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Opalescent lineage - purebred striped family

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After some discussion in a separate thread (deleted since then), here is the official start of the Opalescent lineage. This is a lineage project, similar to the Dorkface or Ridiculous families, except that it focuses exclusively on striped dragons.


Note that this lineage started in 2009 is only about purebred striped dragons and is not related to the "opalescent eggs" that are part of the August 2013 release.


Goal :

To create a large family in which all ancestors are caveborn striped dragons. The founding couple for this family is "Opalescent Juliet" and "Opalescent Romeo".


Conditions :

  • To participate, you need at least one caveborn striped dragon. It should be visible on your scroll.
  • Only the children having an Opalescent parent (from this lineage) and a caveborn (CB) parent qualify as members of the Opalescent family.
  • Qualifying children must be given a name including "Opalescent" as prefix or suffix.
  • The caveborn parent may have any name.
  • Children bred by another type of dragon will not be included in this project and will not have the Opalescent name.
  • No forcing, killing, inbreeding and other things that many breeders object to.
  • The "earthquake" action from the earth (green) dragons is also strongly discouraged because it could kill the eggs.
  • Eggs bred for this project should be traded to other participants if at all possible
Comments :
  • You can breed the CB mate(s) of your Opalescent dragon with other dragons, as long as you do not use the Opalecent name for their children.
  • Do not hide your scroll at any time because this makes it hard for us to track the lineage, check who has room for a new egg, etc.
  • If your scroll name is different from your forum name, please mention it very clearly.
  • Consider activating the option "Display Username on Dragon Info Page" for your scroll. This is not required, but it makes things much easier for us.
  • Be patient. The conditions for this lineage are rather strict and the striped eggs are rare, so be prepared to wait for several weeks or months if you are requesting an egg from a specific pair (especially Romeo and Juliet).
  • If you do not have a CB striped egg but you would like to join the project anyway, take a look at the appropriate threads in the Trading forum and check if anyone is willing to trade for one.
  • Please use the templates provided by Arya25 and Cinnamin Draconna when you report new eggs, transfers, etc.
Next candidates (waiting for Opalescent eggs):

We used to have several Waiting Lists maintained by Arya25 (previously maintained by Cinnamin Draconna) but these are obsolete and not necessary anymore because the number of Opalescent breeders is much larger than at the beginning of the project. If you want to join the lineage and get an Opalescent egg, please apply by posting in this thread or by contacting one of the breeders directly. See also the old Breeders List maintained by Arya25 and the old Lineage Chart for a nice overview.


As mentioned above, you should have at least one caveborn stripe if you want to participate in this lineage. You can also apply if you do not have one yet but then you will have to obtain one as soon as possible.


Waiting list for an egg from Romeo and Juliet:

Romeo and Juliet are now bred mostly on request, so a waiting list is not necessary anymore except for specific colors or specific patterns in the egg code. Please post in this thread or send a PM if you want an egg from Romeo and Juliet, just as you can ask for any other egg from the breeders who are part of this lineage.


However, the following statement from the original list still applies: Be patient. Sometimes, Romeo and Juliet are a bit stubborn and do not produce any egg for several weeks in a row, even with the fertility bonus.


Old list:

ernaklein - (looking for a white egg) Husker Cinnamin Draconna - (looking for a red egg) TurnoutLuver23

Banners :

(Note: this thread was cleaned in a rather unusual way in July 2011, causing a change of URL. If you have an old link to this thread in your signature, please verify that it is updated. Old topic number: 52075, new topic number: 120760)


100x100 by Cinnamin Draconna :

user posted image -



367x50 by Vhale :

user posted image



367x50 modified by Bugzilla :

user posted image



279x50 by Vhale :

user posted image



192x50 by Vhale :

user posted image



90x30 by nepenthe.catharsis :

user posted image -



Old images by Vhale that seem to be unavailable now :

367x29 by Vhale : http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo338/V...ongbanner_A.gif

367x29 by Vhale : http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo338/V...gbanner_B-1.gif

279x50 by Vhale : http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo338/V...ongbanner_C.png

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may I be added to the Romeo & Juliet waiting list? I don't mind long waiting and would love a blue, red or white egg smile.gif


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I have 3 more 3 CB Female Stripes I can add to this so then I can call it finished <3


Want it to go after this: White -> Black -> White. I know it's going to take a long time, but I won't give up XP


Thanks once again to arya for breeding me then green that got this all started :3


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I guess Bugz is experiencing the same breeding drought for stripes as the rest of us are. sad.gif I did not see a single striped egg or hatchling today when going through about half of the 4000+ dragons on Daily Dragon Fix.

