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jkxdw1.gif IOU friendly. Extremely busy college student who pops in now and then.

I used to be glamoursea2! And I still am but with a shiny new name!

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    probably school lmao
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    Completed armies:
    Pillow Army: (500+ fluffs)
    Tea Army (500+ fragrant friendos)
    I also tend to hoard Reds for BSA; 105/105.

    (this is mostly a note for myself to remind me of my projects or potential projects but i mean hey if you're ever looking to gift me something...)
    Interested in (and attempting to collect): Fell dragons, all pygmies (especially Kyanite), Honey drakes, Howler drakes, CB Magmas, Antareans, and Canopies. I also really like (but don't collect) Anagallis, Swallowtails, and Black Capped Teimarrs.

    Wishlist (things I do not own yet):
    CB Gold
    2G Thuwed
    2G Prize or Prizefail

    I accept & honor IOU's!

    I have an anxiety disorder. You can often find me on the forums complaining about it. Please bear with me if I'm acting weird, taking a long time to respond, etc. <3

    I am a busy busy busy college student so I'm pretty much always on semi-hiatus these days. I pop in for new releases but don't have the luxury of being a regular forum pest anymore. But I'm still alive I promise lol