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    Call me Akira. I am 20 years old. Normally I am on gaia doing rp's and such but I came here to check out the site. I own a Dragon Cave guild on gaia and I am in there frequently. I like anime, drawing, anything to do with the supernatural, sleeping, and hanging out with friends. I do have my own code I go by in real life. I love martial arts, I own 5 katanas and one dagger at home. I do not like people who pick on others, troll, or annoy me constantly with stupid stuff they can figure out on their own. I do not like dragonslayers, and I will pay no mind to them. I am taken in real life, so don't ask. Any questions you may have about me, feel free to ask me. My user name on Gaiaonline.com is the same here if you wish to send a friend request. You can find the link to my guild in my signature. As for dragon cave, I spend a lot of my time in the abandoned cave looking for emergency eggs and hatchlings and saving them. When I'm not looking for those, I'm looking for dragons I don't have in my scroll.

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