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Conditions :

- To participate, you need at least one caveborn striped dragon. It should be visible on your scroll.



Beware: Romeo and Juliet are a bit stubborn. If they do not produce more than one egg per month, you can guess how long it will take for the list to be empty.  Currently, that would be about three years.  sad.gif




Hallo! I have a bit of an unusual case. biggrin.gif I have an Opalescent dragon (6th gen!), but no CB mate for him. I'd like to join the lineage now that I've found out about it -- I just renamed him to include the "Opalescent" name -- so I'm really hoping someone here might be willing to help me obtain the needed CB mate. (I've been staking out the Cave in my spare time for the last three weeks, but haven't had any luck at all!)


I'd even be willing to give his first offspring to whomever catches him a mate, if that would make it worth someone's while...




(Oh, and my scroll name is the same as my forum name; everything's visible, nothing's dead, so hopefully I qualify!)

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After several weeks of bad luck (I didn't even bother re-editing my message above on this page), I was very happy to see the announcement of the new Fertility action. Juliet was the first dragon on which I used that action. I tried to breed Romeo and Juliet and... no egg produced!


Oh well, I will try again next week...

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Thread cleaned. Cleaning caused a change in the URL. I'm sorry for any problems this might cause but the URLs in the banners need to be updated.

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I'd be so excited if stripes are breeding again. I haven't bred my opals in ages. I don't even remember who was next on Joslynn's list... oh well. I'll give my opals a try if anyone asks. otherwise I'll be using my cb's for other stripe lineages.

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This girl grew up today...


It's been so long I've forgotten how to report smile.gif




Name: Opalescent Draconna Luiku

Generation: 3rd

2nd gen line: O. Sorceress Draconna


Did I miss anything? smile.gif


And if the list is still active for Romeo and Juliet, I'd like to make sure I am still on there somewhere smile.gif If I'm not, may I please be added?




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Name of Opal parent:BH Opalescent Aina Tora

2nd gen Bloodline:BH Opalescent Aina Tora

Generation of egg(s):3rd

Color of egg(s):black

Will you be keeping or transferring the egg(s)?: not sure.

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Name of Opal parent: Opalescent Allan a Dale

2nd gen Bloodline:Opalescent Maid Marian

Generation of egg(s):5th

Color of egg(s):white

Will you be keeping or transferring the egg(s)?: keeping




Ahhh the joys of stripe breeding biggrin.gif


@ lola92 if you decide to give your Black opal away I would love to have it, as I don't have a 3rd gen from that line( in 4 hours when I get an egg spot)




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It liiivveesss! I'm so glad. This is my favourite lineage of all.


And I want to apologise for going on an unplanned hiatus. I hope my name can remain on the list for Romeo and Juliet.


Time to get breeding some beautiful Opalescent stripes.

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Name of Opal parent:BH Opalescent Aina Tora

2nd gen Bloodline:BH Opalescent Aina Tora

Generation of your Opal: 3rd

Color of egg/hatchling:

What change are you reporting?:

Named: BH In Memory of Ruth Opalescent

Gendered: Female

It should grow up in 25 hours....

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Name of Opal parent:BH In Memory of Ruth Opalescen

2nd gen Bloodline:BH Opalescent Aina Tora

Generation of egg(s):4th

Color of egg(s): red

Will you be keeping or transferring the egg(s)?: transferring unless no one wants this one.


sorry for the double post but since i want to transfer this i figured i would bump it.

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Looks like we have a bit more luck with stripes! I finally, FINALLY caught a CB stripe, and would love to be added to the waiting list please. I guess, that is, if the list for Romeo & Juliet is still active. I don't mind waiting awhile either! Thanks smile.gif

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I have been waiting for about a year now thinking the list would die down. Unfortunately, that prolly will never happen so I suppose I should post and wait.


