both so nummy. <33

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I'm in Sweden right now and have fallen in love with their potatoes! Potatoes, herring, and sour cream is the best! I also have a love of sushi and smoked salmon. And smoked seabird and smoked fish. And steak. And hamburgers. And ribs. And Grandma's spaghetti and meatballs. And.... ya. I like food.


There should also be a bread dragon to go with the cheese dragon. My cheese dragons are named after Swedish cheeses.

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lol nice my cheese dragon name after Sandiego-Delavan and East Troy and Lake Geneva because of wisconsin and california cheese... to be. tongue.gifsmile.gif

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Here are all of my favorites, in no particular order:



Hot Dogs

Ice Cream(I'd love to try sea salt ice cream- if you want to blame someone, blame Axel and Roxas.)


Kettlecorn(Sadly, with braces, I can't eat it dry.gif )




Blackened tilapia

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Favorite Foods:


Tilapia and yellow rice



Fried chicken

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I love sushi, but it is NOT allowed to have mayo shoved in the middle - that is an abomination and it makes me angry. I like Mediterranean foods as well and Italian too. I don't really have a favourite food as such. I'm a bit over junkfood in general now and big hunks of meat just don't really appeal to me any more either... tongue.gif Although, when I'm hungry I will quite literally eat anything.

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-Fresh Pineapple




-Kiwi Fruit


-most berries



-Cucumber :> it's cool /shot





-organic chicken

-organic beef




As far as actual dishes, Asian, Indian, Mediterannean, or Middle Eastern. I like my food to have lots of curry, cinnamon, anise, ginger, peppers, or pretty much any really exotic spice.

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spinach(no its not gross its nummy)




Oma's special dumplings

oma's special apple cake

sweedish apple cake with vanilla sauce on top

homemade hamburgers

german sausages



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Chicken, practically any way it's prepared (apart from raw, obviously)

Potato, same as above, most methods of cooking and flavour work with me

And Salmon. I like raw and cooked equally, they're both nice ^^


As for fruit, I love mangos, all kinds of berries and pineapple.

I like capeskin as a vegetable, but apart from it and potato, I'm not a huge fan of vegetables. They're okay, just not wow delicious to me.


And I like spicy food, add spiciness to any meal and I'll most likely eat it, and enjoy it. Especially meat or leafy vegetables. I can soak my least favourite vegetables in spicy sauce and eat them with relish. I like sweet food as well, but I just love spicy food.

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Some say that I have strange tastes. I don't think so. :3 Might be a little picky though.


- salty cheese, mainly Balkan cheese

- honey

- beans, lentils and peas

- of vegetables: broccoli (that's what some people don't understand :]), carrots

- fruit: cherries, strawberries, [insert color]berries, tangerines, nectarines, peaches, apricots, grapes,... *likes fruit except for bananas and kiwi*

- cinnamon ice cream <3

- beef steak

- Greek gyros (blame my father for running a fast-food with it)

- caramel in any form

- my favourite candy, no idea what it's called

- chilli con carne (if it's well made, not like that ketchup-y goo in my school canteen), and pretty much anything if it contains chilli <3

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I simply love chickensoup! mjam! It's homemade and somehow that always tastes better than from the supermarket.

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I'm also a fan of BBQ chicken pizza. It's basically pizza, but with BBQ sauce and chicken instead of the usual tomato sauce and pepperoni.

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Cheesy pizza! Or Pizza Pringles xd.png I'm a huge pizza fan. Chicken parmesian is also one of my top faves smile.gif

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