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    None at this time

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    unlikely to get wishes
    cb golds
    cb neglecteds
    2nd gen tinsels
    2nd gen shimmerscales
    2nd gen thuwed
    3rd gen pb thuwed
    2nd gen commons from spriter dragons

    cb summer x1

    2nd gen pb stripes (blue, red, or green)
    cb skywing x13 on hold
    2nd gen pinks from cb pink and any Vday dragon-project on hold

    Willing to breed upon request with no needed trade back, just drop me a pm with the pair you'd like a gift egg from. I'll try and let you know the results. It is a gift if I do breed one and only expect it to be treated as such. I do not keep lists for anything but the stripes. There for you have to ask each week if you don't get the egg you want from the pair you request a try from. This is due to my busy schedule and lack of memory capabilities in my brain. Three kids of my own and watching 5 more on top of full time college,.... ya. I can't remember for you. I love gifting and trying to fulfill requests though!