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    **Dead eggs are failed vamp bites**

    I am willing to breed anything except metallics and trios (because it's not like they normally breed anyways) for personal lineage projects. Just shoot me a PM, and I'll see what I can do for you!


    Rare Wishlist: Gold (f); Neglected (m/f); Holly; all the new prize dragons

    Tinsel wishlist:
    stairstep from Tanoth the Dragon King and Lyra the Gentle Sage;
    stairstep with silver and tan ridgewings (f);
    stairstep with silver and moonstones (m);
    stairstep with silver and sunsets;
    stairstep with silver and orange nebula;
    stairstep with gold and sunsets;
    stairstep with gold and ice;
    stairstep with gold and heartseeker
    (all below 6th gen)


    For those WITHOUT a bronze trophy: I do take tinsel requests, but I don't keep waiting lists. Here's how this works: you contact me with the tinsel you would like bred; I will tell you whether or not that tinsel can be bred right now. If that tinsel can bred, I will attempt to breed him/her to his/her respective mate. If an tinsel results from the pairing, you are welcome to it, but I will only hold it for 24 hours.
    --If the particular tinsel you requested isn't available to breed right then and there, you can request another pairing. If that pairing is available, then I will attempt to breed them for you.
    --If none of my tinsels are available to breed, then please wait a week, and then contact me.
    --I would like to see your scroll, so make sure it is somehow included in your PM whether in your signature or in the PM.
    --Only one request per person at a time. You may only request one tinsel per week (7 days).
    --Please include the phrase Pangio oblonga in your message so I know you read my conditions.
    --If I get any sass, you won't receive a gift.
    --Same rules apply to all my newbie gifting thread stipulations.


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