Could I please be added to Romeo and Juilet's list? I really would love to have a 2nd gen to call my own. biggrin.gif Also, can we make color preferences? If so, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a black striped from the pair. If not, that's fine all the colors from the stripes are pretty!


Anyways, thanks and hopefully I can have a pretty striped from this line eventually!

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During the last weeks, I have had a few IRC conversations about the current state of the waiting lists and other issues so maybe it is time to clarify here:

  • The lists on Arya25's site (linked from the first message) are unfortunately outdated.
  • The most up-to-date version of the waiting list for Romeo & Juliet was in Cinnamin's message (second message of this thread). Despite the fact that she mentioned that the list on Arya25's site was updated more frequently than her message, this was not the case since a while.
  • For the last few eggs from Romeo & Juliet, I had trouble contacting some of the candidates on the waiting list. Many of them did not reply to my PM or had a full mailbox preventing me from asking them if they were ready to take the egg. The last two eggs grew up on my scroll instead of being sent. Several candidates on the waiting list seem to have stopped playing and some scrolls are hidden, making it difficult to check.
  • In July, this thread was cleaned up a bit too much. sad.gif Unfortunately this caused several issues:
    • the link to this thread was changed (breaking all links in signatures and web pages),
    • Cinnamin's message with the latest waiting lists was erased,
    • the messages in which I kept track of the recent changes to the list (who had received an egg, who did not reply and should be removed from the list, etc.) were also erased.
In summary, there is currently no accurate list for the opalescent eggs.


I will try to start from the old lists and re-create some more up-to-date versions, comparing also with the few messages that are still left in my inbox. When I have time, I will set up a new web site with the waiting lists and some way for trusted users to update them. Doing the updates in a collaborative way should ensure that the lists are not forgotten or outdated after a while. I have some ideas about how to do that but unfortunately I also have many other things to do so don't hold your breath for this: I will take a few weeks before the new lists are ready.


In the meantime, I will keep on trying to breed R&J and hope that I will be able to transfer the eggs to the right persons. EDIT: of course, my last attempt gave me the usual result: "You attempt to breed the two dragons, but no egg is produced."

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Here's a retrieved copy of Cinnamin's message that was the second post in the thread.


Requesting egg from Romeo & Juliet


Nervenklinik (inactive - missed 2 PMs)

kyandui (missed 2 PMs but is active again)

Skulblaka (inactive - missed 2 PMs)

Morgan (inactive - PM box full)

Count (inactive - missed 2 PMs)

Leelith (inactive - missed 2 PMs)




Malygos (inactive - PM box full)


Firefury Amahira











Dragon Phoenix








Cinnamin Draconna - black

Caitriona_juno - green or black


ernaklein - white



I'll try to keep this small list current, but I'm not the recordkeeper anymore.


This post has been edited by Cinnamin Draconna on Apr 11 2011, 10:13 PM


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After a bazillion years, I could finally join this thread.


May I be added to the Romeo & Juliet waiting list? A red egg would be the best


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I take it this is a repost of the original thread?


I have a 3rd gen white Opal from Opalescent Capriccio Italien. If anyone wants 4th gens with a perfect underside stair-step look to the lineage, I breed those smile.gif

In fact, send me some requests for Opals. I have a few stripes request from a rare gifting thread, but I have other stripes.


I also have a few new Opals! A blue one from a while ago, named Opalescent Gossip, a red one named Opalescent Regatta, and a really new black one, named Opalescent Black Onyx. So I now know my pair will breed black stripes :3

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I have a 2nd gen opal and a few more from this lineage.. please pm me if you want me to try and breed them .. biggrin.gif


opalescent Lady Diamond my 2nd gen from starting pair .. and all white.

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New Egg Report


Name of Opal parent: O.Romeo & O.Julier

2nd gen Bloodline: ninja.gif

Generation of egg(s): 2nd

Color of egg(s): green

Egg already transferred to Nervenklinik.


Still no real progress on the external site for keeping track of the lineage and waiting lists. But thanks to rubyshoes who re-posted Cinnamin's old list, I can take it as a reference, plus the additions from my PM inbox, plus those who posted here.

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I'ld love to be added to the Romeo & Juliet waiting list, if that's possible (i'm not sure if list is open for new requests, but... <.<)

Don't mind long waiting it's worth it smile.gif

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